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[[caption-width-right:350:[[VisualPun You don't wanna join this club.]]]]

There are some pages that have been permanently etched into the annals of Wiki/TVTropes history by being removed and then locked, so that they may never return. The list of these is below.

Historically, this list was created as a repository for certain stock phrases and wiki memes that were abused to the point that we didn't want them to come back, ever. Even now, it doesn't list ''every'' cut, locked article, just the most prominent. See the "Unlisted cut pages" folder below for more details on these.

If you wish to have a page unlocked that is not on this list, you can ask [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/posts.php?discussion=gsjp7dldjh2dwdelcha2hu17 in this forum thread]]. If it's on this list, don't bother without a really good reason. [[note]]"Really liking it" does not count as a good reason.[[/note]]

Use that same thread for asking for pages to be added here.

To see a list of pages that were locked but not removed, go to Administrivia/LockedPages. See also the list of [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/showcuts.php Recent Cuts]], not all of which become members of this club.

'''Note''': Not all pages on this list are redlinks or locked. This is because of software issues and does not mean you have license to recreate them. Please don't.


[[folder:Pages cut and locked for reducing the overall quality of the wiki]]
There are {{Verbal Tic}}s and {{Overused Running Gag}}s, and then there are these. These are former tropes that were deleted outright for being so misused by having [[PotholeMagnet potholes to these pages sprinkled around this wiki]] on pages for no reason other than perhaps to be funny.

* DidNotDoTheResearch: Intended as an index for research failure, it attracted lots of misuse as a way of pointing out a research mistake in a work. It was merged with other indexes and christened the InaccuraciesIndex for a few days, until it was determined that we don't need ''that'' either. These tropes are now listed at {{Consistency}}, under "Lack of External Consistency".
* IAmNotMakingThisUp: Originally created for how fans react to crazy plot twists and the like, it was used as a pothole for absolutely ''anything'' that was even the ''slightest'' bit outlandish, as if it would make it read as a bit of incredibly hilarious and awesome escapism. Instead, it became a grating CatchPhrase (appearing on over 2,500 pages at its peak) that made ThisVeryWiki look like idiots with an incredibly low threshold of disbelief. Not only were all links to it changed to be permanently red regardless of stylesheet, all instances of the phrase were automatically deleted from the wiki, leaving blank spots where it used to be. InUniverse examples were moved to NotMakingThisUpDisclaimer. Since this is ''TV'' Tropes, you don't need to say this; since even RealityIsUnrealistic, there's no reason not to believe such things happened. And it's usually better to link to the proof that you're not making it up. %%last cleaned 2012/01/18
** NoReally: One of many redirects to the above, and even without that it violates TV Tropes' policy about in-site {{Verbal Tic}}s.
* PleaseElaborate: Poorly written examples should be Administrivia/{{re|pairDontRespond}}written or, failing that, outright deleted, not compounded with more useless junk that also acts as [[Administrivia/ConversationInTheMainPage natter]].
* PrettyCoolGuy: A meme that was overly redundant and did nothing but encourage meaningless potholes.
* SoYeah: Used as a VerbalTic as an excuse to never finish a sentence. Compounded by its small size making it incredibly easy to PotHole, this "trope" infected examples across the wiki like herpes, appearing on over 4,000 pages at its peak. %%last cleaned 2012/01/23
* YourMileageMayVary: The old name for LoveItOrHateIt (and not to be confused with [[YMMV/HomePage the index page for YMMV tropes]]), kept being misused as an expression of subjectivity or even to dispute existing entries despite Administrivia/ExamplesAreNotArguable. Neither redirecting or removing the wicks did stop this usage.

[[folder:Deliberate redlink]]
A small collection of articles actually '''do''' still exist, but the titles have been carefully tweaked to appear red. Like the above, this is a subtle hint that users should not be linking to it (''at all'') in trope articles, but the articles themselves are ''just'' useful enough to keep around for future reference. Most are redirects to a page that has been [[Administrivia/RenamedTropes moved]], with the old title kept around to keep inbound links working and to help find and change any remaining wicks.

