AATAFOVS / Stock Footage

Season 1, Episode 12. Preceded by A Slice Of The Limelight, followed by Citadel Of Evil.

The Gang are back in their base recuperating after their last adventure. While trying to repair the Story Gate generator, Nerdly is startled by the sudden appearance of a message from ERU to activate the story gate at precisely 7:01 and go through to the island of St. Maarten in the year 1853. When the Gang walk through the recently repaired Story Gate there is a red flash and instead of ending up at the island of St. Maarten in the year 1853 they are trapped in the Nexus...again.

Nerdly, Sue and Fluffykins came out of the story gate in a medieval style village and after being told to avoid a Professional Wrestling event by three different people, Nerdly decided that the Professional Wrestling event was probably where the others were. Sue spends the whole time asking if anyone has a drink, while Avatar is knocked unconscious, and even Sue's annoyed at Cleo's scowls. As they make it to the door of the castle they hear an explosion.

Avatar Leeroy is there with his dark Story Gate controller. Fluffykins turns into a giant snake. He turns and faces Fluffikins shouting (with odd mouth movements) "Fine, just try and eat me dino breath!"

Avatar looks at her and declares "He's a monster," (which looks like him screaming).

Cleo has a cocoa-nut shell bra which presents some difficulties, while Avatar Leeroy flees while they are distracted. The Vamp Benders are then quickly captured, and brought before the pirate queen, Admiral Black.

Who shouts (in a disjointed tone): "No wonder the words work!"

Solo flies to the rescue in a raft and a crude sail and the group create a new story gate and go home.

At the end of the episode, Alucardiff walks into a torchlit bath of blood, surrounded by many hooded figures. To his great disappointment, Alucardiff is trapped in a small boat. He sadly proclaims: "They're not exactly rich, you know."

Cut to the Guppy Poop Troupe, dancing around in a shower of bras on Quantum 7...

Note: This episode was originally written as a way to extend the series to its required amount of episodes without having to shoot any new footage, which explains both the title and the presence of Fluffikins. Fans usually try to ignore this episode, as it doesn't make sense in light of the surrounding episodes.

Actual Proper Note: Most of this episode is text from previous episode guides; feel free to add anything from those pages.