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Alpha Bitch: Literature
  • Carmelita Spats in A Series of Unfortunate Events.
  • The Gemma Doyle trilogy: at first, it seems like this will be Felicity's designated role, but she and Gemma wind up bestest buddies. The role is instead taken by Cecily Temple, who is jealous that the aforementioned event happened.
  • Monique de Pelouse in "The Finishing School Series'' has the attitude down to pat. The instructors at the school try to curb these tendencies but fail to have much success. She has a minion in the form of Fille Fatale Preshea.
  • Aurelia in Feliks, Net & Nika. She's probably the richest kid in school, has her Girl Posse and mocks people for being not slim enough, or not fashionable enough or not rich enough. She picks up at Nika immediately, but Nika fights back rather hard (not physically, of course).
  • Nellie Oleson from the Little House on the Prairie series thinks that she's one. In reality, she's nowhere near as Alpha as she'd like to be. Nellie first appeared in the 1937 book On the Banks of Plum Creek.
  • Older Than Radio: Amy's rivals, April Snow and May Chester, of Little Women.
  • As the Chalet School series is about a girls' school, it's no surprise that there's a good few Alpha Bitches around.
    • Betty Wynne-Davies becomes one by the time of Highland Twins at the Chalet School, due to breaking away from former best friend Elizabeth Arnett and taking a level in bitchiness as a result.
    • In the Switzerland part of the series, there's Jack Lambert, particularly in Jane and the Chalet School. She has her own clique and as a result, new girl Jane Carew is alienated by her form as a result of Jack's bullying.
    • A milder example is Lysbet Alsen in Two Sams at the Chalet School, who takes an instant dislike to Samaris Davies due to her actually wanting to pull her finger out and do well, rather than slacking off like the rest of the form. Similarly, there's Eilunedd Vaughan in Peggy of the Chalet School, who is not pleased about Peggy being Head Girl and makes trouble for her.
  • Ethel Hallow from The Worst Witch. In a slight twist, Ethel demonstrates many Cool Loser qualities such as always being top of the class and excelling at everything. In any other story she'd likely be the Cool Loser. But she's hated because she knows she's the best at everything and rubs it in their faces, as well as frequently ratting the other girls out to the teachers. The TV series gives her a rich father and stresses that she has only one friend (who even pulls off a Heel-Face Turn towards the end).
  • Animorphs:
    • Rachel is seen as this by people who don't know her. The truth is rather scarier.
    • Played straight with Taylor, a voluntary Human-Controller. She used to be the most beautiful and popular girl at her school, until a fire left her crippled and hideous. Desperate to regain the life she had, Taylor agrees to voluntary infestation in exchange for the Yeerks using their advanced technology to make her a Cyborg and restore her beauty. Though it's not her assignment at all, the Yeerk who infests her falls in love with Taylor's life and willingly plays it out after the infestation.
  • Harry Potter has quite a few:
    • Pansy Parkinson seems to be one. You don't see much of her, but she acts snotty whenever she shows up and dotes on her boyfriend Draco Malfoy. Also, she is mentioned to have a Girl Posse, and all the "good" female characters hate her with a passion. The author seems to really dislike her and she doesn't even marry Draco in the end. J. K. Rowling has stated that she embodied every girl who was mean to Rowling in school.
    • Romilda Vane, Harry's Stalker with a Crush from the sixth book, also had some Alpha Bitch tendencies, possessing her own Girl Posse and telling Harry that he didn't have to hang out with kids as "uncool" as Neville and Luna. Oddly enough this girl is fourteen when the Alpha Bitch is normally older.
    • Draco Malfoy is possibly a male Alpha Bitch, gaining some Jerk Jock traits. He's blond, rich, snobbish, presumed evil, bought his way onto the Slytherin Quidditch team, and comes complete with two other boys flanking his sides at all times — though Crabbe and Goyle aren't the stereotypically slightly less pretty posse members. Plus, he dates Pansy, as mentioned above.
    • Possibly Olive Hornby, the girl who teased Moaning Myrtle about her glasses. But there no way to know for sure. It could have been friendly teasing which Myrtle took the wrong way — it would certainly be in-character for her.
