AATAFOVS / A Prick In Time

Revenge Of Xanatos series Book Three. Preceded by Blodmaw Simple, followed by Ninety Xanatos Pile Up.

A Prick In Time by by Kim Stanley Asimov begins in the aftermath of Blodmaw Simple Al Gore puts his plan into action, with the Gay Haitian Needle-Drug Yakuza, who used their apparent humiliating submission to Lord Blødmaw to steal Doctor Jorgenheimer's time machine from the Vampire Archdukes for Al Gore, who then uses the Primer-type Time Machine to go back in time, so that the pieces can be put into place for him to launch Operation Xanatos, his vaguely defined endgame. Lord Blødmaw naturally uses another Primer-type Time Machine to go back slightly farther in time to stop him. 500 pages later there are 30 versions each of Lord Blødmaw, Al Gore, and Thag McLarg, with the novel ending on a Cliffhanger.

  • Third book in the series of spin off novels Revenge Of Xanatos.
  • It becomes apparent that Doctor Jorgenheimer works for Lord Blødmaw and that Thag McLarg is a Reverse Mole loyal to Al Gore.
  • This novel is primarily told from the perspective of various members of the GHNDY and does not even feature any off hand references to the benders despite the AATAFOVS logo being larger then the title on the cover.