A Dog Named Dog / Web Comics

  • 0 0 0 This Comic Appears First Alphabetically has its main characters Bat and Bean, who are apparently supposed to be a bat and a walking bean with a face.
  • Lampshaded in El Goonish Shive, though it's only used partially and only for some of the animal-people. The "brothers" of Grace, animalistic shape-shifters, are Guineas (a guinea pig), Hedge (a hedgehog) and Vlad (a bat... sorta). The kicker is when Elliot, temporarily transformed into a cat-person, is caught and interrogated by Damien.
    Damien: Now, what is your name?
    Elliot: Um, well, what with me being a cat and all... Cat?
    Damien: All of you animal-people have horrible names.
  • A character in Sinfest is a dog named Pooch. Monique lampshades the absurdity, furiously asking Pooch's owner if he'd name her "Girl".
  • The robot from Zap!'s real name is XR-743-9Q. Zap can't remember it, so he redubs him to Robot.
  • In Awful Hospital, Kidney Stone, who is a giant sapient kidney stone, though her name only appears in a supplemental file. She's more popularly known as Mother Pissrock by the webcomic's fans.
  • In Rusty and Co., the main characters are a mimic named Mimic (actually Boxford), a gelatinous cube named Gelatinous Cube, and a rust monster named Rusty.
  • In Crazy Ghosts we get Ghost, who has no knowledge he is a Reality Warper and is also a Dirty Old Man
  • A non-animal version comes up in Schlock Mercenary, when Tagon asks Petey what the local inhabitants — whose water-covered planet they're orbiting — call their world, it comes out as "Wet". When Tagon comments that this isn't very imaginative, Petey replies that they compare favourably to the natives of "Earth".
  • In Trying Human, Hue had a pet dog (that was accidentally abducted along with a pair of hippies). He never calls his pet anything else but Dog.
  • Annie in Gunnerkrigg Court builds a robot in the very first chapter and starts calling him Robot. He does have a proper name, revealed later on, but the main characters keep calling him Robot (which can get somewhat confusing since there's a lot of other robots in the story).
  • In No Rest for the Wicked, a boy named Boy.
  • Dragobo from RPG World is a parody of it. When he meets other Dragobos and tell them his name, they joke about it by calling him "THE Dragobo".
  • Lampshaded in Brawl in the Family: Mario seeks the Toad named Toad, and the Yoshi named Yoshi. Mario finds the wrong Toad, and the wrong Yoshi.
    "I'm not Toad! I'm just a Toad!... You got the wrong guy!"
  • Discussed here in Dinosaur Comics.
  • The main character of Commander Kitty is, unsurprisingly, a cat; more obscure is Nin Wah, whose name is taken from the Chinese for "red panda." On a grander scale, entire planets are named for their inhabiting species (or possibly vice versa): Cats come from Planet Cat, Gazelles come from Planet Gazelle, and so forth.
  • Good Guy Comic features a guy named Guy.
  • In Leftover Soup, the commentary in comic #209 reveals that the name of one of Max's 7 cats is Dog.
  • In Alice and the Nightmare, the bipedal, talking rabbits serving Rougina are only ever referred to as Rabbits.
  • Karen Park in But I'm a Cat Person gave her Being, the Bear, the straightforward name "Cub".
  • White Dark Life: At first a name like Entegra Whidoe seems more like a case of Meaningful Name since the character is a black widow. But remove the first "E" and "T" from her first name turns it into Negra(Black) Widow.
  • The endlessly creative Kleya Smith created a Cat Girl character for the Game, naming her Kat. Several other characters imply that she's not the first one to use that particular combination either.
  • Ask A Cat has Cat and Mouse.
  • In The Bird Feeder, the first robin of spring is named Robin. Amazingly, as is revealed in #226, "Names," people still tend to get the name wrong.
  • The Fuzzy Princess has a bear named Kuma, which is Japanese for "bear".
    • Subverted with Princess Kat, however; it's short for Katrina.