* HeroicSociopath: Attracted massive TropeDecay before a split. The page itself still exists as a disambiguation to help with cleaning up the remaining wicks.
* {{If you Know What I Mean}}: the former name for LampshadedDoubleEntendre. This led to tropers potholing their own {{double entendre}}s to this article, leading to a rename. Kept for inbounds. %%last cleaned 2012/09/08
%%Note: the lowercase letter is there to prevent the custom title from showing up.
* HotDad and HotMom: Massive misuse and {{Zero Context Example}}s led these to be turned into disambiguation pages for several more-specific tropes that involve the concepts.
* ItGotWorse and ItGetsWorse: The trope was defined as "a terrible situation getting some final perfect push over the edge". It attracted massive Administrivia/{{sinkhole}}s and misuse. Renamed to FromBadToWorse.
* NoJustNo: Originally created for a character's reaction to a {{Squick}}y moment or a highly disagreeable statement, it got misused as a pothole for editors inserting their own reaction to what was in ''other'' trope examples. {{In-Universe}} examples were moved to NoJustNoReaction. %%last cleaned 2012/09/08
* SlidingScaleOfAntiHeroes: One of the most problematic of the Sliding Scales. It was eventually made a redirect to Analysis.AntiHero and the scale was broken into distinct tropes.
* ThisTroper: The page itself has always said to avoid using first-person writing (the phrase being a euphemism for "me" or "I"), but people linking to it either didn't read the article, or simply rebelled against it. Even in designated areas, it's usually better to PotHole it to the contributor page...even if you don't have a contributor page. Better yet, avoid talking about yourself at all. %%last cleaned 2012/12/10
* XJustX: The former name for Administrivia/ZeroContextExample. Despite strong warnings on the page against its use as a PotHole, contributors continued to use it. %%last cleaned 2012/09/08

[[folder:Main namespace DarthWiki and SugarWiki redirects]]
Due to heated complaining and gushing involving these on the main wiki, as well as unnecessary {{Pot Hol|e}}ing involving them, we discourage linking to these DarthWiki and SugarWiki tropes and pages outside of those areas. These articles should be treated the same way as deliberate redlinks. Their main page redirects were cut and locked to discourage tropers from using them as such.
If you desperately want to see what's inside, use the history button on the page or view a cache.

* Main.DethroningMomentOfSuck: Was commonly used for work-bashing, even though [[DarthWiki/DethroningMomentOfSuck the page itself]] is a signed soapbox with very strict rules to ''prevent'' that.
* Main.FallenCreator: Constantly used as a pothole for [[CreatorBashing people complaining about creators they don't like]], along with being used to point out works that seriously damaged their creator's reputation (which is why we have CreatorKiller).
* Main.IdiotProgramming: Something of a TakeThat by its very nature.
* Main.MostTriumphantExample: Way too opinionated for the main wiki. You may have wanted TropeCodifier, TropeNamer, or UrExample, which are all more appropriate.
* Main.SoBadItsHorrible: Showed up practically ''everywhere'' as an excuse to bash works, disregarding [[DarthWiki.SoBadItsHorrible the page in question's]] very high standards as to what qualifies.
* Main.WorseThanItSounds: While the [[DarthWiki/WorseThanItSounds page itself]] is a JustForFun game where you make something sound as good as you can, it was constantly being used as a pothole for complaining due to people thinking that it was ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin.

[[folder:Misused trope name]]
Sometimes when we rename a trope, the original name has to be deleted if the misuse was really bad.

* AmbiguouslyAutistic: Where tropers put examples of characters who they thought had autism. Or, works that referenced autism unambiguously. Became AmbiguousDisorder.
* AllPedophilesAreChildMolesters: The original name of PaedoHunt. Was discovered by actual pedophiles, who tried to use the page to defend themselves, fighting the moderators all the way.
* AudienceReactionTropes: Where AudienceReactions were listed when they were considered tropes. They aren't anymore. When an audience reaction is used as a trope, it's {{In-Universe}}.
* IGotBetter: The former name of UnexplainedRecovery, it was frequently used for any kind of "getting better". The page was redirected and later cut when tropers didn't stop using it.
* IncrediblyLazyPun: The original name of StealthPun, it kept getting misused as any pun. After IncrediblyLamePun was made to stop this, tropers still got confused from this.
* OrIsIt: Was supposed to be an {{Ending Trope|s}}, but it rapidly degenerated into a troper CatchPhrase. Now known as TheEndOrIsIt. %%last cleaned 2012/09/08
* RapeTheDog: Former name of MoralEventHorizon, which was Administrivia/{{renamed|Tropes}} and strictly defined to combat TropeDecay from editors using it to PotHole long, often off-topic descriptions of character actions to hammer in that [[AndThatsTerrible yes, they're evil]]. When the {{Pot Hole}}s didn't stop, the redirect was removed.
* TokenLoli: It was originally meant to describe a very young female in a predominately teenaged or adult cast. However, constant misuse, concerns about advertisements, the {{Unfortunate Implication|s}} of the trope name, and the lack of a [[DistaffCounterpart male equivalent]] led to it being renamed to the more gender-neutral TokenMiniMoe and redefined to describe the ''only'' prepubescent ([[OlderThanTheyLook or prepubescent-looking]]) male ''or'' female character within the main cast (The "Cute Shotaro Boy", a completely separate trope, was later renamed AdorablyPrecociousChild for similar reasons above).
* TooCommonToTrope: Once a redirect to Administrivia/PeopleSitOnChairs, it aided in the latter's misuse as "too common to trope" and MissingSupertropeSyndrome. It was in violation of wiki policy anyway, since we have Administrivia/NoTropeIsTooCommon.
* WeAreNotWikipedia: The original name of DarthWiki/TropersLaw. You're probably looking for Administrivia/ThereIsNoSuchThingAsNotability.

