A Dog Named Dog / Web Original

  • Linkara has a stuffed bear named Bear. Subverted in that Bear is the name used in the series, its real name is Littlefoot.
  • The first obstacle Group One faces in Suburban Knights is a cat named Cat. This is lampshaded and then subverted when he's revealed to be a puppet.
  • Subverted in this video, a man has a cat named "Rabbit" who purrs (trills) like a pigeon.
  • In The Intercontinental Union of Disgusting Characters, Ringman's warhorse is named Warhorse. (And the only city with a name in all of Central Earth is named Town.)
  • Bunny is well, a bunny, but if one read between the lines of some of the stories that feature her, her real name could be and mostly likely is Ethelinda Berniece Rabbitwright. Another subversion like the Linkara example being that 'Bunny' is a nickname.
    • Confirmed here that her real name is Ethelinda Berniece.
  • A Youtuber known as The Archfiend had a dog once. Some time after it passed away, he decided to get a new dog, which to this day is still known as 'New Dog'.
  • In The Chronicles of Jaller episode Black Piraka Gets Noticed Part 2, Penguin the Penguin. Though according to him, you do say the first one a leetle differently.
  • It's eventually revealed that The Cheat from Homestar Runner is a the cheat. Yes, the "the" is an integral part of both his name and his species name — either that or it's just a quirk of Strong Bad's odd way of speaking.