Action Girl: Visual Novels

  • Most of the girls of AMARANTO have at least some fighting skill, and participate in various battles throughout the course of the game.
  • The setup for Aoi Shiro is the girls' kendo club going on a holiday, so all the "normal" girls are trained in at least ritual combat with wooden weapons. The cast only gets more badass from there. Pretty much everyone except Yasumi and Nami is a fighter, basically.
  • Ascension's three female protagonists are capable of helping to hold off an army. Sky Took a Level in Badass and learned to shock enemies with her electrified glove, while Tillie can use her potions to knock out entire swarms and rescue the heroine. The heroine herself, Aida, is a Brought Down to Badass Normal noble who uses daggers to hold off burly thugs, pirates, thieves, and even kill the Big Bad of Chapter 3. Oh, and can she ever take a beating!
  • Tomoyo Sakagami from CLANNAD, making her kinda stand-out in a mostly non-Action anime.
  • The strongest character in Dangan Ronpa is Sakura Oogami, who has wrestling and martial arts as her special talent.
  • Though Fleuret Blanc doesn't feature much in the way of action sequences, Florentine, Amara, and Augustine are all expert fencers, allowing them to participate in some intense duels.
  • Hiyoko Tousaka of Hatoful Boyfriend is a hunter-gatherer, emphasis on "hunter". She's shown as the strongest member of the cast, is a Boisterous Bruiser, and can kick holes in the floor.
  • Kawasumi Mai from Kanon is pretty cool with a sword.
  • Kurugaya from Little Busters!, who has some of the highest stats in the game, skillfully duels Masato with a sword (and only loses when she breaks the rules by kicking him as well), and manages to take down an entire door in a single kick when she loses her temper against a couple of bullies at one point.
  • Maji De Watashi Ni Koi Shinasai is a World of Action Girls in short skirts with weapons. Apparently the whole city is descended from samurai and they all inherited the warrior spirit?
  • Being heavily action oriented, the Nasuverse is filled with this, with the main heroines always being one.
    • Just about all the girls in Kara no Kyoukai, even though it's Shiki who takes the cake.
    • All girls in Tsukihime except Hisui and maybe Kohaku (unless we count Melty Blood, where they're upgraded to Ninja Maids).
    • All female Servants (Caster, Saber, Rider) in Fate/stay night, plus Rin Tousaka and Sakura Matou (though Sakura is more of a Dark Magical Girl). Though Type-Venus never had any action scenes and seem to be very gentle, it is extremely likely she can kick a lot of ass as well; even weakened, she is still one of the "Ultimate Ones."
  • Most of the girls in Sunrider fit this, as they pilot Mecha into battle.
  • Unlike most Otome Game protagonists, Madeleine of The Royal Trap can pick locks, dual-wield daggers, and climb walls.
  • Since the framing story involves a giant battle where the champions of various sub-kingdoms battle for the right to marry the prince, all the girls of Princess Waltz are ridiculous badasses. Even the cute quiet young-looking one. Especially the cute quiet young-looking one.