Adult Fear: Music

  • The video for Soul Asylum's "Runaway Train", which is about missing and abducted children, can cause parents long-term nightmares. The last few seconds, which depicts the theft of an infant from its mother, who only looked away for a second, is downright horrifying.
  • Sticky Fingaz's album Blacktrash: The Autobiography of Kirk Jones is full of Adult Fears. The idea behind the album is a pretty big adult fear: getting out of jail and trying to reintegrate into society and makes ends meet while being part of the urban poor. Inside of that bigger concept, the album deals with a lot of other Adult Fears like going back inside ("Why", "State vs. Kirk Jones", and the skit at the end of "Licken Off in Hip Hop"), his girl finding someone else while he's doing time ("Cheatin'"), and seeing people he cares about heading down the same path of violence ("Baby Brother").
  • Much like the Soul Asylum example above, the video for "Abduction" by Dirty Rotten Imbeciles is also about abducted children, and neither the video or the lyrics pull any punches. If the concept or the words behind the song didn't scare you, the child screaming for her mother after being abducted from playing in the sandbox definitely will.