A Death In The Limelight / Web Original

  • Survival of the Fittest has this come up a few times (although it's not so much an episode as a limelight post) an example of this treatment is Andy McCann, who is killed in his first appearance in the game (that being because his handler left, but still). Notably, his section of the post is about three times as long as that of the character that actually killed him, detailing what he had been doing up to that point on the island and nostalgically thinking about his favourite superhero. Due to the system that deals with inactive characters, this tends to happen to them the majority of the time.
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged started doing this about Episode 17, when they killed Zarbon. Although it's more obvious from Episode 19 on, you could add Episode 18 if you count the death of Vegeta's sanity.
    • 17) Zarbon. 18) Vegeta's sanity. 19) Guldo. 20) Recoome (dies in 21). 21) Burter. 22) Jeice (dies in 23). 23) Ginyu. 24) Super Kami Guru. 25) Nail. 26) Dende. 27 and 28) Vegeta (fatal blow in 27, dies in 28). 29) Krillin. 30) Freeza.
    • Justified though, as that's how the series largely worked where minor villains were concerned. Get to know them, then Goku or one of his friends takes them down.
  • Game Grumps during their Let's Play of Shadow of the Colossus. Knowing that the character's horse, Agro, was soon to fall off a bridge and seemingly die, Arin made a point of noting how lovely the horse was, lulling Dan and the audience into an emotional state all the better for pain.