A fledgling trope or YKTTW draft is short on examples. This term is a call for the Troperville community to rack their collective consciousness and feed the entry, so it can grow into a healthy, model trope for others to aspire to.

This also doubles as a way to evaluate a YKTTW's [[Administrivia/IsThisTropable tropability]], because tropes are by definition a ''pattern'', and you can't establish a pattern without examples.

But this tag should also be taken with a grain of salt: Once the trope has been launched to a normal wikipage (and cross-linked and indexed), WikiMagic ''alone'' will provide more examples over time; the YKTTW only needs enough examples to support what its definition is. If a given YKTTW already has a handful of good examples but it still Administrivia/NeedsABetterName or Administrivia/NeedsABetterDescription, it may be better to discuss ''those'' issues instead.

Be especially careful if the suggested examples seem to be all over the place (aka SquarePegRoundTrope), or if someone thinks a YKTTW itself is "[[Administrivia/PeopleSitOnChairs chairs]]" (aka Administrivia/NotATrope), because in these cases a large number of examples ''will not'' defend you[[note]]('chairs' generally see a lot of examples anyway; but they're still Not A Trope)[[/note]] -- here, you really do need to discuss and work on the definition ''first'' before you go asking for more examples.

Note that if the '''Administrivia/NeedsFictionalExamples''' variant of this message is used, that indicates that the examples are overly concentrated on RealLife. Keep in mind that RealLife is not the main focus of TV Tropes, and if a trope page Needs More Examples, a horde of RealLife examples and none from other genres may not be what that trope needs. We are wiki for documenting tropes in fiction, and if a there are little to no examples from fiction to be found, it is probably Administrivia/NotATrope.

For YKTTW, one of the Administrivia/ThreeRulesOfThree.

For a list of the pages that actually need more examples, see TropesNeedingExamples.