Adult Fear: Fan Works

  • A Different Medius has Buwaro deal with his entire hometown being destroyed by horrorterrors, and being unable to find his adoptive dads as well as finding out that your adoptive Dad happens to be the reason your biological parents are dead to begin with. Holy shit.
  • In the Jackie Chan Adventures fic Queen Of All Oni, Jade once again becomes evil and becomes enemies with her family. Later she is captured by the Smug Snake Evil Sorcerer Lung, a former apprentice of Daolon Wong, and is subjected to Cold-Blooded Torture in an attempt to break her to his will, nearly KILLING her!
  • Back To The Future Prequel: the villain, Hank Webb, kidnaps Marty, who is six years old at the time, and nearly drowns him.
  • Better Angels drives the nail home that Shane Walsh, who has survived his battle with Rick, is a sociopath who would murder his best friend in cold blood. While consoling his dead friend's son, he knows he has to make his cover story convincing by being emotional, but can't bring out any real tears over his dead friend. Instead, he envisions his friend's wife, who he also has deep feelings for, being eaten alive by her reanimated newborn during childbirth.
  • Blind gives us this scenario. It's the night Hinata's 3rd bithday and everyone is asleep. Cue Hinata's mother (Hinati) hearing a 3 year old Naruto (adopted son) screaming. Hiashi chuckles and says it's just Naruto being Naruto. Hinati says she's going to check on both Naruto and Hinata. She comes back crying saying they're missing. Oh but it gets worse. Hinati immediately chases after Naruto's screams and eventually catches up to the kids in the forest. What she sees is Hinata lying in a pool of blood with empty eye sockets. She turns about to throw up only to see Naruto pinned to a tree by kunai, 1 of which is through his heart. You guess her reaction.
  • A The Lord of the Rings fic Elladan's Trials For Estel deals with a young Aragorn (who was adopted and raised by Elrond) being kidnapped from Elrond's bedroom and Buried Alive. One chapter writes from the perspective of the kidnapper and it turns out the kidnapper worked and lived in Rivendell. It didn't help when the kidnapper mentioned there were some nights where he would stand over a sleeping Aragorn, thinking how easy it would be to kill the boy while no one would know.
    • Delw Yomenie Deadly Encounter has Elrond and his warriors going to rescue the kidnapped Aragorn and during the ambush Elrond released an arrow to kill just as the kidnapper shoved Aragorn to the frontline. That split second when he realized his hand would kill his adopted son, Elrond was torn between denial and horror. Fortunately the arrow hit a non-lethal area.
    • In The Roots of Evil, Elrond helplessly watches as his sons Aragorn, Elrohir and Elladan are slowly dying from a poison to which there is no antidote.
      Elladan: "I do not fear the poison, ada."
      Elrond: "But I do, ion nin, I do."
      • Aragorn feels guilty because he had indirectly caused his brothers to be poisoned when a madman wanted to get his revenge on him and his brothers were simply there. Elrohir comforts him, even though they both know they may not survive the poison.
        And with that, Elrohir drew his brother into a hug, holding him tightly, wishing that the things would be as easy as they once used to be, when Aragorn's hurts could have been cured with a smile, a kiss and a hug.
  • In Final Section, a Supernatural fic, five-year-old Sam Winchester was taken by a man who preys upon children in a school's playground when John happened to be preoccupied, despite attentively watching Sam. The detail that the assailant had already kidnapped several other children by luring them away from their watchful parents (and being gleeful about his successes) was disturbing.
    • Crossing the Line has John Winchester killing a human being for the first time because it was heavily implied that that person had molested/sexually assaulted a ten year old Sam.
    • In Harvester Of Eyes, John Winchester is pitted against The Corinthian. The fact that he's hunting a possibly-human monster who preys on young boys, while having to keep track of his two young sons on the road, aside... Sam and Dean get lost in the Dreaming on their own. Dean obviously knows enough about pedophiles, creeps and "stranger danger" to be on high alert regarding anyone who might hurt Sam, he can't get it across to him that sometimes the really dangerous people can look perfectly normal. Even cool and fun to hang out with.
  • Past Sins has one marking the point where everything goes down the tubes...namely, a child being forcibly taken away from their guardian, who can do nothing to stop it. And then said child believing their guardian wanted to give them away.
  • In Progress, Sundance and every other pregnant mare in Equestria are worried for their unborn foals after the Discord incident.
