So you're watching a new show and you recognize something you've seen a million times, so you go on to TVTropes to add it to the work page, but...

What's this? [[Administrivia/DoWeHaveThisOne We don't have this one?]] Huh, guess it's time to add a new {{YKTTW}}.

How to describe it? Well, it's just like that other trope you've seen a million times... WHAT? That one's not past {{YKTTW}} either? No worry, it's perfectly permissible to link to unlaunched YKTTW items in your new description, by linking to the URL of the older YKTTW item. To get the address to link to, right click on the "(permanent link)" option in the older YKTTW and copy the URL. And that's what a Administrivia/YKTTWPlug is.

If you were [[PotHole Pot Holed]] here, the creator of the link is using this page in place of an actual link to the YKTTW in question being plugged. Do a search.