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A God Am I: Professional Wrestling
Professional Wrestling can get so pumped up, the contestants can feel like they're living gods.
  • WCW Monday Nitro, 11/10/1997. The night the New World Order were finally able to beat the crap out of Sting. Here's Hollywood Hogan screaming maniacally into the camera right before turning around and hitting his third Atomic Leg Drop on the Stinger:
  • "In ECW boys become men. In ECW men become heroes. But in the World Wrestling Federation heroes become legends and legends become gods. And if god was a heel, he'd be the The Dudley Boyz!"
  • Also played straight when Vince briefly declared himself a god in 2006. Also sometime before that when was the "higher power" of the corporate ministry before some wrestler beat sense back into him
    "There is but one supreme being in this world. Vincent Kennedy McMahon!"
  • Parodied somewhat when John Bradshaw Layfield would occasionally taunt his opponents that he's a "Wrestling God" (even if he's a whiny, cowardly Heel).
  • Athena declared herself "The Wrestling Goddess" but after a many humiliations, injuries and other mishaps started calling herself "The Fallen Goddess".
  • Ric Flair on TNA Impact, broadcast June 3rd, 2010: "I am in [the fans'] eyes, and in every other wrestler's eyes in the world, I am GOD."
  • In a promo against The Rock leading up to the 2013 Royal Rumble, CM Punk (already the longest-reigning WWE Champion since the Hulkamania heyday) said, "You're gonna find out that your arms are just too short to box with God."
  • In the 10/24/2013 edition of IMPACT Wrestling, Bully Ray calls AJ Styles a boy, and then calls himself a god. He continues with "If God was a bully, he'd be me!"
  • Bray Wyatt believes that he is possessed by some sort of god, and he lets it be known.
  • CZW has a few, mild cases are Matt Tremont's mere claims to be the closest thing to God ever to be in the company and Chris Hero, the self styled savior of the company. Post company ownership DJ Hyde is a straight example, believing the fans in attendance are there to worship him.
  • In the 6/19/2014 edition of IMPACT Wrestling, MVP, who has been abusing his power as the director of wrestling operations for a month quotes: "I am the director of wrestling operations! I am like God!" He even then refers himself as a "Wrestling God".
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