  • In Detective Conan fic When Pandoras Box Is Opened, when Conan was kidnapped by Vermouth and everyone panics. Those who know the kidnapper have even more reason to fear because the Black Organization has no problem indoctrinating young children into complete loyalty to the organization. Jodie has a brief vision of an older, ruthless Conan preparing to kill a victim and is appropriately horrified.
  • In For Tomorrow's Sake, each protagonist is abducted, seemingly by magic, and placed in a room with complete strangers. They have no idea where they are, how they got there, or if their loved ones are in danger.
    • And then, they start getting visions of their children fighting Grimm, and getting hurt in the process. Not only that, but the Entities (honestly) tell them that said visions depict the future.
    Summer grabbed Willow's hand, as she was shaking worse than ever, eyes wide and fearful, her lips moving but no words coming out. Her baby girl, her daughter.
    Weissweissweiss...Please be okay.
    • In the first chapter alone, Summer sees her name on a gravestone.
  • In Hunting The Unicorn, Blaine is Cerebus Retconned into a Lonely Rich Kid—with the twist that his father's used work as an excuse to avoid him ever since he came out. Not only does Blaine put up with it, the fear kicks in when David tells a counselor that Blaine has a stalker and no clue about it. The worst part is that Blaine's absurd obliviousness to love makes it perfectly in-character. The fear really kicks in when said stalker kidnaps him, Wes, and David, and Blaine gets a concussion. Being semi-coherent and prone to confusion, the first person Blaine calls when he's lucid again is his dad. But the readers know he's actually called his Parental Substitute Greg, who's been waiting by the phone ever since he found out what happened and is now heading out to look for him.
    • The others don't get away from this either. Wes and David continue to look for Blaine after being told to go home by police, Finn gets locked in a car trunk, and Kurt gets briefly strangled by Blaine's stalker.
  • There is a scene during The Tamers Forever Series where the pregnant Mimi Tachigawa is kidnapped and taken to a laboratory where her unborn child is forcibly extracted from her. She is then left to wander the wilderness as her grief slowly drives her insane.
  • In Streets Of Rage Saga, based on the Streets of Rage beat-em-up game series, two incidents are related in the back-story some twenty years before the story's modern-day timeline, both of them involving children: an infant was snatched when his parents looked away for just a moment and he was later murdered, and some time after that a girl wandered away from her parents along a beach and was attacked by the same perpetrator moments later. What makes it even more horrifying is the common nature of both incidents—both were committed by a feral child.
  • The Axis Powers Hetalia fanfic Power Shift has this example: Tino or Berwald, or even Francis'. They fear their child has seemingly disappeared into thin air. You feel as though something bad can and will happen to him. And in Tino and Berwald's case, it turns out they're right.
    • There's also the fate of Estonia, especially the chapter describing what happened leading up to it. It really plays on the fear of a family member being abducted and having something horrible happening to them.
    • In another Hetalia fic, Human Curiosity, nearly all of the world's nations disappear. They just vanish, leaving their friends and family panicked and traumatized. This goes on for a century, leading to most of the remaining nations to assume that their loved ones are never coming back. And then, they learn that not only were the nations kidnapped and tortured for that entire century, but a lot of them were horrifically murdered and frozen in blocks of ice. There's a bit where America, Germany, and Japan get to explore the kidnappers' base, while being terrified and trying to guess who was and wasn't killed. Oh, and the surviving nations were all completely insane when they were found, to the point where they couldn't even recognize their rescuers as people.
    • Raven's Tears: Native America is forced to watch as she slowly loses control of her own land. Then, she realizes that the shift in ownership of the land is represented through her sons, who morph from being Native American children to having blond hair, blue eyes, and being only able to speak French and English. And after all of this, Native America has no choice but to give them to the nations invading her, because she can't communicate with her own children.
    • Feverish starts with the basic premise of Canada getting sick with something. Not so bad at first, with him getting a fever and feeling nauseous. Then, he starts hallucinating, passing out, and suffering increasingly dangerous side effects. All of this goes on while America, France, and England are trying to take care of him and make him better. There's one chapter where Canada gets a nose bleed so bad that England thinks someone was attacked in the room. He attempts to stop the bleeding, only for Canada to go into respiratory arrest. Throughout this, no one knows exactly what Canada is sick with, which means they have no clue as to how to heal him. And on Canada's side, it turns out his government is forgetting about him. So there's the fear of being completely forgotten and neglected going on.
    • Awakening has two big hitters. The first is on France and England's side. Imagine your younger brothers go off to fight in a war and disappear for a long while, only to show back up dead, mutilated, and infected with disease. America and Canada get better, but still France and England have to go through it all. The second is what happens to the other children, most of whom never survived, despite America and Canada's best efforts.
