A God Am I / Folklore

One major point of Folklore is to teach An Aesop, and one such lesson is that you should never call yourself a god.

  • In a Low German folktale collected by The Brothers Grimm, "The Fisherman and His Wife", the eponymous lady, having been made successively King, Emperor, and Pope by a magic flounder, demands to be made equal to God. The couple end up as they began, living "in piety" (a phrase used to mean "in poverty" at the time of the writing).
    • The equivalent Russian tale, as recorded and remade as a poem by Alexander Pushkin, doesn't have the wife want to be the big-G God. Here she wants merely to be "the lady of the seas", something like a small-g goddess. The fish nevertheless gets pissed off, because that "lady of the sea" wish also included fish itself as a "servant on errands".