To edit a page, simply click the '''edit page''' link in the header and then modify the text in any way you want. Yes, you can even edit pages others have created--that's part of wiki nature.

The rules for basic page editing are fairly simple:

* Start each line without spaces and put a blank line between paragraphs. There are more Administrivia/TextFormattingRules for lists and other specialized text, if you want to do that. You can edit the WikiSandbox page if you want to try things out in a way that won't affect any of the pages on this site.

* To create references to other pages, run capitalized words together to make a WikiWord page title. This automatically creates a hyperlink. If the page you want to make has no natural wikiword title (for example it might be one word) use a [={{free link}}=].

* RedLink works without pages, even if you don't have time to make a new page. Maybe someone will come along and fill out a page for the new link.

* Use the '''Edit Summary''' box to [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin briefly summarize your edit]] if there is the slightest chance that anyone might question it -- try to err on the side of including a summary. This helps stop Administrivia/{{edit war}}s ''before'' they start.

* To just plain start a new page: The quickest way is it to add a WikiWord for it in WikiSandbox. However, if it's a {{trope}} page you want to create, the '''best''' way is to post your proposed page in the TropeLaunchPad. You don't have to do this, but you're less likely to create a page that lacks sticking power or duplicates an existing page. If you're starting a new work page, make sure to put in in the proper Administrivia/{{Namespace}}.

* After you '''save''' a page, you may need to click '''reload''' to make your browser do a refresh. This will let you see the changes you just made. Click the red link for any new {{Wiki Word}}s to edit them and add text.

* A page's full name is ''[=namespace/pagetitle=]'', such as Main.Homepage. To refer to a page in the Main namespace, write its ''[=pagetitle=]''. To refer to a page in another group, write its full name.

* If you go to edit a page and it is "'''checked out by [{{Troper}}] until [time]'''" then that means someone else is editing the article -only one editor is allowed at a time per page - that's why there's a 20-minute timer when you are editing. Most pages don't have this problem, but this is very common when a movie/book/TV show has just been released. There are, however, things you ''can'' do as you wait for the edit lock to be lifted - you can:
** Mention what you think should be added or removed on the work's discussion page - someone else can opt to do the work (if they want to) if you're going to be away from your computer.
** You can get a head start by typing up your changes separately in the WikiSandbox or in a text file on your desktop, then cut and paste them over when the editing is opened up again.
** If you do get in and you know the page is busy, try to do your editing and get back out - there could be other tropers waiting.
* If you go to edit a page and change your mind, just press "cancel edit."

For information on editing example lists, which is where most of the action happens, see the guidelines listed in Administrivia/HowToWriteAnExample.

For more detailed information on this wiki's markup syntax, see Administrivia/TextFormattingRules.

For understanding the standard structure of certain types of pages, the Administrivia/PageTemplates may also be of use.

For even more information helpful to editors, see [[{{Administrivia}} the index of the Administrivia namespace]] which contains many articles about rules and/or guidelines for specific situations and other relevant topics.


Pay close attention to where you edit, or your comment might end up somewhere you don't want it to be.