Adorkable / Fan Works

A Song of Ice and Fire
  • Forum of Thrones:
    • Dairon, who has a lack of social skills, is shy and friendly and a bookish nerd. Which makes his early death all the more tragic.
    • Hjalgar has shades of this as well. He is one of the few genuinely nice and kind Ironborn in the story, very shy and his unwillingness to kill others can come across as endearing. That said, he is a serious case of Beware the Nice Ones.
    • Arthur Nathamer crosses into this territory whenever he encounters a beautiful woman to crush on.

Axis Powers Hetalia

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

Calvin and Hobbes

Cave Story

  • Sherlock Holmes, of all people, has his moments in Children of Time, particularly once he's well and truly in love with Beth Lestrade of Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century. The following dialogue is from a largely serious conversation that descends briefly into a terribly cute moment:
    Beth: (smiles sadly) So shut up, seriously.
    Holmes: (blushes, closes his mouth meekly)
    Beth: (giggles softly) You are such an idiot.
    Holmes: (raises eyebrow) Are you expecting me to argue that point?
    Beth: (laughs) Oh, look at that: you're actually learning! Don't worry — you're my idiot, so it's all good. (tentative grin)
    Holmes: (smiles back hesitantly) Am I?
    Beth: (sighs in exasperation) Are you trying to prove my point?
    Holmes: (sheepish grin) I seem to be confirming it further with every second word.
  • Dungeon Keeper Ami has Empress Mercury who certinly counts, especially with the frequent Mad Scientist gag. From a fifteen-year-old it's very much so.
  • Tangled Adventures In Arendelle has Rapunzel and Anna and Elsa.
    • Anna can be a real laugh due to her rambling about finding true love with Kristoff.
    • Rapunzel fainted away when she saw Olaf.
    • And Elsa, in playing with Anna, turned herself into Elsaf: Basically herself but covered in snow as if she was a snowman.
  • In There's Nothing Sweeter Gwen Potter mentally refers to Anthony Goldstein as "just so adorably dorky."
  • Twilight easily has this in spades in A Hollow in Equestria. Her infatuation with all the mysteries of Ulquiorra's nature makes it very hard not to smile.

  • What About Witch Queen? has two straight examples and one surprising aversion:
    • Kai's antics on the horse are just plain hilarious, especially the way he argues with Spots. Even off the horse, his reaction to the news that his father plans to arrange Kai's marriage to Elsa is adorkable.
    • Ferdinand is a borderline example, what with his inability to apologize to Anna without starting to ramble incoherently and switch to Gratuitous German. Sadly, he gets it under control a while later.
    • Anna, despite being adorkable in the film, is an aversion.

Death Note


The Hunger Games

The Lion King
  • Tojo in The Lion King Adventures. He's a squeaky, geeky nerd. However, he's absolutely adorable. It's impossible not to love him.

Lucky Star

Jojos Bizarre Adventure
  • Jotaro Kujo, the hero of Part 3, is canonically a grade-A badass with a bad attitude and an unshakable will. However, his asocial demeanor and some hilariously corny lines have led to some Fanon interpretations of him being more of a lovable dweeb who's actively trying to be badass. Case in point.

