Adorkable: Web Comics

  • Criminy from Sinfest embodies the trope, to the point that one of the resident Horny Devils has fallen head-over-heels for him.
  • Hanna Is Not a Boy's Name:
    • Hanna is a 5 ft 3 in, klutzy, woobie-ish little ball of pure adorkable.
    • Conrad tries and fails so hard not to be a doormat and is such a woobie you can't not see him as a cute dork.
  • Most of the characters from Sakana are adorkable, but especially Jiro, who is pretty shy in front of girls.
  • Rumisiel from Misfile is so cute in his complete incompetence at social interaction.
  • Bloody Urban gives us Angelica -a tall, uncoordinated, buck-toothed Russian Genius Ditz with a penchant for mismatched stockings and bacon sandwiches.
  • Sabrina Online has a pair of cute dorks who collect geeky stuff.
    • Sabrina who collects Transformers action figures.
    • Sabrina's boyfriend R.C. is also Adorkable, and he collects anime figurines.
  • Kia the Succubus of Krakow Comics calls her boyfriend ( later her husband) her "naughty, gawky Cinderella".
  • Jade of Agents of the Realm can be adorkable sometimes when she's not in The Mentor mode. On her first conversation with Norah, she apologizes profoundly that she can't help her, because she messed up the pages of the instruction and spends quite some time half-apologizing, half-searching for the missing page.
  • Homestuck:
    • Tavros Nitram, a.k.a. adiosToreador, is utterly dorky, and yet at the same time unbelievably Moe. Being Ugly Cute (due to being a troll) and being the biggest Woobie in the whole cast helps.
    • John is adorkable, with reasons cited from Hussie's formspring:
      Andrew Hussie: John is adorable because he is honest and heroic and nerdy and a good friend.
    • Jake. Especially when talking to Aranea. Although he prefers to think of himself as an Action Hero type, his kind (and slightly ditzy) personality, relentless enthusiasm and optimism, naivete, and weird and yet somehow unself-aware old-fashioned manner of speaking (which Roxy specifically states as one of his most attractive qualities) only point to this trope.
    • Dave Strider. Most people seem to forget that he's at heart a 13-year-old kid who likes photography and keeping dead things preserved in jars.
    • Jade Harley. She's an absolutely scatterbrained and yet absolutely adorable girl raised by a dog on an island with a whole shitton of science.
  • Gary from Ménage à 3 is one and so is Kiley.
    • Gary is an awkward, sweet, comic book geek.
    • Kiley is very insecure and prone to break down crying.
  • Lance and Dustin from Weregeek. Check out when Dustin was nervous about his date, and the Dec '10 comic where Alina actually uses the word. But the beards on those guys makes it a little more Gentle Bear than Wide Eyed Smiling Ugly Nerd.
  • Chainey and PJ of Maggot Boy:
    • Chainey is a tall skinny narcoleptic zombie and reluctant sidekick.
    • PJ is a huge super hero fanatic with spiderman everything.
  • Dani and Adam from Olympic Dames:
    • Dani is a bespectacled, socially awkward and fairly adorable in her own right teenage girl who just happens to be magically pregnant with a demigod.
    • Adam is an oft-cheerful young comic book geek (for lack of a better term), with a tendency to say things the wrong way. He's also in love with his best friend Caitlyn, who's in the same boat as Dani a decent chunk of Adam's awkwardness comes from the fact that this isn't exactly a turn-off for him.
  • While many characters in Girl Genius have Adorkable aspects, the main three characters, Agatha, Gil, and Tarvek, are often very adorkable. This could be because adorkableness is correlated with science and geekiness, and Girl Genius is based on the adventures of Agatha, a mad scientist herself, who tends to attract other mad scientists (aka Sparks). Theo, another Spark, also has a high adorkability quotient. It could simply be that Sparks have a high potential for adorkableness when they're not Axe Crazy.
  • Parallax: has Lomax Torchstone, our short, scrawny, socially-awkward and shy protagonist.
  • Brisbane Adams of You Say It First: Easily flustered, but never deterred. The sequel comic, Nicole And Derek shows his daughter is a chip off the socially awkward block.
  • In Godslave, Edith's boss at the restaurant is a Nice Guy who smiles a lot, calls her his "bombae" and is genuinely upset and awkwardly trying to cheer her up when he has to fire her temporarily.
  • God Of High School has the protagonist, who acts like a Manchild at time despite being seventeen. Some of his childish behavior includes pressing his face against glass in an attempt to eavesdrop, blatantly providing his grandfather's location out of sheer naive honesty, and yelling "I dun wanna!" when something displeases him while drawn in chibi format.
  • Ruby from Baskets of Guts. Ironically enough, he's an incubus working at brothel.