Affably Evil / Other

  • In the Ranma Fan Fic Boy Scouts , the character of Proctor is quite sweet and helpful. Unfortunately, he attached himself as a Sidekick to the Always Chaotic Evil Justy Yung.
  • In the Web Serial Novel Worm, despite his Well-Intentioned Extremist tendencies (which lead him to have one hero killed and risk blowing up an entire city on a gamble) and his incomplete fluency in English, the Indian parahuman Phir Sē proves to be quite personable (even funny).
    • There's also Marquis, a supervillain currently incarcerated in the Birdcage, who cares deeply and sincerely about his daughter, and remained personable and polite even while he was bleeding out onto the floor.
  • In the Web Serial Novel "A Practical Guide To Evil", this seems to be one of the distinguishing traits of the Black Knight. Though the mask slips a bit in Summerholm when Catherine makes a scene.
    • If you've read the flashbacks for him, you can see it's not a mask. He is just a really nice person unless it contradicts what he's planning. His mind has repeatedly been described as "cold gears" logically grinding the world to dust
  • SF Debris: Borg drones are mostly little worse than disgruntled office workers who greet a returned Seven of Nine by discussing a promotion one of them received, contrasting with the Voyager crew, who are mostly kind of assholes.
  • Max Walker in Billy Birmingham's 12th Man comedy albums is affable, but willing to commit violent and obscene acts in a misguided effort to get back his position in the commentary team. Far from objecting to the way Burmingham portrays him, the real Walker is an unabashed fan.
  • Allegedly, one way of escaping the Japanese ghoul Kuchisake Onna is to invoke this trope by telling her that you have somewhere else to be and don't want to be late. According to this legend, she'll respond to this by apologizing for interrupting and excusing herself politely.
  • The Ninja from Ask a Ninja.
    Thanks for your question! I look forward to killing you soon!