Adult Fear / Tabletop Games

  • Werewolf: The Apocalypse has the Seventh Generation, a group that kidnaps and abuses children.
    • Even Pentex gets into the game with their Avalon Toys subsidiary, which subtly broadcast messages to kids about the importance of violence, the necessity of staying thin and pretty to remain popular, and the fun of "playing" veterinarian with stray animals. Such messages leave kids attuned to the memetics of the Wyrm and thus ripe for possession by Bane spirits. So even if you're out fighting tooth and claw against the forces of evil, there's still a chance they can get to your kid when you're not around...
  • Little Fears is a roleplaying game that plays on this just as much as it does childhood fears. Your children stand risk of being killed - or worse - by an enemy that's ever-hungering, comes in many forms, and is completely invisible to you. It may have even gone after you, too; you just forgot all about it when you reached puberty.
  • In the kingdom of Bretonnia in Warhammer, the standard policy of the local religion, the Cult of the Lady of the Lake, is to track down children with magical potential and take them away to an undisclosed location for their own safety and for the safety of the kingdom - the cult is highly secretive. Some of the girls come back as priestesses of the Lady (of course they also refuse to comment on where exactly they've been) while the boys... well, they're pretty much invariably never seen ever again. Bretonnia is pretty much an awful place to live, but especially if you're a parent.