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Complaining About Shows You Hoofent Watched

Hey guys.

(deep, deep breath)

So. I am going to watch My Little Pony Frienship Is Magic. I should point out here, for those of you who know nothing about me (which is probably everyone who doesn't go into the RP section very often) I know pretty much nothing about the show. In fact, my total exposure can be described thusly:
  • [X] is best pony jokes
  • The shirt one of my friends wears to college with a pink pony on it.
  • Philosopher Stones' ridiculously cute avatar.

Why am I doing this? Fucked if I know. I'm not exactly a stranger to watching stuff made for kids, like the Pokémon movies (I'd watch the anime, but fuck starting that from day one) and some of the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime (although there are raisins I don't want to finish watching them), but otherwise, I would like to think I'm pretty much a normal computing student, with no strong motivations to watch something of this... calibre perhaps being the wrong word, but I'm sure you folk can pick up on what I mean.

Truthfully, I hoof no idea how this will go. I already said I'm no stranger to having interests outside of my age range, but there again I've never gone this far from what I'd like to call my comfort zone, so by the time this is through, I may be a brony, or I may be regretting the fact that I forced myself to do this in the first place. Either way, I'm sure I'll be having fun writing out whatever the result may be, and I hope you'll be having fun reading my what I'm sure will turn out as a cacophony of Cluster F-Bombs and pony puns (punnies?).

One thing I ask? Don't spoil anything, commenters. I don't want to watch the rest of YGO GX/5Ds because I already know a lot that happens in them because of Late Arrival Spoilers and I don't want to hate this because of that, I only want to end up hating MLP entirely on it's own merits.


Hey Plum I have never seen this show either, so I'll be right here with ya.
nman 9th Jan 14
Join the herd. You know you want to.
Parable 9th Jan 14
A herd? Or a team?
nman 9th Jan 14
No, definitely a herd. I know that's what they call it.
Plumbum 9th Jan 14
I was thinking of doing a liveblog of this as well, mainly due to my unique perspective on the series, which is that the first 28 episodes are awesome and the rest is total shit. Most people just stick to one of those two perspectives for the entire run. It'll be interesting to see which you go towards.
GoldenSandslash 18th Jan 14
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