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All Blue: Torture Technician
So, you're an Evil Overlord in charge of The Evil Army. You've got an insanely clever Evil Plan an Evil Genius to hatch it and The Dragon to carry it out, Mooks, a Quirky Miniboss Squad to command them, and silly outfits for them to wear (including plenty of fanservice in the female uniforms). You have plenty of Applied Phlebotinum. You've also got a Psycho for Hire for dealing with nasty stuff in the field. You may even have an Amoral Attorney to deal with any litigation-waving heroes. If you've got all that, you're missing only one thing: A guy who makes a "science" or "art" out of tearing body parts loose and inflicting serious pain. Enter the Torture Technician.

The Torture Technician does just what his name implies. Based in his own Torture Cellar, he takes the heroes and turns them into screaming, skinned shambles. He makes for prime Nightmare Fuel, as he's often sadistic to the point of overblowing it. Note that he apparently believes we're still in the Middle Ages as far as interrogation techniques go. That is, if he's not down with electricity.

The Torture Technician typically isn't very physically strong, however. There's no real reason for him to be; all his enemies are restrained. When they do get free, however, the Torture Technician is usually taken out fairly easily, or better yet, fed to his own machines.

If he's a fat, giggling, whip-toting, gay Nazi, he's probably one of these.
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