    • The Weakest Link: America, England, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Poland, and Lithuania are Forced to Watch as sociopathic scientists torture Sealand, Estonia, Latvia, and Iceland in the name of 'science'. Made worse as Fletcher's almost pedophiliacal obsession with Latvia forces the adults to worry that he might end up being raped and the others will be forced to watch.
  • In the Sherlockian Deliver Us From Evil Series, Inspector Lestrade fears for the safety of the young Baker Street Irregulars. Considering that he's friends with at least one, has another among his constables, and has a nephew in their ranks, he's very close to them and has every right to feel a parental horror at the boys putting themselves In Harm's Way.
    • Later on, Dr. Watson disbands the Irregulars when one of the very young ones is nearly killed.
  • The first chapter of the Fruits Basket fic Horizon ends with opens with the stillbirth of Shigure and Akito's second child.
  • The entire Artificial Intelligence Principle arc starts because Barnaby and Emily Brooks can't stand the thought of having to bury their only son, and are two of the most brilliant roboticists on the planet.
  • Silent Hill 2 fic Coming Home is a cornucopia of this; with James's father Frank Sunderland having to watch his son spiral into depression and starts acting erratically after his wife's death. Frank find out that James is being stalked by a powerful force that is obsessed with him after he didn't believe his son's fears that something was out to get him. Frank finds it would do anything to possess him and outright threatens sexual violence on James to Frank. After his son goes Silent Hill, Frank never sees his son again.
  • The plot of the Dashverse story Hot Heads, Cold Hearts and Nerves of Steel is kicked off when Sombra's minions kidnap every foal in Ponyville overnight. Then we find out that he wants the foals so that he can sacrifice them to increase his power.
  • In Marie D. Suesse And The Mystery New Pirate Age!, toward the end, it is revealed that the tragic events that occurred for the last 20 years in the One Piece world can be undone, but if Madelyn never ate her Devil Fruit, she would never have made the mistake of causing Luffy's execution, fled to the "real world," changed her name to Blake, met Garreth and had Marie. Not only are Garreth and Madelyn/Blake aware that they'll never see each other or their daughter again, but Marie realizes that she'll be erased from existence entirely, and feels as though her existence was a mistake.
  • In Cosmic Warriors shortly after Naru is raped the man appears in Usagi's school and is later spotted chatting with Makoto. Nothing like having your children attend a school with a rapist on the grounds.
  • In Kyon Big Damn Hero, Akane was taking care of a feverish Nonoko, her daughter, who was hit by a cold and left her alone in her room for a few minutes and upon her return Nonoko was nowhere to be found. When phone called later she was told that the girl was in fact kidnapped, but thankfully she was already rescued by her brother. This also applies to her husband Yuuto who was left in an Heroic BSOD by the news of his daughter missing until he was informed Nonoko was safe.
  • In Symbiosis, Professor Oak relied on his former reputation to keep Pallet Town safe. Instead his student, Delia and her family were murdered in the middle of the night of a criminal organization and their corpses had to be identified by their DNA.
  • The villain of Getting Back on Your Hooves, Checkmate Monarch, is a textbook sociopathic businessmare who cannot comprehend the idea that ruining another's entire life and livelihood for a minute gain is bad so long as it doesn't effect her, and who has spent most of her life controlling and tormenting her sister, Trixie, simply because the latter's existence meant she had to share the spotlight instead of being the center of attention. She fully intended to ruin the lives of the Mane Six, national heroes who have saved the world multiple times, just because they helped Trixie. Most of what makes her so scary is that she could very easily have succeeded, since she was for most part operating within legal boundaries, and that her mannerisms and motivations were based on real life Sociopaths, meaning people like her actually exist.
  • In Pokémon False Red, Red's mother has to deal with her son's disappearance when he went training and receives no closure on whether or not her son's dead.
  • In Turnabout Nephew, the young son of Ema and Klavier ends up meeting Kristoph Gavin in solitary confinement, after getting lost from his mother. While Kristoph shows no inclination to hurt the boy, given what he already tried to do to people in the game (including to a little girl), it's easy to see why Ema and Klavier are so scared when they find out.
  • Street Sharks Redux was basically the original series rewritten to be Darker and Edgier and make more prominent the Fridge Horror of the show. As a result, the story doesn't shy away from creepiness like one's family member vanishing, finding oneself forced to hide from the community, living in fear of being kidnapped and hurt, and so on.