[[folder:Pages locked for being cut then recreated]]
Cut pages sometimes have a habit of reappearing very quickly, usually due to tropers simply being unaware why the page had been deleted though sometimes as part of a trolling effort, so they may be locked to deal with this.

For a time, all cut pages were locked automatically as a preventative measure. Such pages are not listed here, so if you find a locked blank page not listed here you may ask [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/posts.php?discussion=13027474470A39862000 here]] for it to be unlocked.

* DidNotDoTheResearch.TheAngryVideoGameNerd, DidNotDoTheResearch.TheNostalgiaCritic and DidNotDoTheResearch.TheIrateGamer: The frequent misuse of Did Not Do the Research mentioned above got out of hand to the point where [[WebVideo/TheIrateGamer several]] [[WebVideo/TheAngryVideoGameNerd internet]] [[WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic reviewers]] had their own sub pages. When they were cut, they kept being remade.
* Analysis.CreatingNewPages: People kept creating pages here, due to the text of the "create page" button misleading them into thinking it was the correct place.
* Analysis.{{Tropes}}: Frequent target of improper page creation.
* BerserkButton.EdEddNEddy: Page was full of SquarePegRoundTrope, which didn't stop despite cutting.
* BrazilNutDisorder: [[MindScrew Utterly nonsensical]] trope page. Was cut but recreated many times by different editors.
** RootBEER: Was part of the same joke, and the premise seems to be already covered by ColdTurkeysAreEverywhere.
* CompleteMonsters: Pluralism redirect to CompleteMonster that was recreated four times.
* DisneyKidzone and ListOfProgramsBroadcastOnDisneyKidzone: Poorly-written, copy-pasted articles for a made-up TV channel. (Disney ''does'' have a special subchannel for content intended for very young children, but they've never called it the Disney Kidzone. It's currently called Disney Junior.)
* DoNotWant: The original name of TranslationTrainWreck, then became a redirect to RecursiveTranslation. [[http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/do-want-do-not-want The actual meme]] (both on- and off-wiki) is a synonym for {{squick}}.
* FirstBaseNeverScores: Basically the same as AllGirlsWantBadBoys, but cruder and with more complaining; both YouKnowThatThingWhere and Administrivia/TropeRepairShop were unanimous in saying it was redundant and offensive, but the creator didn't listen and recreated it after it got cut.
* FromBreakoutToScrappy: Complaint page, recreated after cut.
* FryingTheCoke: A meme page based on WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic's ''Film/DoubleTeam'' video that fell flat.
* HeroesOfTroperia: Attempt at a JustForFun page that fell flat, but kept being re-added.
* IJustWantToBeAccepted: Launched and relaunched by a confused newbie without ever being properly defined. Eventually became IJustWantToHaveFriends.
* IAmNotMakingThisUp.VideoGames: The examples of IAmNotMakingThisUp were dumped to the [[TempArchive/VideoGames Temp Archive/namespace]] and went unnoticed for a while, and someone tried to remake the VideoGames page.
* KindRedEyes: Used to just list aversions of RedEyesTakeWarning, but was remade after being cut.
* MokaAkashiya: A redirect from a sinkhole, was reposted after being cut.
* NotMakingThisUp: Originally a redirect to IAmNotMakingThisUp, it was recreated after the Great IANMTU Cut as a redirect to NotMakingThisUpDisclaimer. It was immediately cut-and-locked to prevent this.
* NakedSally and SallyWasTheNakedOne: Concerned a character attribute downplayed {{In-Universe}} but spoken of often by fans. Its name was an oblique reference [[note]](TropeNamer was Princess Sally from ''WesternAnimation/SonicSatAM'', who was a HalfDressedCartoonAnimal that only wore boots and an open vest, leaving her BarbieDollAnatomy "boobs" perfectly exposed)[[/note]], the trope wasn't very clearly defined, and very few of the listed examples actually fit. Besides, we already had NeverLiveItDown.
* NukingTheFridge and NukeTheFridge: Basically stealth Administrivia/{{complaining|AboutShowsYouDontLike}} about [[Film/IndianaJonesAndTheKingdomOfTheCrystalSkull the fourth Indiana Jones film]]. It was always either ill-defined or JumpingTheShark [[Administrivia/TheSameButMoreSpecific for movies]] when it wasn't used as a redirect (see below).
* Podcast.TheOtherSide and YMMV.TheOtherSide: Was cut via a [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/posts.php?discussion=14116047640A25319600&page=9#219 Websites cleanup effort]] due to the lack of fictional content. It was then recreated.
* ''Film/PokemonBlackandWhiteTheMovie'': Page for a nonexistent work that kept being recreated; they may have been looking for ''Anime/PokemonTheMovieBlackAndWhite''.
* RPGCodex: Recreated three times after having been deleted to preemptively avoid attracting exactly the sort of crowd a page about that site would attract.
* SelfDemonstrating.{{Lucifer}}: Page was cut for being too boring to be worth a page but was recreated.
* ShadowPersona: The aforementioned confused newbie never defined this one well, either. Eventually became BeneathTheMask.
* {{Walking}}: Someone kept recreating it despite being Administrivia/PeopleSitOnChairs.
* {{Unbirthing}}: A Porn Trope launched with no examples and which proved Administrivia/TooRareToTrope.
* WaitWhatWhoa: Never defined very well, which probably wasn't helped by the name being better for "clever" potholing than actually describing the trope, and essentially just a spoken version of the DoubleTake.
* Weapons.{{Destiny}}: As Weapons was not a valid namespace, it was moved, but then cut. Contents were restored some time after.
* YMMV.NintendoSwitch: Useful Note YMMV subpages, especially those for gaming consoles, are not permitted, yet this one came back more than once after being cut.

