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Administrivia: Creating New Redirects
Sometimes, the most awesome name is not the most intuitive one. One simple solution is to make a redirect from the intuitive name to the awesome name. If you've never created a redirect before, the process can seem very mysterious. Just follow these instructions!

STOP!: Do not create redirects (or pages) for the following:

Other no-nos:
  • Do not redirect to the Cut List if you want to delete a page. We have a tool for that.
  • Similarly, do not redirect to URLs outside the wiki.

Once you are sure your redirect works:
  1. Add the redirect name to a page; the Wiki Sandbox is good for this.
  2. Click on the red link to create, open and edit the new redirect page. Alternatively, type the name of the new redirect into the URL bar after /Main/.
  3. Copy and paste [[redirect:NewTrope]] from the cheat-sheet on the edit page (under "show markup help"), replacing NewTrope with the name of the page you'd like to redirect to (the target page) and removing the space. Don't put a space after the colon! [[redirect:NewTrope]] will work, but [[redirect: NewTrope]] (note the space) won't.
    • if the target page is in a namespace, prepend the namespace like this: [[redirect:Anime/AnimeShow]], even if the source page is in the same namespace.
    • sometimes the redirect will not work because the target page is not recognized as a Wiki Word, in that case add curly braces as for an internal link, e.g. [[redirect:Anime/{{Title}}]]
    • When changing the old page to a redirect, after moving the original content, please remove everything but the redirect code. Otherwise the old content can cause problems when tropes are renamed or works have their namespacing changed, and create "ghost" wicks that take extra effort to change.
  4. Save your redirect page. You should be presented with the target page with words like "aka Main.RedirectTest" just under the title.
  5. Celebrate!

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