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So, yeah. I've had this idea for a while now. I finally decided to actually start the liveblog.

So, anyway...

The purpose of this is to watch a random anime from last episode to first to see how confused I get. So, yeah... We'll see how that goes, I guess.

I have nothing particular in mind, so feel free to request or something.

This first post is quite boring.


Probably Digimon Tamers, since anything Lovecraft-related would be pretty bizarre backwards. I, obviously, wouldn't recommend one of those mainstream 100+ episode series.
Watarimono 10th Apr 13
Watch NGE backwards. You think that show's confusing enough watching it in the proper order? Let's take it Up To Eleven.
gamerex27 10th Apr 13
FLCL backwards. TOP THAT!
BluBeriPi 10th Apr 13
I think it would be prudent to ask this first: What anime have you already seen before?
Sabbo 11th Apr 13
Not too many, honestly. Though, I've seen the first episode of a lot of stuff, and never finished watching.
MrMasterMrDoom 11th Apr 13
I guess Madoka?
Psyga315 11th Apr 13
Seconding Eva. That or Death Note.
GlobsterAGoGo 11th Apr 13
Already seen Death Note, so that one's a no.
MrMasterMrDoom 11th Apr 13
Hmm, level E's got some pretty good mind screws, and it's entertaining
MadMarv 11th Apr 13
I'm thirding Evangelion, but the question is whether you watch End of Evangelion first as opposed to 26, since End of Eva is meant to be the True Ending, regardless of how mindscrewy it is.
Psyga315 11th Apr 13
Ah. Personally, I think it would be interesting to begin with End if you end up watching Evangelion.
GlobsterAGoGo 11th Apr 13
Since a lot of people are suggesting it, I'm probably going to go with Evangelion. Should I go with End of Evangelion or just episode 26?
MrMasterMrDoom 13th Apr 13

bazsmith 20th Apr 13
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