  • Elena Gilbert and Caroline Forbes from The Vampire Diaries. However, Elena was only this during the beginning of the series. Elena started off as a selfish, vain, proud, icy, and spoiled individual. However, as the series progresses she becomes a significantly better person mostly after meeting Stefan. Elena becomes more of a Lovable Alpha Bitch. Caroline, on the other hand, never really changes from this.
  • Stephen King's book and film Carrie:
    • Christine Hargensen, Carrie's nemesis. She and her Girl Posse are banned from the senior prom because of a very nasty incident in the girl's locker room involving them terrorizing Carrie, who was having her first period at the time and was under the impression that she was bleeding to death, by throwing tampons and other feminine hygiene items at her and chanting "Plug it up! Plug it up!" Chris then pulls a cruel prank on Carrie by dumping pig's blood on her head when she is voted as Prom Queen (this scene is considered a classic in movie history, very memorable) which leads Carrie to freak out. Christine becomes one of many victims in the ensuing Roaring Rampage of Revenge. Nancy Allen who played her in the first movie actually didn't realise she was playing an Alpha Bitch until she saw the finished film, assuming she was playing a comic relief character.
    • Averted by Sue Snell, who gets her boyfriend to take Carrie to the prom not to set her up for humiliation, but to genuinely atone for what she did. Though some viewers of the first film (who hadn't read the book) thought Sue was in on the prank.
  • Lara from Cherie Bennett's Life in the Fat Lane is a weird example: she starts out much like Cher from Clueless — the rich, shallow and naïve, but sweet (and supposedly intelligent) homecoming queen. Then she (suddenly) gets fat and becomes a social outcast (her immediate descent into self-loathing upon gaining the first ten pounds had nothing to do with it...). Enter at least two examples played straight...but wait—here's a girl who's at very least In with the In Crowd, but is sweet to everyone, even fat people... but wait—she's actually obnoxious and condescending and just trying to play the role of ideal homecoming queen.
  • Massie Block, the main character of The Clique series of novels.
  • Lana is a more cliched version of this in the books The Princess Diaries, as well as being a Devil in Plain Sight. Mia often retaliates. Later in the series, though, Lana extends the olive branch to Mia, and her friend Trisha enters Mia's group of friends. She becomes much more a Lovable Alpha Bitch after this as she still retains a couple Jerkass tendencies.
  • From His Majesty's Dragon: Miss Montagu, who snubbed Will Laurence at his parents' house when he stopped by on the way to the training grounds, was only a mild Alpha Bitch... until at the end of the book, when she "revealed" (Laurence had already heard), during the celebrations, that Laurence's childhood sweetheart had gotten married.
  • Lila Fowler in the Sweet Valley High series.
  • Holly and Heather Mayflower of the DRAMA! series by Paul Ruditis.
  • The Baby-Sitters Club:
    • Cokie Mason is a middle school version.
    • Cokie's friend Grace.
    • Shawna Riverson also, though she didn't appear as often.
    • In the Little Sister spinoff, Pamela Harding.
  • ...and so is Heather Fox from the Canterwood Crest series.
  • Mercedes Lackey's Jinx High has the Alpha Bitch from hell: she's actually a two-hundred-year old, bodysnatching witch who enforces her will with mental control and fatal "accidents".
  • Subverted in Thirteen Reasons Why, by Jay Asher. Hannah says that Courtney Crimsen could have been this, but instead spends her time making it seem like she is a genuinely nice person.
  • Lavinia of A Little Princess.
  • Aphrodite from The House of Night, until Zoey arrives, that is. Ironic in that, despite the authors' intentions, Aphrodite is one of the most interesting, rounded, and sympathetic characters in the entire series. Certainly more than the "heroine", Zoey, who reacted to the painful and bloody death of a classmate with mild annoyance.
  • Hatsumomo of Memoirs of a Geisha.
  • Hattie from Ella Enchanted. She not only messes around with Ella's life, but orders her to hand over the necklace that her mother used to wear simply because she fancied it, and she also steals Ella's breakfast after claiming that it's "too rich for her". She also orders Ella not to eat anything for days and because of her curse, Ella is starved almost to collapsing.
  • Clarissa from the Bloody Jack series. Also overlaps with Rich Bitch. She gets better in the later books though.
  • Discworld:
    • Diamanda from Lords and Ladies exhibits the Alpha Bitch tendency to surround herself with envious admirers who aren't as good-looking, and then treat those girls like dirt
    • Annagramma from the Tiffany Aching books exhibits the Alpha Bitch tendency to surround herself with envious admirers who aren't as good-looking, and then treat those girls like dirt.
