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A Dog Named Dog: Anime & Manga
  • Subverted in A Certain Magical Index when one of the Misaka sisters finds a stray cat. When Touma asks what she wants to name it, she responds "dog".
    Misaka 10032: A cat named "dog". Heh heh heh.
  • Black Butler: Angela is a Angel Unaware.
  • Digimon also fit this trope, despite some of them being fluent in human language.
  • In Gunslinger Girl, Angelica's dog was named Perro, or "dog" in Spanish.
    • Oddly, in The Big O, there was a cat named Perro.note 
  • A partial example of this is found in One Piece, where there are at least 2 Fishmen that are named after the fish they're based on. Their names are Jinbe and Daruma. The former is a whale shark Fishman (In Japan, whale sharks are called "jinbee-zame") and the latter is a cookie cutter shark Fishman (cookie cutter sharks are called "daruma-zame" in Japan).
  • This is omnipresent in Pokémon. While the species names are either Pokémon Speak or Verbal Tic Name, it's a little weird that nearly every pet Pokémon is named after its species.
    • In Pokémon Special, trainers who bother nicknaming their Pokémon usually give nicknames that barely deviate from the species' name anyways.
    • In fact, White is the only nicknaming Dex Holder who gives her Pokémon regular names, albeit slightly punny ones.
  • The heroine of Princess Tutu is a duck who can turn into a human girl. Her name is Duck. Often she's still referred to by her Japanese name, Ahiru... which is Japanese for "Duck."
  • Ranma ˝: Subverted by Kodachi's pet, Mister Turtle, a crocodile.
  • In Saiyuki, the Team Pet Jeep (aka Hakuryuu) is a white dragon who can turn into a Jeep. Hakuryuu means "white dragon."
  • In SuperLovers, Tanuki/Racoon. It's a little complicated..
  • In Toradora!, Ryuuji's parakeet is named "Inko-chan". "Inko" happens to be Japanese for "parakeet".
  • In Wild Life, Tesshou's dog is named Inu, which is dog in Japanese. He also befriends a bear, which he calls Kuma, that is bear in Japanese.
  • K gives us Neko, a cat, neko of course being Japanese for cat.

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