  • The final story of Calvin and Hobbes: The Series, "Black Rain", has Socrates almost being kidnapped by a strange man in a masknote who'd invaded his mansion. Things only get worse when it's revealed he had a knife the whole time and is still in his house. Then Socrates points out that he could still be around when Elliot (his owner, a young boy) and his family return...
  • The admins of The Infinite Loops have prevented anybody caught in the eponymous time loops from having children since they know full well any such children would cease to exist once a loop resets.
  • In Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney fanfic Dirty Sympathy, Apollo and Klavier deal with being trapped in abusive relationships with people who have the skills and connections to make their deaths look accidental. Especially since Apollo is reminded by Kristoph that if he goes missing no one would know since Apollo doesn't have any family or friends.
  • Mass Effect's fanfic Crucible is a giant list of all the horrible things could happen to your child. From the Bad Future to the present timeline, it can say that almost every character has experience this in some forms:
    • Many member of the turian-human hybrids are victims of racism from both their parents' species. They're are used for war but have no right as sentiment beings. Meanwhile, the Quarians want to capture, experimen and enslaved them.
    • The whole chapter where Garrus and his dad investigate the cases of Quarians kidnapping pregnant mothers carried hybrid children. Their men are trying to find their partners and children with no hope because the governments from both sides don't give a damn about them.
    • In the Bad Future, Garrus, because of one mistake of sleeping with the wrong person, ends up causing his and Shepard's son to be born as a bastard. Even with his parents' best effort, Gaius still suffer throughout his life.
    • Also in the bad future, Miranda's child is taken away while she is in prision. She gets away with Tiberius but can only live with him for a few years before leaving to protect him.
      • When Alternative!Miranda finds Tiberius, it turned out that her 2 months-old baby has been neglected to the point of having malnutrition, skin and plates' conditions, and can't even be nursed normally.
      • Alt.Gaius and Tib disobey their parents by sneaking away to play, they almost get kidnapped by asari mercs who plan to sell the kids to batarian slavers in board-daylight because no one would care about hybrids.
      • Gaius's been molested and wounded by his stepmother, the child drags his bloody body across the streets looking for help but everyone ignores him because he's a hybrid.
      • Gaius comes home only to find his son is shot in the head, his pregnant wife's stomach is cut open and the child inside has been take away. He later finds his daughter's corpse inside the Quarians' lab, cut up and preserved in a jar (along with thousand of other hybrid children which meant he isn't the only parent who suffers such fate).
    • Kari, Garrus's real mother, is forced to sent her children away to be raised by another woman
    • Shepard's in her labor and a strange turian kidnaps her, his wife does something to the child inside and she can't do anything to stop it.
    • Your child's being born premature.
    • Garrus runs back home to find his infant has gone missing. And the kidnapper is a friend he trusts.
    • Avitus returns and hears that someone has tried to kidnap his pregnant daughter-in-law Shepard and his daughter Solana is dead.
    • Koria, the only daughter of Makern, is born disabled. When she grows up, an old noble kidnaps and rapes the young girl. She goes insane from the trauma and drowns herself when her parents isn't looking.
    • Garrus and Shepard witness the two Quarian kidnappers throw their baby down a cliff as a distraction.
    • Altilius discovers that his niece Perdita and her cousins were raped by her own father which leads to her having the same sick attraction toward young children.
    • Garrus, Shepard, Miranda and Victus know that their children are going to die but couldn't do anything about it.
    • Sam's family was destroyed by a petty man. His daughter had to grows up on the street, being assaulted and stepped on by other people.
    • 2 young boys run away to play behind their parents' backs. End up getting attacked by a huge, dangerous, wild animal and the only ones manage to find them in time are a pregnant woman and two dogs.
    • Ceimal was brainwashed to follow her "religion", once she comes to herself, her daughter had already died from hunger and neglect.
  • In Diaries of a Madman, Shining Armor mistakes Cadance's scream of frustration while playing video games as her being under attack.
  • "Fluttershys Night Out" is a rather dark My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic story. In it, a (teenaged and very innocent) Fluttershy does not get attacked by monsters or subjected to any supernatural menace. Nope. Instead she goes out to a pub in the hope of making friends and is wined, seduced, used and abandoned by a smooth-talking stallion, who does so simply because he wants sex and she's naive enough to think he loves her. Oh, and this happens before she's made a lot of friends (this would be during the period when Rainbow Dash was away and Rarity was Fluttershy's only social contact) so she by implication has no one to help her and responds to the experience by blaming herself, assuming that she's inferior to other ponies, and becoming the half-crazy hermit who Twilight Sparkle eventually encounters in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic S1 E1 "Mare in the Moon". In other words, she's an emotional wreck for years to come. And yes, the scenario is quite plausible, even in as nice a society as Equestria's.