[[folder:Pages cut and locked due to being nothing but complaining]]
Becoming a platform for actively complaining about [[CreatorBashing anyone]] or [[Administrivia/ComplainingAboutShowsYouDontLike anything]] is basically the worst sin any page on this wiki can commit, short of being created expressly for the purpose of trolling and/or conveying hate speech. With the exception of a few DarthWiki pages which exist as carefully monitored outlets for this sort of thing, any such page is nuked with ''extreme'' prejudice.

* Haiku.FourChan: Unnecessarily offensive and flame-bait.
* AnnCoulter and JackThompson: The pages were simply being used to insult these individuals due to their controversial stances. Since they are neither creators nor tropes, and the only useful content on the pages being InUniverse parodies and mockeries of these individuals; which are better off placed in MoralGuardians, having pages for them added little.
* WMG.CartoonNetwork: After being cut, page was reposted with a list of thinly veiled complaints about the network.
* CitationNeeded: Poorly defined and was nothing but a TakeThat at one of Wiki/{{Wikipedia}}'s main policies. Considering the "Administrivia/ThereIsNoSuchThingAsNotability" rule here in Wiki/TVTropes, citations aren't necessary for the most part here.
* CookieCutterCuties: Was nothing more than a rant about the looks of Hollywood actresses.
** ProPornClones: [[Administrivia/TheSameButMoreSpecific The same thing, but for porn]].
* CNReal: Was originally about the programming block, but became a major complaint magnet for those who disapproved of Creator/CartoonNetwork’s NetworkDecay. Fortunately, the problem worked itself out with the channel's "rehabilitation" into quality shows again. Unfortunately, a fresh crop of gripes arises every time a live-action show hits the scene of the network. Guess what pages ''always'' got hit when fans complained?
* CuteKidsAndRobots: Was originally intended to discuss the ubiquitousness of these in children's shows, which was pretty pointless since children's shows by definition feature a lot of children. Instead it rapidly became used as a method of complaining about their use in mainstream works, which was not desirable on any level.
* {{CWC}}: Short for Christian Weston Chandler, whom the page was solely created to insult. [[Webcomic/{{Sonichu}} His works]] get enough bile as-is.
* DarthWiki.DethroningMusicOfSuck: Meant for unintended SoundtrackDissonance, but kept being misused as bad music or music that tropers didn't like.
* DepressingTropes: Unlike SadnessTropes, which is about tropes intended to cause sadness, it was any trope that tropers found even remotely depressing.
* DetractorNickname: Redirected to FanNickname. Had no purpose aside from complaining and name-slinging.
* FredDurst and TimBuckley: As they only created one work, the pages were redundant with Music/LimpBizkit and ''[[Webcomic/CtrlAltDel Ctrl+Alt+Del]]'' (respectively) and had no purpose beyond CreatorBashing.
* HandleThisIndexWithCare: Meant for tropes that carried UnfortunateImplications, but tropers were adding too many tropes that had only the faintest connections to that page. UnfortunateImplications being a [[YMMV.HomePage YMMV]] concept also made a defined criteria for the list extremely hard to pin down, anyway.
* LicenseToWhine: Tropes with issues of people complaining about it should be cleaned up in the [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/posts.php?discussion=13327578050A72722200&page=1#1 dedicated cleanup thread]] or taken to Administrivia/TropeRepairShop, not compounded with more useless junk and [[Administrivia/ConversationInTheMainPage natter]].
* {{Lickspittle}}: Even after an Administrivia/ExampleSectionectomy, it was deemed an unnecessary page. We do ''not'' need a page for fan-bashing. There wasn't any point in allowing fictional examples either, as YesMan already fills that role.
* Creator/MichaelGrade: Was principally used to complain about his actions while Controller of Creator/TheBBC.
* Main.{{Microsoft}}: UsefulNotes/ComputerWars debaters simply couldn't resist the temptation to use the page to {{troll}} and [[Administrivia/ComplainingAboutShowsYouDontLike rant]] about the company. We do, however, have pages for Creator/MicrosoftStudios, UsefulNotes/MicrosoftWindows, and their [[UsefulNotes/{{Xbox}} video]] [[UsefulNotes/{{Xbox 360}} game]] [[UsefulNotes/XboxOne consoles]].
* Pantheon.{{Disgraces}}: Attracted huge amounts of work and character bashing that was deemed unnecessarily toxic and inappropriate for the Pantheon.
* ''WebVideo/SammyClassicSonicFan'': Page primarily existed to denigrate the subject and their comments on video games.
* Certain subpages of ''Webcomic/{{Sonichu}}'' and ''Webcomic/{{Asperchu}}'': A flood of complaining following the lock and cleanup of the former.
* {{Synthesizeritis}}: Started out as a way of bashing the composition of certain synthesizer-heavy works. That was already against the guidelines of this wiki, but before long people were using it to complain about ''any'' work that uses synthesized music instead of orchestral music, leading to its deletion.
* TaintedByTheFanbase: Contained all the whiny, factionalistic, nerd-rage examples that FanDumb would have if it allowed examples.
* TrueArtIsComplex, TrueArtIsForeign, TrueArtIsOffensive, TrueArtIsRealistic, TrueArtSticksItToTheMan: All of these were based upon various types of anti-intellectual strawmen. This led to frequent whining both about works acclaimed as pieces of art and about an unspecified cabal of elitist critics who label such works art. The other TrueArt pages had to be curated and refocused on in-universe examples only.
* DarthWiki.UltimateTrollEntry: While clever at first, it started getting tedious, unoriginal, unfunny entries... along with genuinely offensive comments ''not'' being done ForTheLulz.
* UweBoll: Simply having this on the wiki was attracting trolling, and as he is neither an actor nor an author, we are missing only a list of his films by not having an article on him.
* DarthWiki.WallBanger: When the page was in the main wiki, people used this as a pothole to complain about absolutely ''anything'' they didn't like on the main wiki, with more than 4,000 pages linking to it. Moving it to DarthWiki didn't stop the complaining and [[Administrivia/ConversationInTheMainPage nattering]], thus in the last days of 2015 the page was cut altogether, with DarthWiki/DethroningMomentOfSuck left as the outlet for complaining. WallBangers.RealLife was pre-emptively cut much earlier.