  • Blair from Gossip Girl, arguably more so in the books than in the TV series. On the show, she's just a Rich Bitch with an Unlimited Wardrobe; in the books, her behavior actually borders on sociopathic/bipolar/just plain crazy.
  • Carleen Lovejoy dominates the school and antagonizes the narrator in Richard Peck's A Year Down Yonder.
  • Jeanine Bryant in Replica is replaced later by Simone Cussack.
  • Aspeth Montgomery in Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld.
  • In Aaron Allston's Galatea in 2-D, Roger falls into some paintings he made as a teenager and find his hopeless crush in high school, crazy about him but as shallow as she had ever been. (He notes that she had grown up when he met her at the reunion.)
  • Constanza Grayfoot from Midnighters is the fashion-obsessed queen of the school who struts about with her girl posse and dreams of being an actress in L.A. She's part Native American, not blonde, and is more harmlessly superficial than actually evil, but instead of reading like an interesting variation on the trope, she reads like a watered-down copy of Cordelia Chase. She is, however, different from most Alpha Bitches in that she is genuinely nice to and supportive of Jess, including slapping a boy who tried to sexually assault her and giving her advice about her relationship with Jonathan.
  • Twilight
    • Lauren Mallory is apparently supposed to be a Alpha Bitch. However, this is something of an Informed Flaw. She has the usual indicators of being blonde and popular, but all she ever does is get jealous of Bella (at least according to Bella herself) and complain about her behind her back. If anything, it's Bella herself who has more of the Alpha Bitch qualities since she looks down on everyone else.
    • Rosalie Hale of the Cullen clan is actually more of a Lovable Alpha Bitch. The same could be said for Leah Clearwater, though most of that is unintentional.
    • Rosalie Hale is redeemed in Eclipse, where she reveals her tragic backstory (she always wanted children, but could never have one because she is a vampire, and her fiance raped her), and starts fawning over Bella and her child. Leah, though, is never redeemed, and is punished by being menopausal as a result of becoming a werewolf, meaning she can never bear children.
      • Arguably Leah makes good in Breaking Dawn, when she and her brother Seth are the first wolves to join Jacob in protecting the Cullens from Sam and the pack.
  • Kelly Peters in Zilpha Keatley Snyder's The Changeling. A spun-sugar nightmare with a cute face and golden curls. It makes more sense to walk into an operating buzz saw than to have anything to do with her. Most of these types are Karma Houdini, but Kelly actually gets taken down a notch or two (not much) toward the end of the book.
  • Sandra "Sandi" Mitchell from The Bailey Game. She's pretty and popular, but she's also arrogant and vain and leads her group of friends in ostracising the main characters.
  • Cheyenne Martin from Private.
  • The titular character from The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove by Lauren Kate.
  • Anne of Green Gables has whole families who do this.
    • In Avonlea, the Pyes have a reputation all over town for being mean and nasty. Josie certainly fits this to a T, though Josie certainly doesn't rule the school.
    • Later, in Anne of Windy Poplars, the Pringles take that place.
  • Drew from The Heroes of Olympus.
  • Nancy Drew has had to deal with two of these during her long career.
    • First, in the Nancy Drew Files series of the 80's and 90's, she had to deal with a girl named Brenda Carlton, who was a newspaper reporter and seemed to be an Alpha Bitch a few years out of high school.
    • In the newest series, Nancy Drew: Girl Detective, a much more textbook Alpha Bitch exists in a character named Deirdre Shannon.
    • Also the two "mean" girls in Nancy Drew and the Secret of the Old Clock.
  • MacKenzie Hollister from Dork Diaries. Nikki refers to her in the beginning of the books as a(n) (something nasty) in (two-three stylish/trendy items)
  • Christa from Amélie Nothomb's novel Antéchrista.
  • In the Hollow Kingdom Trilogy, Til is the Alpha Bitch among the pages. She has an exclusive clique until Richard comes and proves to be more interesting than her. She maintains these Alpha Bitch qualities when she grows up as a snobby woman who bullies others, including her daughter, and relies on her social status.
