AATAFOVS / A Slice Of The Limelight

Season 1, Episode 11. Comes after A Pirates Life For Me, followed by Stock Footage.

A Slice of the Limelight is the penultimate episode of Avatar and the Airbending Fellowship of Vampire Slayers Season One. It continues the search for Fluffikins, who was kidnapped by Admiral Black in the episode 'A Pirates Life For Me'.

It begins with Randy, Zakk and Slash (i.e. The Guppy Poop Troupe) literally crying in a gutter due to their devastating loss against the Vamp Benders in the episode Ring Rats. They are approached by Bogan the Barbarian, who promises them Cleo if they lure the other Vamp Benders into a trap on Eightiesactorverse, a universe basing its looks and culture on shows that aired in the 80s. They agree.

Meanwhile, the Vamp Benders are told by ERU that they must 'find the star-penguin to seal the laundry forever'. Solo gets fed up and questions the necessity of ERU's clues being so cryptic. He leaves the team, causing the Vamp Benders to feel hopelessly lost and Cleo's bra to actually be hopelessly lost.

Here is where the Guppy Poop Troupe kick in. They activate a tractor beam that drags the Vamp Benders to the Bakulon system. The Vamp Benders are arrested by numerous copies of the Enterprise NX-01 and taken to Quantum 7 to stand trial for not looking or acting like Scott Bakula. The Guppy Poop Troupe sit back, happy that they will finally get Cleo.

The Vamp Benders are put on trial and convicted. They will be executed at dawn, which fortunately takes a lot longer than dawn on Earth. They are then put into a prison cell. Avatar goes mad, wailing that their mission was doomed from the beginning. Both Sue and specific parts of Cleo's body shake with grief. Nerdly is the only one that stays sane, trying vainly to think of a way to get help. An hour before dawn, he thinks 'What would Jesus do?' and thanks to his usual twisted logic he decides Jesus would hook up a pair of tweezers to Sue and yodel. This works, and Nerdly notes 'No wonder Jesus was so popular!'

Meanwhile, Solo has been doing some soul-searching, which entails a pub crawl of the multiverse. After drinking the planet Gallifrey dry, however, he realises that he truly loves being a Vamp Bender. Nerdly manages to get a signal to him, where Avatar and Solo have a touching reunion scene. Solo convinces Avatar to continue the mission and tells him he's coming to save them; they must break out of prison alone.

The team form a plan. Avatar suggests that Nerdly attract the guard by pretending to have tetanus, Cleo distract the guard in her own special way when he gets there and Sue knock the guard out. Nerdly complains that this is always their plan. Avatar, now a better leader, acknowledges this and changes things up: Sue pretends to have tetanus, Nerdly distracts the guard using Cleo's normal methods and Avatar knocks the guard down. This ends up working better than previous uses, because the guard happens to be gay.

Solo flies to the rescue in a commandeered ship and interrogates the Guppy Poop Troupe, who agree to help him in return for certain pictures Solo has. They crash land on Quantum 7 and Solo tells the Guppy Poop Troupe to distract the Bakulonians. They agree, only to discover the Bakulonians are fighting off an invasion force from the Dean-Anderson Galaxy. Solo flies the pirate ship to the other Vamp Benders and they escape.

On the pirate ship, Avatar has an epiphany: the 'star-penguin' ERU mentioned was actually the power of friendship and 'the laundry' they had to 'seal' was the petty differences that were tearing the group apart.

Cleo shouts, complaining that thanks to the tractor beam, she can't find any of her bras. Cut to the Guppy Poop Troupe, dancing around in a shower of bras on Quantum 7...