After The End: Fan Fic

  • Higher Learning: In the original timeline, the humanity has been wiped out and Shinji and Asuka has to raise a family on their own on a devastated world. The epilogue happens after Third Impact: the humanity has been wiped out during Instrumentality, but Shinji's choices allow people returning, and the world is slowly recovering.
  • The Pokemon story New World takes place some time after a yet to be specified event has wiped out human civilization. The main story takes place far enough after that that the main characters are not even aware that there ever was a previous civilization, and know nothing about the the end of it. A subplot about a girl who lived in that time period shows us more of what was happening back then.
  • Scar Tissue: Most of Governments have been reinstated, and the half of world population has returned. However the major cities are in ruins, the roads are broken, the other half of people keeps missing and the returned ones are living on refugee camps as cities are being rebuilt, there is a lack of supply water, crops are damaged and there are riots due to the lack of food and water. In other words, the world has became Kenshiros world.
  • The 10th Level combines this with Sci-Fi Writers Have No Sense of Scale for the Code Geass ending.
  • The 1983: Doomsday Stories all take place after a nuclear war broke out in The Eighties, and what happened after that. From the perspective of the Nations themselves.
  • The Faceless is a Death Note AU which explores the Fridge Horror of having a realm of Death Gods that only need your name and face to kill you and what would happen once the Masquerade Broke.
  • Part of the premise of the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic, The End Of Ponies.
    • A popular fan speculation takes the show's Schizo Tech and some apparently human-oriented objects (benches, tools, a train with a locomotive engine but is pulled by manual power) and draws the conclusion that Equestria is a distant post-apocalyptic Scavenger World built on the ruins of human civilization.
  • The Pony POV Series reveals Equestria's tribal history seen in "Hearth's Warming Eve" (and to an extent, the modern day as a recovered state), is this for the G2 world, whose late 20th century-level civilization collapsed when Discord's brother Destruction basically nuked the planet in order to prevent the creation of G3 and thus a Class X-4 Apocalypse. The "Gaiden: 7 Dreams/Nightmares" collection shows the immediate aftermath of this from the perspective of the main G2 ponies, and it definitely fits the qualifications of the trope.
  • The Second Try: Chapters 2, 4, 6 and 8 are set here: Shinji and Asuka are the only humans left on the world and they must learn to survive and open up to each other.
  • Fallout: Equestria: This MLP fanfic - along with the countless Recursive Fanfics it has inspired - takes place about 200 years after a magical-nuclear war between the zebras and ponies destroyed almost the entire world, and of what it takes to try and bring light back to the wasteland.
  • My Little Metro: Similar to Fallout: Equestria but set much nearer to the recent apocalypse, crossed with the underground world of Metro 2033
  • XoRax portrays Hyrule this way after a strange and unexplained plague called XoRax kills most of the population and mutates those who remain.
  • Harmony Theory: The Schism was an apocalyptic event which resulted in this.
  • The recursive fanfic Friendship Is Optimal Always Say No goes into far more detail about the collapse of society as humans emigrate to Equestria, which is mostly glossed over in the original story.
  • The Utena and MawaruPenguindrum crossover fanfic Seinen Kakumei Utena has its story beginning ten years after the Duel called Revolution, and several weeks after the Fate Train Transfer.