Psyche's Totally Awesome Psychic Monotype Challenge~~

ace 3469
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Rules, Rules, Rules

So, I was inspired by fellow Troper Anomalocaris20 to do a liveblog of the B2 monotype challenge I recently started. I figure it'll help my writing skills, and just be a fun thing to do while I have some free time.

SO RULES. I know, we all hate them, but at the same time, they make things fun.

  1. As soon as possible, I must get rid of my starter and other mons to make room for only Psychic type Pokemon.

  2. I can only have a non-Psychic type Pokemon in my party for an HM Slave, though preferably not even then.

  3. The only mon that I will allow to be non-Psychic type in my main party will be Darmanitan, and only if it is Zen Mode.

  4. I must obtain as soon as possible: A Gothita/Gothorita/Gothitelle, a Munna/Musharna, a Slowpoke/Slowking (Not a Slowbro), a Ralts/Kirlia/Gallade (I can however, get a Gardevoir, but I need a Gallade), a Natu/Xatu, and a Smoochum/Jynx. The first chance I get to obtain them (shy of Global Trade Link) I will must do everything in my power to get them.

  5. I must catch at least one of every Psychic mon I can legally obtain in the game.

So, them's the rules~ I hope you enjoy~


I'm curious... Why those exact Pokemon?
Sabbo 24th Mar 13
Those are my character's original team in WAAPT. Well, that and I just like those mons~
ace3469 25th Mar 13
Makes it sound like less of a monotype challenge and more of a "my favorite Pokemon challenge". Which usually isn't very challenging.
Sabbo 25th Mar 13
Well, it's harder than you'd think, considering most of them aren't available until after the National Pokedex is obtained. I got lucky that my first egg happened to have a Slowpoke in it. Burgh was killer, and I still have yet to beat Elesa. And the Elite 4 is going to suuuuuck.
ace3469 25th Mar 13 (edited by: ace3469)
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