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Action Girl: Role-Playing Games

  • Suprisingly for a game based on a LEGO theme with a cast consisting entirely of four men, Dino Attack RPG has had quite its share of action girls over the years of all kinds. To name a few specifically:
    • Amanda Claw: A former bounty hunter who still put her old skills to good use.
    • Andrea Jackson Orange: Uses a flamethrower
    • Aravis: A telepath who is a member of the GAIA Squad.
    • Cabin: A qualified helicopter pilot, practically second-in-command when it comes to taking action in the skies.
    • Dromus: A chain-wielding agent who Speaks Fluent Animal.
    • Holly Vinaya: A former cop, and a mighty ruthless one at that.
    • Kara Wise: A pilot from UlTech.
    • Kat: A synthfig created by ShadowTech.
    • Maria: A lesbian action girl with a firmly feminist attitude that came from growing up in a sexist society.
    • Minerva Fabello: An avenger of her brother's supposed death.
    • Sarah Bishop: Oh boy, where to begin. Bludgeoned a man in the head (plus Cabin- an innocent bystander), shot who knows how many mooks working for XERRD, and single-handedly fought off Spy Clops (a giant spider-like cyborg) in a burning room... all to protect her daughter.
    • Zealot: Refused to leave the GAIA Squad's side in the battle for Mount Bricklake.
    • Zelda: Wields two Katanas into action.

  • This Is War has several, including Rebecca "Tex" Church who works as the less-than legal debt collector for a less-than legal gang
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