Actor Allusion / Role-Playing Games

Examples of Actor Allusions in Roleplaying Games.
  • Dino Attack RPG: More of an Author Allusion, but Sam Throramebi drew comparisons between Evil Ogel and Makuta Teridax, two of Greg Farshtey's favorite villains to write.
    • Kurt MacReady was the one sent to catch Snake, and the two of them subsequently got into a brawl. They were inspired by R.J. MacReady and Snake Plissken, respectively, both of whom were played by Kurt Russel, and served as the lead to John Carpenter movies released a year apart from each other.
    • Hauk and Angel Eyes, both of whom are inspired by characters portrayed by Lee Van Cleef, are revealed to be cousins.
    • In celebration of LEGO Island's 15th Anniversary, the Brickster referred to himself as "Thumper" and quoted a number of lines from Smartass, the lead weasel of Who Framed Roger Rabbit's Toon Patrol. David L. Lander, the original voice actor of the Brickster in LEGO Island, also voiced Thumper in A Bug's Life and Smartass in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.