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Action Girl: Religion

  • The Bible, in Chapter 4 of Judges, has Deborah, a prophetess and leader (or "judge") of Israel, leading her people to victory against a foreign enemy. Boudicea-like, she is a skilled charioteer.
    • In the same story there's Jael, the wife of one of Deborah's generals, who put a tent peg through an enemy king's head. She's more of a Guile Hero, however, having manipulated the guy first before killing him when distracted.
    • Rahab, the madame of a brothel, gleans secrets from enemy soldiers in moments of distraction and passes them to the Israelites who are besieging the city.
    • There's also Plucky Girl Judith, who tricks an enemy general and cuts his head off to free the Jews from him.
  • Greek mythology features goddesses Athena, goddess of wisdom/intelligence, justice and war and Artemis, goddess of hunting, nature and the Moon.
    • Many goddesses actually, rather ironically given the patriarchal Greek culture. Hera was at times worshipped with a warrior aspect, and kicked the crap out of Artemis in the Trojan War. Selene, the Moon goddess, fought against freaking Typhon, many primordial goddesses are clearly much more powerful than Zeus himself (Nyx, for starters, which is why he never messes with her children), and Aphrodite had not only associations with war, but many nasty epithets associated with death and violence.
  • Durganote , from Hindu Mythology, is the goddess of victory of good over evil and very, very good at killing demons.
  • Freyja, the leader of the Valkyries. When she gets angry, she can make the whole of Asgard shake.
    • Sunna, who is on war with evil sky wolves, and actually left behind the Sowilo rune, which symbolises victory.
    • The valkyries are basically an Amazon Brigade of death incarnate.
  • St. Margaret of Antioch, also called Margaret the Dragon Slayer. Margaret fought off the advances of a local governor and was thrown into a dungeon with a dragon which she subdued with a crucifix. In art, the crucifix is actually a spear or longsword, the hilt forming the cross, and she battles the dragon in the same manner as St. George. After defeating the dragon, Satan appeared to her, and she wrestled him to the ground. She is also one of the saints that Joan of Arc claimed appeared to her.
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