After Administrivia/TheGoogleIncident, the problem with Google Adsense was thought solved: Adsense was disabled on pages contrary to Google's policy, and some alternate advertisers were found to reduce the wiki's dependency to it. This proved not to be enough in April 2012, when somebody complained to Google about the Naughty Tentacles page (which already had Adsense disabled), and Google pulled the plug again.

As a [[Administrivia/TheGoogleIncident generous reminder]]:

'''''[[ThisIsNoTimeToPanic DON'T]] [[Franchise/TheHitchhikersGuideToTheGalaxy PANIC]]!'''''

This led to several new measures:
* The offending page joined the Administrivia/PermanentRedLinkClub, with [[NaughtyTentacles a custom redirect]]. More broadly, PornTropes in general were un-paged as well.
* [[ A new content policy was established]] - Administrivia/TheContentPolicyAndThe5PCircuit.
* To review pages which might violate the new policy, a [[Administrivia/FiveP council of five tropers]] was established.
* Massive rename of trope pages. Notably, the "Rape Is Okay/Funny If..." pages were renamed to "Double Standard Rape", which now has various categories replacing all those pages.
* Massive cut of work pages documenting works with alleged offensive contents or pedophilic overtones. Many of these pages will be reviewed by a council being formed by the mods to determine whether they truly fall afoul of the no-pedophilia-friendly-works policy; if they don't, they will be restored.
** Certain trope pages were also heavily edited to remove references to deleted works, and generally overly-prurient discussions and example descriptions. A few extreme cases were given an Administrivia/ExampleSectionectomy.
* There was some talk of shutting down the forums for good. In response, some tropers have started to consider setting up alternate forums.

Update 6/12:
* Due to continuing problems with Google, SexualHarassmentAndRapeTropes have been placed behind a temporary curtain until further notice. A [[MindRape couple]] [[TheRapeOfTheLock other pages]] were curtained as well, but don't panic! It's just the ScunthorpeProblem in action.

For more info, read [[ this]] thread - it should point you to the right place.