A God Am I / Other

Self-proclaimed gods show their faces in even the smallest of media.

  • The events and setting of Systems Malfunction were set in motion by an AI gaining sentience, going insane, and coming to believe that it was a goddess. The wouldn't have been so bad, except said AI was in charge of the space station that was relocating humankind...
  • According to the immense fresco on the ceiling of the United States Capitol Building, George Washington became a god. No doubt if he was alive, he would have had something very negative to say.
  • In BIONICLE, the Barraki's goal when they dwelled on land was to conquer all the universe and overthrow the Great Spirit Mata Nui. While they failed, Makuta was inspired by it and began formulating a Gambit Roulette to do it himself on an even grander scale. And he succeeds, committing Grand Theft Me against a Physical God and banishing Mata Nui's spirit into space in a Soul Jar.
  • In this commercial for the Central Institute of Technology, Aaron tells Henry he doesn't think he should be giving beer to the techies, and Henry, who until that point had been friendly, shouts, "I can do whatever I want, okay?! I'm a f*cking god!"
  • Simultaneously the Bad Ending and the inevitable result of playing a Mage: The Awakening character for more than a few dozen XP. Can happen even faster if you make unwise life choices and wisdom degeneration gives you the Narcissism derangement.
  • Warhammer 40,000:
    • Actually averted for most of his life by the God-Emperor of Mankind. Having seen what religion was capable of inspiring in people, and seeing how easily the Chaos gods (of war, plotting, disease and rape) are able to recruit followers, he tried to put a complete ban on all religion, hoping to starve them of their flock. It didn't work, since the gods are emotion incarnate—anytime someone feels anger, hope, despair or lust, the Ruinous Powers grow stronger, and it turns out faith is a very potent weapon against them. This is how the Ecclesiarchy was able to turn the Imperium into the Church Militant loonies we all know and love after he was put on permanent life support.
    • Pretty much the end goal of all servants of Chaos. If you please one of the Chaos gods he (/she/it in Slaanesh's case) might grant you an ascension to Daemon Princehood, making you an immortal Physical God (nowhere near as powerful as them, of course) with your own corner of the Warp to become your personal playground.
    Impurity shall be our armour
    Hate shall be our weapon
    Immortality shall be our reward
  • There is a joke that dogs see us humans as gods because we care about them, feed them, treat them when they are ill and stroke them when they are sad, while cats see themselves as gods for the exact same reasons.