So you're watching a new show and you recognize something you've seen a million times, so you go on to TVTropes to add it to the work page, but...

What's this? [[Administrivia/DoWeHaveThisOne We don't have this one?]] Huh, guess it's time to add a new {{YKTTW}}.

How to describe it? Well, it's just like that other trope you've seen a million times- WHAT? This one's not past {{YKTTW}} either? Well, just right click on "(permanent link)" and copy the URL for a Administrivia/YKTTWPlug it until it gets launched.

If you were [[PotHole Pot Holed]] here, the creator of the link is using this page in place of an actual link to the YKTTW in question being plugged. Do a search.