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Administrivia: Needs a Redirect
You have a trope, and the name seems to be fine, especially if it's an established term. But it's still kind of an obscure name outside of that particular Fandom, and/or it's hard to spell. So it's not that likely to be easily searched for.

This is a major cause of YKTTW duplicates of existing tropes.

So if a new rename isn't called for, creating redirects for it is the next best thing. This is popularly abbreviated by saying "redirects are free" — but it should be noted that the ability to create redirects is not a valid argument for or against renaming. For instructions (and general guidelines) on exactly how and when to create a redirect, see Creating New Redirects. There is also this forum thread for Needs a Redirect questions - feel free to ask!

Compare Needs a Better Name, Needs a Better Description, Needs an Index, and Pages Needing Images.
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alternative title(s): Redirects Are Free; Needs Redirects; Need Redirects; Redirect Farming; Needs A Redirect
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