Adorkable: Web Original

  • Brennus: Eudocia gets a d'aww moment when she quotes Harbringer during a time when Brennus is incapacitated.
  • Cleolinda Jones coined the term "Adoraklutz" to refer to Bella Swan (Twilight); however, this reflects the rest of the cast's reaction to Bella rather than Cleo's.
  • Charlieissocoollike (Link to the channel). Once, he even made a video reading the responses he had received in a survey of teenage girls in an attempt to better understand them. Apparently, many of said girls think about him quite a lot.
  • Sexy Nerd feminist from Youtube (most certainly not of the straw variety) Sarah Haskins, who is tomboyishly dorky.
  • The VlogBrothers: The sadly departed Esther Earl was one in addition to being a teenage cancer patient and undeniably a woobie despite her usually happy attitude. This video should give you a bit of an idea how she was, though it's a MAJOR Tear Jerker as well... (R.I.A. Esther.)
  • Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog: This is the reason Dr. Horrible is popular. He's quirky with his science-y gadgets and his evil plans manage to be rather endearing. He crushes on a cute Girl Next Door and tries to hit on her by meeting her by accident in a laundry room. He's played by Neil Patrick Harris, which helps.
  • Emily Graslie, the cheery, bespectacled writer and host of The Brain Scoop with her million watt smile and passion for the sciency goodness at the museum she works at as well as her work for the museum she used to work at. And dear god, her blooper reels from her lectures to the camera! Fair warning, some may squick at the preparation of museum specimens of earlier installments.
  • Youtube blogger Gotham Scarecrow is usually actually kind of scary - he's always in character and he plays the sinister nerd impeccably - but he got so excited about the new DC Animated Movie that he broke character (the first time I've seen him do so) and his full-on nerdy excitement is just hilarious ... and cute.
  • Red vs. Blue:
    • Freelancer York (and arguably also his AI Delta, nicknamed Dee). He's a Bad Liar, socially awkward, a bit of a Butt Monkey, and unusually nice and funny for a Freelancer—not to mention having an adorably snarky friendship with Delta.
    • Freelancer Washington also is shown to have fit this trope in his younger days. He's a Wide-Eyed Idealist, friendly, well-meaning but socially inept, and almost painfully straitlaced and bewildered by anything that's not by-the-book.
    • Freelancer North Dakota's AI, Theta, IN SPADES. His first appearance is hiding behind North's leg from York and Wash, like a toddler meeting their parent's friends for the first time.
  • Cracked:
    • DOB aka Daniel O'Brien of Cracked. Particularly his character in the Agents Of Cracked series. And his character in his "Obsessive Pop Culture Disorder" series. And his character in the "After Hour" series... he's pretty awkward, in the sense that his awkwardness makes him very pretty.
    • They used the word "adorkable" in this article to describe Zooey Deschanel, her roles the character type she's associated with (Manic Pixie Dream Girl).
  • MSF High Forum: Swade, very much so. He's a shy, geeky artist with a tendency to put his foot in his mouth, especially in front of cute girls. His character is much the same.
  • Widget of the Whateley Universe. Cute inventor at Superhero School Whateley Academy. Has a crush on Thunderbird, who thinks of her as a 'pal'. Wears bicycle caps and schlubby clothes, needs social skills, and has no idea how ot do her hair and use makeup to actually look pretty. Plus she's in a school with some of the most beautiful teenagers on the planet.
  • Jane Eyre in a Setting Update webseries adaptation, The Autobiography of Jane Eyre. She is cute as a button, though she's played to be not particularly attractive or drop dead gorgeous, as fits the original novel (Jane Eyre constantly describes herself as plain in the book). In her first video, she presents herself as a geeky and nerdy girl who adores her books and is very studious. She also plays with post-it notes and bowls with an orange and empty coke bottles. Adorable and dorky, QED.
  • The Lizzie Bennet Diaries: Lizzie's very lovely and characters find her attractive. However, she can be a bit dorky and nerdish, especially with her costume drama theatre when she makes her vlog. Her younger sister Lydia constantly calls her a nerd and considers her taste in fashion rather poor.
  • Miniature wargaming vlogger Joeyberry is utterly adorkable, especially when going on about crushing her enemies and the inevitable victory dances.