[[folder:Overly-controversial pages/soapboxes]]
Let's just say the RuleOfCautiousEditingJudgement exists here for a reason.

* AbuGhraib: A controversial RealLife prison which only attracted {{Flame War}}s and UsefulNotes/MisplacedNationalism, is neither a trope nor a work, and the article was a stub.
* BusyStreet: The page was locked after a heated argument between multiple parties, and eventually cut when the subject in question underwent a drastic overhaul, causing complications that made it not worth keeping the page up.
* DarthWiki.ComplainAboutShowsYouDontLike: Topic drift from shows to social, political, and religious targets along with racial slurs and constant back-and-forth between {{fan|Dumb}}s and {{hate|Dumb}}rs. Let's just say things got nasty ''very'' quickly.
* DuelingMusicians: Caused too much edit warring and debates over who is the "better" artist.
* EncyclopediaDramatica: The page was very biased against the site and its members, attracting all manner of negative attention from them. [[WhyFandomCantHaveNiceThings No other efforts stopped this]], and we have no interest in TemptingFate here.
* FlamingFruitVendorsAndAngryArabs: Intended to be a page on the Arab Spring, it was cut due to its insensitive name and excessive use of "recent" examples due to how soon into the movement the page was made. We have [[UsefulNotes/MiddleEastUprising2011 a better page]] for the Arab Spring now.
* Narm.NewMedia: Most of the entries went ''way'' overboard, descending into outright attacking and name-calling rather than just describing moments of failed drama. Combined with a massive amount of edit-warring, it became obvious that this page was just too troublesome to be left alive.
* BlatantLies.RealLifePoliticsAndWar: FlameBait magnet, particularly with political matters.
* {{Retakers}}: Hate speech and death threats directed at ''VideoGame/MassEffect3'' fans [[note]]To clarify, certain people were angry at the ending of Mass Effect 3, some of which joined a group called "Retake Mass Effect 3". This page was created by a very persistent wiki vandal to bash those unsatisfied with the ending[[/note]].
* UsefulNotes.{{Scientology}}: Even after being locked, the fighting didn't stop. Since it was the only UsefulNotes page that doesn't help you understand anything on this wiki better, the page was deleted. ChurchOfHappyology describes when people make up a ridiculous religion, and you don't even have to know anything about Scientology to get the joke, especially not when it's actually making fun of Scientology itself. Besides, if Scientology's in a work, you can always use Wiki/{{Wikipedia}} to see how accurate it is.
* Website/{{Stormfront}}: Neo-Nazis are not really a phenomenon that merits a work article.
* ''WebOriginal/ThisTroper'': Work impossible to catalog due to clashes with site rules on personal attacks and drama importation. To clarify, it's a series hosted on Youtube, about commenting on the controversial and negative topics of this website through a DramaticReading of some articles. WebVideo.ThisTroper was preemptively locked to prevent the restoration of the page.
* WestboroBaptistChurch: A magnet for religious related arguments and complaining. It didn't really help you understand anything on this wiki better due to the church having less than 100 members and almost never appearing in any works outside of ''Theatre/TheLaramieProject'' and Creator/LouisTheroux's documentaries.

