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Affably Evil: Other
  • In the Ranma Fan Fic Boy Scouts , the character of Proctor is quite sweet and helpful. Unfortunately, he attached himself as a Sidekick to the Always Chaotic Evil Justy Yung.
  • In the Web Serial Novel Worm, despite his Well-Intentioned Extremist tendencies (which lead him to have one hero killed and risk blowing up an entire city on a gamble) and his incomplete fluency in English, the Indian parahuman Phir Sē proves to be quite personable (even funny).
    • There's also Marquis, a supervillain currently incarcerated in the Birdcage, who cares deeply and sincerely about his daughter, and remained personable and polite even while he was bleeding out onto the floor.
  • SF Debris: Borg drones are mostly little worse than disgruntled office workers who greet a returned Seven of Nine by discussing a promotion one of them received, contrasting with the Voyager crew, who are mostly kind of assholes.

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