  • Screen Junkies: Host of the show Hal Rudnick. He gets into all sorts of awkward situations, in particular during celebrity interviews, and his signature sign off is the very unmanly "bye bye wave" but it's part of his charm.
  • Team Night Saturn: Anyone on the site might be nice and clever, but some of them are a bit nerdy and/or shy.
  • Why Not Janice has... Janice. Complete with British Accents, Genki Girl, Fangirl overload, Lovable Coward antics, and a Not Good with People Plucky Girl persona hiding a Stoic Woobie with a desperate need for affection. And British TV series.
  • While he's usually hammy and manly, Angry Joe's review of Man of Steel is something that needs to be seen to be believed. Joe even lampshades this at the beginning of the video.
    Joe: Okay, I'm about to geek out on you for 30 minutes here so please forgive me!
  • Both the narrator Cecil and his love interest Carlos from Welcome to Night Vale. Cecil is usually smooth-voiced and unflappable while on the air, but tends to slip into giddy fanboying glee over cat videos and Carlos. Carlos, meanwhile, is the Only Sane Man in Night Vale, but appears charmingly awkward on his and Cecil's date in episode 27.
  • Roosterteeth is pretty much made of this trope.
    • Ray Narvaez Jr. of Achievement Hunter is a hardcore gamer with a Gamerscore in the top 2000 wordwide. He also loves Sailor Moon, references some pretty obscure games, and has an adorable laugh.
    • Ryan Heywood of AH is also pretty adorkable. He laughs like Cleveland from Family Guy, has 2 kids, and has a major in theatre. He also has a habit of forgetting how to speak. See also his interactions with co-host Meg Turney on Free Play.
    • Gus Sorola isn't the most attractive man in the world, but makes up for it by loving movies and games, and loving the game Papers Please.
    • Geoff Ramsey can count, as he plays games and refuses to play any game that features a little girl in distress. He also is a great father and videos with his daughter Millie are amazing.
    • Michael Jones is an asshole at times, but he loves Resident Evil, Banjo-Kazooie, and even My Little Pony. He also occasionally joins in Ray's obscure references.
    • Gavin Free is also pretty geeky when it comes to Slow Motion, his other job. When he talks about it, he can be rather adorable.
    • Barbara Dunkelman, community manager for the Roosterteeth site, makes puns, and is pretty conventionally attractive. She is also really easily flustered during podcasts when talking about herself.
    • Miles Luna is pretty nerdy anime-wise, as well as one of the writer's for RWBY. He also tells long-winded stories and is considered by fans extremely attractive.
  • RWBY, Ruby, Blake and Jaune are cute dorks to varying degrees due to their social awkwardness and dorky habits.
  • "Shadows Of The Past" and it's sister series Ain't No Rest for The Wicked:
    • Eieon. Let's check shall we. American Asian,Pacifist,Pop Culture Geek,LARP and it's heavily implied that he "enjoys" furry internet pornography. He's basically like the most relatable guy on the internet.
    • Sage as much as he wants you to believe he isn't. He's been shown to be just as geeky as Eieon, according to Eieon when they were teenagers they used to get into hot pop culture debates such as. "Can a lightsaber slash though Captain Americas shield" "Can the Enterprise be converted into a war vessel in times of galactic conflict" "Who shot first Han or Greedo" and "Sherlock Holmes is a hiding time-lord and has a fog watch some where at 221B Baker Street".
    • Pyro and Blacksun both being an Expy for Sage and Eieon have the same pop cultured riddled conversations like their originals. But instead of the two arguing about science fiction and video games, these two argue about fantasy and books such as The Lord of the Rings and conversations about, "Gandalf vs. Merlin" "Frodo vs Pre-Hobbit Bilbo" "How the hunter who killed Bambi's mother is the only Disney villain who has flat out murdered a character" and "How Sam was the real hero of The Lord of The Rings and without him Frodo would have died". Both are seen playing The Riddle Game with each other during their off time.
  • yourchonny of YouTube fame. His sense of humor is very silly and slapstick. He often goes into Self-Deprecation.
  • Discussed by Worst Muse: "Your protagonist is just a little too perfect? Maybe consider making her adorably clumsy and in need of frequent rescue."
  • While Powder Keg from Fallout Is Dragons is usually most definitely not this, his initial attempt to flirt with a random mare is an excellent example of Adrokable actions.