[[folder:Pages that were cut for reasons that were too NSFW]]

* InnocentPanties: A trope made separate of PantyShot by portraying visible girls' underwear as a cue of girlish cuteness with no sexual intent (while Panty Shot is for {{fanservice}}). Just like PantyShot, however, people were listing every random upskirt... of [[NoYay prepubscent girls]]. Even worse, many examples included ''pictures''. This could have just gotten an Administrivia/ExampleSectionectomy, but the pedophilic potential was too great.
* NakedShotaroBoy: Was a listing of works featuring nude prepubescent boys. In addition to the generally creepy undertones of the article, it didn't attempt any real insight into or analysis of the trope, leaving no reason to keep it.
* "Rape is Okay/Funny if..." tropes: Very troublesome names for the "DoubleStandard Rape" tropes that only encouraged plenty of misandry and misogyny by editors. All [[DoubleStandardRapeFemaleOnMale five]] [[DoubleStandardRapeFemaleOnFemale of]] [[DoubleStandardRapeMaleOnMale them]] [[DoubleStandardRapeDivineOnMortal were]] [[DoubleStandardRapeSciFi renamed]] and cleaned, with the original trope pages outright purged.

[[folder:Pages that were made to bypass an Administrivia/ExampleSectionectomy]]
Sometimes when examples on a page become problematic the examples will be deleted. See Administrivia/ExampleSectionectomy for more on that. When we delete the examples from a page, we don't want them back.

* YMMV.AwardSnub: The main page of AwardSnub no longer allows examples, as many of them degenerated to [[Administrivia/ComplainingAboutShowsYouDontLike complaining about shows that won]] and {{Take That}}s to shows that lost. A troper attempted to move them here, which wasn't a good idea and isn't what [[YMMV.HomePage YMMV]] is used for.
* YMMV.EightPointEight
* YMMV.StopHavingFunGuys

[[folder:Unlisted cut pages]]
These groups of pages are too large to be listed individually, but general reasons are given for their lock and deletion:

* '''[[YMMV.HomePage YMMV]] pages about RealLife people:''' [[YMMV.HomePage Your Mileage May Vary]] subpages about RealLife people, while not forbidden from creation by default, tend to become about the people themselves, which is beyond the scope of this wiki. If a person's YMMV subpage is redlinked and locked, it's for this reason. YMMV pages for creators and musicians can only be about their works, not themselves.
* '''{{Headscratchers/Headscratchers}} articles that were platforms for Administrivia/{{Complaining|AboutShowsYouDontLike}}:''' It's just unnecessary to list out all of these. Suffice it to say that if a Headscratchers article is permanently redlinked, it's for this reason. Headscratcher pages for tropes are also cut, with relevant material moved to the Analysis/ tab.
* '''Pages affiliated with banned tropers:''' Perma-banned tropers will have their "Tropers/" page locked and deleted. We won't keep a list of banned tropers, since that's exactly the sort of attention that trolls crave. If these banned tropers are obnoxious enough about {{entry pimp}}ing a work that they wrote, its work page can also be locked and deleted.
* '''TroperTales and FetishFuel subpages:''' Cut for being creepy, irrelevant, or both. Some of this material was transplanted offsite.
* '''Pages cut under the [[Administrivia/TheContentPolicyAndThe5PCircuit Content Policy]]:''' Pages for works that violate our [[Administrivia/TheContentPolicyAndThe5PCircuit content policy]] will be cut and locked. We don't keep a definitive list of these to avoid creating a directory of porn and paedo-pandering.
* While many older works (prior to early 2012) have Main/ redirects kept as a grandfather clause, before then some pages had the Main/ redirects removed. There is no intention of bringing them back, and newer Main/ redirects can be cutlisted.