  • Sheila Tubman from Judy Blume's Fudge series acts like this — as does her older sister, Libby. Neither girl seems to be especially popular, though.
  • Polly Hannah of the Graveyard School series is an example of the unpopular Alpha Bitch. Polly is a reoccurring character featured in almost every book but never as a main character. Polly is seemingly immune to the bizarre and frightening events that plague the Grove Hill kids due to her possibly stupidity-induced indifference to the school's frightening attributes. She regularly sucks up to the teachers but has no real interest in learning, and often looks down on the other students while putting on an air of not caring what they think despite evidence to the contrary. Polly at one point had to get her mother to make sure people would come to her New Year's Eve party because no one wanted to go. She's well-hated by her classmates and instantly spotted by her trademark colors of blue, pink, and pale yellow.
  • Lilah Covington in Golden and Platinum by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, though she seems slightly less bitchy than her friend Tracy.
  • Bianca in The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth. Even though Whitney is introduced as "The Popular Bitch", Bianca tries to convince Whitney to attend a party while suffering from bronchitis. When Whitney doesn't attend, Bianca gives away Whitney's position in the party car.
  • Warrior Cats
    • Sandstorm used to be one...until she Took a Level in Kindness and fell in love with Firestar, the hero.
    • Foxheart from Yellowfang's Secret is very much this. One example is that when Yellowfang recently becomes the medicine cat apprentice, the first thing she had to do was fix Foxheart's bedding...the latter being too lazy (and mean) to do it herself. And there's the more major fact that she always snaps at her for talking to Raggedstar and looks down on her for being a medicine cat.
    • Lizardstripe the fact that she's an abusive mom.
  • Savannah Snow from The Caster Chronicles, with Emily and Eden as her Girl Posse.
  • Mona Southton from The Truth of Rock And Roll. It doesn't work out well for her.
  • In Joe Hill's novel Horns, the protaganist Ig Perrish realises, after having his life blighted by accusations of being responsible for the rape and murder of his girlfriend, that the manipulative and devious Alpha Brat from High School, Lee Tourneau, is the guilty man. Not only did Tourneau commit the rape-murder, he is seeking to frame Ig for it. Of course, nobody suspects the popular alpha guy from High School....
  • Natasha VanDyne from Hometown. Blond and pretty? Check. Girl Posse? Check. Harasses people lower on the social totem pole, including pranks that cause actual physical harm (though that case might have been an accident)? Check. Gets away with it all because she's a Rich Bitch by small-town standards? Big ol' check. On the other hand, she spends most of her onscreen time focusd on what seems to be a personal vendetta with one of the protagonists that almost counts as picking on someone her own size. When her mother enters the picture, it becomes clearer why she is the way she is, and when you see what happens to her beloved pets, you almost feel sorry for her.
  • Gwilanna from The Last Dragon Chronicles.
  • Veronica DiAngelo on The Saddle Club.
  • The nameless head bully from Deep Love.
  • Rachel Simmons's seminal work of psychology Odd Girl Out: The hidden culture of aggression in girls begins by confirming the Truth in Television status of the Alpha Bitch hard, giving a series of incredible real-life examples. Further in, though, it rejects the idea of a specific girl being the bully to which others invariably fall victim, arguing that manipulation and covert aggression are endemic, practiced in all sorts of ways and frequently directed not at "losers" but at attractive, wealthy, high-performing girls, to keep them from getting "above themselves". Simmons, having cited her own experience being the victim of an Alpha Bitch as a motivation for the study, is shocked to realise in Chapter Five that she herself had been an Alpha Bitch to another girl later on in her school career.
  • Candayce Chambers of Dinoverse is this in spades at the start of the series, a backstabber delighting in malicious gossip and tricking the less fortunate. She starts to undergo Character Development during a long session of Break the Haughty, but it's not a smooth journey to Loveable Alpha Bitch at all. During an emotional climax she shouts about the pressure she feels from her mom, and her old victim is having none of it.
  • Please Dont Tell My Parents Im A Super Villain: Marcia, the head cheerleader, teases the main characters and constantly announces her own superiority. According to Penny, the Popular Girls are popular only amongst themselves.
  • Fay Harper from Jinx High.
  • Wanda Kay Moore from Bridge to Terabithia.
    "It's always got to be about you, doesn't it? You expect me to feel sorry for you? To like you? You made my life hell!"

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