  • In Gensokyo 20XX, we have this played definitely straight in both Gensokyo 20XX and 20XXI in that the thought of having Reimu, Yukari's surrogate offspring, all alone without in a time where she could run the risk of being apprehended or the fact that she may be apprehended and possibly executed and, in the second one, being Ran being separated from her offspring and not knowing will happen to them.
    • In chapter 12 in Gensokyo 20XXII, Ran finding out two of three of her babies have died not too long after being forcibly separated from her and Reimu is being doped up by force with tranquilizers every three hours for screaming, as well as the fact that is and was virtually powerless to stop it.
    • In Reimu's Illness, the thought of your child dying from multiple potentially fatal illness
    • In 20XXIV, in chapter 9 with Reimu crawling off, right into danger, and, later on, in chapter 28, we have Chen who is attacked no sooner than when she goes outside and the resulting attack leaves her with her left arm and leg paralyzed from nerve damage and incontinent. What makes either of them worse is the former was conditioned not to sense danger and the latter because someone/thing was lying in wait when they attacked Chen and it was going for the kill.
      • Also from 20XXIV, We have Chen attempting suicide
    • In 20XXV, we have Reimu almost dying after consuming rat poison and, later on, we have Reimu, Renko, Sanae, An, and Youmu getting out of the apartment building and only An being found, the others being lost in a world they could be killed, traded, or eaten. To worsen, the latter, one of the kids is near blind. Fortunately, they were found in a forest.
      • Also from 20XXV, what a poltergeist does with Reimu, that is, spiriting her away. Of course, this really blows a head when she is spirited away from her crib whilst she is asleep and it was like she was barely there and they do not find her until after the poltergeists are vanquished. Also, one of said poltergeists is attacking the children, even to the point of almost killing them (the first time is when Yume Ni was scratched on the neck and it came very close to killing her if not rendering her unable to talk and, the second time, the children are chased out while she is throwing things at them, one of which being a table).
  • In Sly Wits Paradise, Luna risked getting trampled by a herd of frightened earth ponies if she fell from Whip Scar's back and Celestia found herself in the middle of a clearing when a hunting griffin is hovering above her. In the next chapter, a pack of hungry wolves went after the foals of the herd.
  • This plays a role in the backstory of Victor Kraber from The Conversion Bureau: The Other Side of the Spectrum. Before the war and TCB!Equestria's Assimilation Plot became common knowledge, he hired TCB!Pinkie Pie to plan out a birthday party for his children, but when he got there late (after being stuck with an emergency at work and then getting stuck in traffic), the house was empty and he spent several agonizing minutes wondering what happened. He then realized his children and the other guests had all been ponified (which is explicitly stated to be Mind Rape and a Fate Worse Than Death of the highest order), subsequently causing him to go crazy in a vicious crusade to avenge his family.
  • IN Shatterheart Fai is on a rare outing with Syaoran, joining him at a bookstore during the Infinity Arc. Syaoran takes off by himself to get some air and gets kidnapped by a bunch of thugs and is tortured by serial killers for their amusement. Fai and Kurogane run themselves ragged trying to find him and pray that they find him in time.
  • In Kill la Kill AU, we have a then six-year old Ragyo being hit by a car. In that vein, Nui being dragged down into the basement by whatever was down there.
    • From one of the fanfics we find out Meinu, Ragyo's mother, hired someone to kidnap one of the kids this blows up to a head when it turns out the ones that Meinu hired have no intention on giving Ryuuko back and attempt to kill her by pouring water over her and leaving her to freeze to death in the night. What makes this worse is the fact Meinu apparently did it because Ragyo wouldn't allow her to financially abuse her anymore.
    • In Snowflakes, we have a critically ill Ryuuko escaping a hospital, while it is freezing cold, to play in the snow, while the hospital and everyone else unaware of where she is.
  • In the Star Trek: The Original Series fanfic Insontis, in "A Considerable Lack of Amusement", McCoy is drugged unconscious and the de-aged Kirk is kidnapped in the middle of a crowded amusement park. The best Spock can hope is that Kirk was taken as a hostage and not something nastier.
  • In the Utena and MawaruPenguindrum crossover fanfic Seinen Kakumei Utena, examples of this plays a large role in Utena, Touga and Saionji’s Character Development.