[[folder:RealLife subpages for items that don't allow Real Life examples]]
If a page that [[Administrivia/NoRealLifeExamplesPlease forbids Real Life examples]] is split and has its examples put into sub-pages, the ban on RealLife examples will extend to the existence of RealLife subpages. If they appear, they will be cut-and-locked immediately.

* BeyondTheImpossible.RealLife: Not only is it impossible by its very nature, it attracted [[Administrivia/ConversationInTheMainPage gushing]].
* TheDragon.RealLife: Calling RealLife people villains is really not a good idea.
* EldritchAbomination.RealLife: Most of the given examples were highly exaggerated descriptions of normal stuff.
* FiveBadBand.RealLife: Was simply being used to call RealLife people and groups villains. Not only this is not a good idea, [[SquarePegRoundTrope almost all of the examples given weren't groups of five anyway]] — there were six or seven or eight, with multiples in several positions, which [[FiveBadBand contradicts the trope's definition]].
* HoYay.RealLife and HoYay.{{History}}: Were filled with [[Administrivia/ConversationInTheMainPage Natter]], ThisTroper and bad examples.
* KarmaHoudini.RealLife: Calling real people villains is not a good idea.
* Monster.RealLife and CompleteMonster.RealLife: Calling RealLife people [[CompleteMonster monsters]] simply isn't a good idea, and all the examples given were simply to [[Administrivia/ComplainingAboutShowsYouDontLike complain about people the authors didn't like]].
* Narm.RealLife and Narm.{{News}}: It is impossible to list RealLife examples of {{Narm}} in good taste.
* Tsundere.RealLife: Most RealLife {{Jerkass}}es would fall somewhere on the {{Tsundere}} spectrum, making listing them pointless.
* WhamEpisode.RealLife: RealLife is not ([[TrumanShowPlot to the best of our knowledge]]) pre-scripted.

[[folder:Potshot redirects]]
While Administrivia/RedirectsAreFree, sometimes people make redirects that are nothing but {{Take That}}s.

* FoxCancelsEverything: Redirected to TheFireflyEffect. Made worse by the fact that it encouraged the common misuse of the trope to complain about shows you like being ScrewedByTheNetwork.
* NukingTheFridge and NukeTheFridge: When not misused as above, it was redirected first to JumpingTheShark, then DarthWiki/RuinedFOREVER.

[[folder:So Bad It's Horrible subpages which were just that]]
While this is one of the few areas on the wiki where outright derision of a work is permitted, there are certain standards that are expected, and limits as to how much edit warring will be tolerated before it's decided that a subsection just isn't worth keeping around.

* Horrible.{{Cars}}: Redundant to the RealLife section of TheAllegedCar. Few examples even qualified.
* Horrible.FanFic: Besides having enough NSFW content to make an HBO executive turn bright red (many entries were of RuleThirtyFour), more than a few examples smacked of thinly-veiled, backhanded recommendations of the stories and/or CreatorBashing.
** Horrible.FanFicAuthors: Created to split Horrible.FanFic, it contained what was then the "repeat-offender" section. Caused an index-wide Administrivia/EditWar for being suspect of WriterBashing.
* Horrible.{{Software}}: Redundant, given DarthWiki/IdiotProgramming. Few examples even qualified.
* Horrible.{{Sports}}: It felt more like [[Administrivia/ComplainingAboutShowsYouDontLike Complaining About Sports Things You Don't Like]]. It also had moments of ThisTroper and Administrivia/ConversationInTheMainPage.
* Horrible.VoiceActing: Did not have the proper criteria that the other pages have, causing it to look like a soapbox for [[Administrivia/ComplainingAboutShowsYouDontLike Complaining About Voice Acting You Don't Like]]. The entries were also overly overwhelming in number and are better fits elsewhere.
* Horrible.WebOriginal: Suffered a ridiculous amount of edit-warring, even compared to the other SBIH pages. The last straw came when certain people started using the page as a method of flaming each other, resulting in the page being deleted, and the users in question being banned from the site.

[[folder:Problematic ImageLinks]]
* ImageLinks.BoundAndGagged: Technically not against any known policy and while it has the fetish association, it's not something that needed to be in the NSFW tag. Let's just say the discussions went nowhere and decided that picking an image is too much trouble because nobody would agree on anything.
* ImageLinks.KimKardashian: Most of the images were of her looking "sexy", many of which were NSFW. There was really no reason to have the page on the wiki.
* ImageLinks.{{Lolicon}}: Dubious legality, issues with advertisers, and attracted too much negative attention on other sites.
* ImageLinks.ShockSite: Created via a null edit as a joke...then a GarbagePostKid found it and added an actual link.

