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Administrivia: Useful Notes Pages in Main
A Useful Note needs to be moved, along with its wicks, from Main/ to the UsefulNotes/ namespace as part of the Wick Namespace Migration.

When a page has been namespaced, please ask here for it to be deleted from this list.

If there are still wicks needing to be moved, don't forget to add an entry in the Wick Namespace Migration list.
If all the wicks are good, you can add the page directly to Completed Namespace Migrations.
Hopefully you can move all the wicks yourself, as Useful Notes pages rarely have many of them.

Note: Articles that are too much of a stub may not be worth being namespaced at all; they should instead be cutlisted. If somebody wants to create a fuller article, they can then do so directly in the proper namespace.

For moves a bit more complex than just namespacing, you can consult the Hyphenated Titles page.

There is also an automated tool that lists pages typed as "usefulnote" in the Main/ namespace.

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