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All There In The Manual: Fan Fic
  • In A Boy A Girl And A Dog The Leithian Script, the author of this The Silmarillion fanfic wrote extensive notes elaborating on her choices in character and world building, as well as a glossary and a family tree.
  • In Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. (Note: Spoilers even if you've read every chapter) The fact that Voldemort turned the Pioneer plaque into a horcrux is heavily implied, but by no means confirmed, in the text. It is explicitly stated in the author notes.
  • In the Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Crossover fanfic Demon of Justice a list of the Gods of Norfressa is provided. It differs from the canon version from the Oath Of Swords books. This is a plot point.
  • In the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha fanfic Academy Blues (As recommended here.) If you want to fully understand how some characters' powers work, and the personality of many of the Loads and Loads of Characters, you need to read the review replies the author gives, as well as read the side stories for the series. Which is ironic, given that the author has declared his dislike for this.
  • The same can be said of The Open Door, at least in so far as knowing more things, though to Academia Nut's credit the main story is fully comprehensible without needing the Word of God.
  • Aeon Natum Engel and Aeon Entelechy Evangelion have quite a considerable amount of extra info on their respective threads.
  • A large amount of Company0051's background is detailed in supplementary artwork, including the history and locations of the Chief's scars and the names and designs of everyone in the encampment. It's well worth checking out.
  • Renegade features a number of Codex entries similar to the Codex in Mass Effect that details additional notes about the setting.
    • This is actually a recurring trend in Mass Effect fanfiction. Particularly with Halo crossovers.
  • In the Nanoha fanfic Blood and Spirit, a chapter after the main story discusses how Arisa is able to maintain her existence as a ghost and how her powers work.
  • Most of the world building in Miracle Child takes place on the work's tumblr rather than in the story itself. This is understandable, since bogging down the work with tidbits on how the Alternian Empire works and what the various canon characters are doing would quickly leave no room for the plot.
  • The bonus chapter for Season Two of Calvin & Hobbes: The Series reveals Andy is homeschooled, and both him and Klein are named for their (proposed) voice actors (Andrew Lawrence and Robert Klein, respectively).
  • In Stars Above, a crossover between Lucky Star and Puella Magi Madoka Magica, the true names, natures, and backstories of the Demons called the Nine are revealed almost exclusively through the Demon Profiles, written in the style of the Witch Cards from the official Madoka website.
  • To the Stars author Hieronym has a tumblr account specifically dedicated to giving extra information that doesn't fit in the narrative (along with answering questions, posting character bios, and giving ideas for spin-off stories).
  • The author(s) of Game Theory has posted a large amount of information about the setting, the magic, and the characters on the Spacebattles thread.
  • Certain information (including age, hometown, and in some cases appearance) about the characters in Plasma's Folly does not appear in the story, but may instead be found in an illustrated character profiles page that the author rarely updates.
  • The Total Drama story, Legacy includes hyperlinks to supplemental information on ancillary topics, including the song that became the basis of Trent's tribute song.
  • Many details in The Great Slave King only appear in the author's notes and responses.
  • Between My Brother And Me: In-universe: May and Max learn all they need to know about dueling from a magazine called 'Duelist Monthly'...that their mom had for some reason. From it, they learned about Duelist Kingdom, Battle City and the 'who's who' in the world of dueling.
  • Total Drama Island by Gilbert and Sullivan includes an extensive glossary, as well as many hyperlink to music files and supplemental information on ancillary topics.
  • The Total Drama story, Courtney and the Violin of Despair includes a substantial Notes section. The narrative and notes also include hyperlinks to supplemental information on ancillary topics and embedded music videos for some of the compositions mentioned.
  • The Legend of Total Drama Island includes an extensive Notes (aka trivia) section, which mainly explains the more obscure allusions. The Notes also include hyperlinks to supplemental information on ancillary topics, mostly things alluded to in the story. The story itself includes embedded music videos for most of the compositions mentioned.
  • The tumblr on which the Ragnarok Online fanfiction Warriors of the World is posted is occasionally updated with a post tagged as "lore" giving background information regarding the many changes to the world of Midgard in order to have it work as a real world. On top of that, the author has stated that this is exactly what the tumblr is for since they got tired of having to reply to their own reviews on
  • Hivefled has a tumblr which provides additional information and worldbuilding on a lot of the characters.
  • After The God Empress Of Ponykind was completed, the author began a series of blog posts dedicated to expanding upon Equestria and the history of the different factions present in the universe.
  • The author for Kitsune no Ken: Fist of the Fox has a Deviantart account where he posts drafts of story-notes, which he had set up as a way of giving some closure in case he ever decided not to update the story further.
  • The author of Horseshoes and Hand Grenades has their account that gives up a list of background info about the characters.
  • There is a lot of supplemental material for Game Of Touhou in the author's deviantart page, and there are even unreleased voice-ins of every faction.
  • The official wiki for the supercrossover military fanfiction series, The Terminators Army Of Legend, contains extra content not found in the story itself, everything from operation names to casualty lists, as well as background Intel on specific locations and battles.

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