[[folder:Former locations of locked pages]]
* Main.FastEddie: Locked before the move of all troper pages to the "Tropers/" namespace, for the same reason as Tropers.FastEddie. Was recreated afterward by a troll simply to bash Fast Eddie.
* {{SugarWiki.Crowning Moment Of Funny}} and [[SugarWiki/CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming Heartwarming]]: Moved to [[SugarWiki/FunnyMoments Sugar Wiki.Funny]] and SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments, respectively. Only locked at all because the trope pages themselves were locked before the rename.

[[folder:Persistent initialisms]]
We prefer people not to use initialisms and acronyms as redirects to a page, considering that they're often confusing for non-fans and can often have multiple referents. Note that some of these are accidental: initialisms with numbers or lowercase letters count as {{Wiki Word}}s.

* AoStH: Initialism to ''WesternAnimation/AdventuresOfSonicTheHedgehog''.
* {{ATHF}}: Initialism to ''WesternAnimation/AquaTeenHungerForce''.
* {{AVGN}}: Initialism redirect to WebVideo/AngryVideoGameNerd.
* {{CMOA}}: Initialism redirect to CrowningMomentOfAwesome. Locked due to the rename to SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome.
* DS9 and {{TNG}}: Initialism redirects to ''Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine'' and ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration'', respectively.
* FiM and MLPFiM: Initialism redirects to ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic''
* {{IWBTG}}: Initialism redirect to ''VideoGame/IWannaBeTheGuy''.
* {{LCD}}: Initialism redirect to LowestCommonDenominator. Confusing, as it more commonly stands for Liquid Crystal Display.
* ME1, ME2, and ME3: Redirects to ''VideoGame/MassEffect1'', ''VideoGame/MassEffect2'', and ''VideoGame/MassEffect3'', respectively.
* {{MMO}}: Initialism redirect to MassivelyMultiplayerOnlineRolePlayingGame
* MMORPGs: Plural initialism of MassivelyMultiplayerOnlineRolePlayingGame. Please use [={{MMORPG}}s=] if you want a link or [=[=MMORPGs=]=] if you don't.
* MW3: Initialism redirect to ''VideoGame/ModernWarfare 3''
* NPCs: Plural initialism redirect to NonPlayerCharacter, used more accidentally than anything else. Please use [=[=NPCs=]=] or [={{NPC}}s=].
* OotS: Initialism redirect to ''Webcomic/TheOrderOfTheStick''.
* PS1: Acronym redirect to UsefulNotes/PlayStation.
* RPGs: Plural initialism redirect to RolePlayingGame, used more accidentally than anything else. Please use [=[=RPGs=]=] or [={{RPG}}s=].
* SA2: Initialism redirect to ''VideoGame/SonicAdventure2''.
* SatAM: Redirect to WesternAnimation.SonicSatAM. ''WesternAnimation/SonicSatAM'' is already a longer colloquial name that more people will understand.
* TF2: Confusing as, though it was constantly redirected to ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'', it's also commonly used as an abbreviation for ''Film/{{Transformers}}: Revenge of the Fallen'', being the second film in the series.
* UT2003, UT2004: Initialism redirects to ''VideoGame/UnrealTournament2004''.
* WH40K: Initialism redirect to ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}''.
* {{YGOTAS}}: Initialism redirect to ''WebVideo/YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries''.

* CharacterNamedTropes: Was intended to help in renaming efforts, but was never used to help renames, just supported the idea.
* Analysis.CreatingNewPages and Analysis.{{Tropes}}: Magnet for bad page creation.
* Characters.EverythingsSparklyWithJewelry: Keeps attracting spam for some reason.
* DarthVaderTheEldritchAbomination: A [[Administrivia/TheSameButMoreSpecific Same But More Specific]] variant of RonTheDeathEater that applied to villains, wherein they were made worse than they were in canon.
* DepressionFuel: You may be looking for TearJerker.
* {{GAR}}: Once a redirect to {{Badass}}, it was created as a page that describes MemeticBadass through PerverseSexualLust. Cut for being a redundant meme. %%last cleaned 2012/01/18
* ItLooksLikeThis: Created as an example of a redlink for the RedLink page. Allowing it to be blueshifted would kind of defeat its purpose.
* MediaWatchdogs: Plural redirect to MediaWatchdog.
* RelationshipTextUpgrade: Now known as RelationshipReveal.
* TitleBin: Made originally as a place where tropers would suggest names for new tropes. It was quickly filled to brim with in-jokes, killing [[Administrivia/NamingATrope its purpose]]. The abuse was channeled into DarthWiki.TropesThatWillNeverHappen.