Metal Gear
  • Otacon in Stray is the epitome of nerdy cuteness. Even a character who isn't his Love Interest remarks on it.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
  • Caramel of Assumptions becomes this trope whenever an attractive girl talks to him directly, constantly stuttering and flubbing his lines. Ironically, his main love interest grows fond of him since he doesn't act differently around her, though he does regress back into this after a few teases from her.
  • Princess Luna's attempts to bond with her nephew in Cadence In A Minor consist of wandering into his dreams and striking up conversations or startling him in hallways while he's in deep thought, and wondering why he's not always happy to see her. Still, she manages to be adorable anyway.
  • The protagonist in Sophistication and Betrayal is awkward and dorky on many occassions. Luckily for him, his marefriend Rarity tends to find his awkwardness rather endearing.
  • The nerdiness of Twilight and Luna gets dialled up to about fifteen in the fanfic Too Intelligent to be Loved, and it is adorable. In chapter 5, Twilight decides to throw a "science party" with events like Guess-That-Mold-Culture and All-You-Can-Titrate. Luna is so enthused at the prospect she begins spouting seriously out-of-date, badly mishandled slang that she learned from a book entitled "1001 Idioms and Colloquialisms".
    Luna: This is great! We cannot wait! Astronomical Observations! Telescope Calibration! And Trivia Pursuit! This should be a detonation! Is that the right wording? This should be a detonation?
    Celestia: ’This should be a blast’ is more commonly used.
  • Triptych Continuum has Twilight Sparkle, whose immediate reaction to seeing Rarity's eyes have changed colour is to start working out a comprehensive test for any changes in perception Rarity might have.
  • The Twilight Child:
    • In Carrot Top's brief appearance, she mentions she once got so bored during Cider Season, which she usually spends on her own due to not being obsessive over apple cider, she started making dioramas out of carrots.
    • Cadence borrows a page from Twilight Sparkle's book at one point when Celestia agrees to officiate her wedding, and she starts hopping in a circle.
  • What Hath Joined Together:
    • Princess Twilight Sparkle is very enthusiastic about learning and typically cheerful, but she's pretty socially awkward and stammers when an event doesn't go as planned (like dropping her papers and forgetting to use her magic to pick them up due to embarrassment).
    • Flash Sentry is typically well-composed, but when he's around his crush and protectee Twilight his grip on his emotions is loosened. When he unexpectedly bumps into Twilight in a hallway, he stumbles through his apology, bowed to her twice more than he should have, and then ran away to avoid making a bigger fool of himself, which is just one of the earliest examples.
  • When we first meet Spark Wheel of Without A Hive, he's a sweet, awkward orphan colt who builds toy robots and flying machines out of junk at his orphanage. When we meet him again as an adult, he's been adopted by a wealthy family who sent him to a technical school, and now he's working on a real flying machine decades in advance of Equestrian technology. He's still sweet and awkward, though.
  • Topaz, a pegasus entomologist whom Idol encounters in The Changeling of the Guard, goes into a full-on, extremely adorable Nerdgasm when she discovers that he's a changeling.
  • The Demesne Of The Reluctant Twilight Sparkle:
    • Twilight again, highlighted further by her stream-of-consciousness narration.
    • Twilight's assistant Golden Retriever, who is much like her but even more nervous and shy, in large part due to her Unfortunate Name.
  • Twilight's First Day, focusing on a young Twilight Sparkle starting at Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, emphasises the adorkable aspects of her personality. However, plenty of the adult cast have their moments too, from the slightly ditzy literature teacher Flyleaf gushing about the wonders of libraries, to the tough and grizzled military pony Thunderhead boasting about the time he saved Princess Celestia from a rogue griffon attack.
  • Pandemic: This is Starlight's lampshaded opinion of Twilight's foalhood journal entries in chapter 22.
  • Luna describes Dusk Skyshine as this to Moondreamer Finemare in A Meeting By Moonlight. At least he seemed that way to her when they were young: by "Thirty Seconds Over To-Ki-Rin" he's become more of an Action Hero.
  • Twilight is this in Arrow 18 Mission Logs, as per canon, but her reaction to realizing that Randy is trying to communicate with her using MATH is a standout.

Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Advice and Trust: Maya is a lovely, nice, clumsy young woman with a tendency to embarrass herself when she talks to her not-so-secret crush. Said crush thinks that she's "adorkable".
    '…..I bet Maya’s a completely adorkable dancer.'
  • Ignoring their Creepy Child shenanigans, both Kaworu and Kei (female example) can come off as this in Nobody Dies.

  • Cameron Taylor from Pokéumans is a shy little awkward postman who can't tell his love interest that he has a crush on her. Then again, he grows cooler with time.
  • Fanfic/Ancienverse: Despite being a fierce battler and Runner-Up of the Kalos League, Ash still acts with giddy excitement upon arriving in Alola.
    • Hau is this as well, considering his cheerful attitude and love for malasadas.


The Prince of Tennis

Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Silver from Always Having Juice, a Sonic the Hedgehog Character Blog set in a verse featuring elements from but presented differently from the games, the comics, and other media. Such as Silver the Hedgehog possibly the most adorable robot with a Nice Hat you'll see all week.
  • Cosmo Finds Tails. Par for the course for Tails, but Cosmo gets in on the act too. She stutters her way through most conversations, is easily flustered by her sister's teasing and reads botany books with the enthusiasm most people listen to music.

Sword Art Online
  • In the semi-genderbent fanfic The Kirita Chronicles, Kirigaya Kazuta, a.k.a. Kirita, the genderbent version of Kirito, has problems speaking with males. She tends to be more hesitant and stutters more when talking to them in comparison to how confident and strong she is when she is fighting monsters.

  • In the fic Fan Fic/Security, Amy Dallon is placed with the Hebert family to get her away from the numerous problems she is facing at home. She bonds with them so well that she ends up calling Danny Hebert 'Dad' by accident, more than once. He doesn't correct her.
  • Taylor is this in A Skittering Heart. She's shy, socially awkward, a little nerdy and oblivious and as such is somewhat of a dork. She also acts very cutely with her best friend Sabah which makes her adorable. Sabah seems to quite like this.