Accidental Innuendo / Other


  • Private Eye: Sometimes seen in Colemanballs / Commentatorballs, and they also occasionally publish examples of this from newspaper articles (this used to be a much more prevalent feature, back when manual typesetting meant that amusing typos were more common in newspapers).


  • There exists a "N-Way Combo" in The Simpsons Pinball Party (i.e. 3-Way Combo, 4-Way Combo).
  • The alternate name for the Linear Target in Bad Cats? "Fish Bone-Us".

  • A common reason for the choice of newspaper clippings on The News Quiz.
  • The premise of the "Janet and John" stories on Terry Wogan.
  • The object of fun in Innuendo Bingo, a game on Scott Mills' radio show on BBC Radio 1. Contestants hold a mouthful of water and listen to audio clips laden with accidental innuendo from recent TV or radio, with the challenge being not to crack up and spray themselves or the other unfortunate contestant with water. It tends to get wet.



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