AATAFOVS / King Of The Forest Arc

Season Unknown, Comic Arc, Issues 51 to 60. No known episode references. This comic arc may not be line with television continuity. Preceded by issues 31 to 50, the Dark Council Arc. Followed by issues 61 to 82, The Red Story Gate Arc.

The Vamp Benders are about to jump through a Story Gate, when an attack by Bent splits it into five pieces, sucking one of the Vamp Benders through each!

This is how the arc starts. Here begins chapter one, "Into The Woods!".
Slowly, ever so slowly, Nerdly opens his eyes to see Arkemeadieus putting his glasses back on... though when thanked, the owl insists he was stealing them.
On the run from Zygmabeest, Avatar is cornered, and the mythical mash-up closes in for the kill. Before a blow can be struck, however, a mysterious figure in a denim cloak appears out of nowhere and drives the creature off with what appears to be some sort of diesel-powered cattle prod.

Mysterious Stranger: I thought I told you before, you one-man freak show... Step into my back yard again, and you're a leather jacket!

Before Avatar can thank the mysterious figure, he's already begun to walk off. Avatar follows, trying to ask a question, but is interrupted by his rescuer throwing down a smoke bomb.

When the smoke clears, Avatar picks up a fragment of the smoke bomb and looks off into the distance.
With a primal scream of rage, Sue hefts a pickax, bringing it down with incredible force, shattering a boulder to reveal the gemstones inside.

Then we see the shackle on her ankle.

The cyber-reptiloid holding the other end of the chain praises her. Why, if she keeps up the good work, he may even let her live!
His foot trapped by a rock, Solo stares in horror as a mountain lion advances on him... Then, as the beast draws in close, smirks and pistol-whips it. Trying a vine around its neck, he fires off the the gun past its head, forcing it to pull the rock away.

Solo: Wait a minute... What's a mountain lion doin' in the middle of the forest?
Guy Behind Solo: Whatever I tell him to, you little punk. No sudden moves... Me an' him are both really twitchy.
After a brief but tense argument on the feasibility of eating field mice, Nerdly and Arkemeadieus annoyedly part ways.
The last few pages of the issue involve Cleo searching for food in a leather bikini. On the last page, she is attacked by ninja catgirls while looking under a log.
To Be Continued In The Next Issue; each of the next six issues focuses on one Vamp Bender. (like I said, In Progress)