As Blind as a Woobat, Sabbo Takes on Black 2 (Nuzlocke!)


So Close

And we're back. I left this at a spot in the Grand CanyonGiant Chasm, so I guess I'll just jump straight back in.

After a bit of sliding around ON ICE (dun dun duuun), I arrive at the ship again, where Hugh is already waiting... But I walk straight past him and enter the boat in one of the southern doors. Within, it seems I need a password to get past some more laser barrier things. Here we go...

And after about five clues (although I knew it after only two) and a key card, I input the password 'Zekrom'. I bet it depends on the game version being played as to whether it's Zekrom or Reshiram, but I'm not sure I'd trust little kids to remember how to spell the latter.

Anyway. As I approach Kyurem, Zinzy appears, announcing that the device holding the dragon is indestructible. This of course is a physical impossibility, but I won't worry about games like this getting physics a bit messed up along the way. If what he said is even true in-universe in the first place. Zinzy finally challenges me to a 1v1 battle, in which I easily win. He then talks about dreams in a way which makes clear that he's never had a lucid dream. He backs off then... lets me walk around? No triad goons to show up? Odd.

And hey look, it's clamp-head. Surprise surprise. He says he was invited here to help by an acquaintance, but he also makes clear that the method he uses to reach his goal is irrelevant. This is pretty standard "I'm evil raagh" stuff, so whatever. He challenges me to a battle. Oh look. He even has a neato Team Plasma battle intro thing not even Zinzy got.

Heracross vs. Magneton. He paralyzes me, then switches out.

Heracross vs. Magnezone. Almost got knocked out by a critical hit. I switch out, but he heals that turn.

Pica vs. Magnezone. Hoping to do my outspeeding thing with Thunder Wave/Electro Ball, I begin to set that up... only for him to paralyze me as well. Oops. I take this opportunity to unparalyze Heracross as well.

Heracross vs. Klinklang. 1HP left after a Giga Impact, but I still win in the end.

Heracross vs. Beheeyem. (Which I'll never be able to spell without double-checking, I swear. -_-;;) I take the first turn to heal, but it then knocks out most of my health again with a crit. Since crits are such low odds, I heal back up... only to be hit by a different attack which knocks me out in one hit. Oops.

Jelly vs. Beheeyem. A couple of Shadow Balls takes it out.

Pica vs. Magneton. I get an attack in, but he Volt Switches again.

Pica vs. Metang. Critical hit paralyzed Electro Ball.

Pica vs. Magneton. Again. Sonicboom.

One loss is fine I guess. I wasn't paying enough attention. After the battle, Clamp-head asks me if I'm trying to reach "higher levels of understanding" with my Pokemon.


Either way, he decides that he'll let the outcome of my next battles decide how he approaches the "true potential" matter in the future.

In the next room, I can see a robed guy who is obviously the antagonist of the original BW game whose name eludes me complaining about Clamp-heads' methods. He rants on a bit about ruling Unova, before one of the Triad guys arrives saying that Kyurem has been "transferred". To where? No idea. I get to find out later though, as Robey just left the Triad guy to fight me and Hugh has just walked in as well. By Amazing Coincidence(tm), this guy also possesses what he believes is likely to be the same pokemon as the one stolen from Hugh. Or was it his sister? I don't even remember any more. Oh well. Battle time~

...And Azumarill is knocked out. Hrm. After beating the first guy, two more appear. Which makes sense for a Triad. In an effort to not lose anything else, I use only Pica here. Easily winning (although an Accelgor gets a hit in), I head onward to Robey... Who seems to have vacated the area. I am now outside in another little ice puzzle of intentionally no difficulty. Still unable to get rid of the dead Pokemon without massive backtracking, I press on.

Within a cavern nearby, Robey seems to have full command of Kyurem, and orders it to attack meMei where she stands. Seemingly not having the intelligence to defend herself, she is saved by her knight in green hair armor, N.

Now there's an easy to remember name. Maybe it's a protagonist thing in this game, since all the antagonists have either difficult or forgettable names.

But anyway. N talks a bit about stopping Robey, which follows into a cutscene wherein Kyurem attacks Zekrom in such a way that it turns into a sphere thing. N is surprised, and Robey says he'll give me a chance to fight back this time. And thankfully for legendaries coming back after the Elite 4 if you knock them out, that's what I'm going to do for the remainder of this playthrough. (Which will only last until I beat the E4 champion or have another total party kill, whichever comes first.)

...Cheddar (now level 50) used Stone Edge twice and won very easily. The weakest Pokemon I have with me could beat something apparently powerful enough to freeze the entire region? Gameplay and Story Segregation sucks sometimes.

Afterward, Kyurem & Zekrom separate, with the former leaving entirely, it seems. Robey is mad at this, and so challenges me to a battle. And... huh. All my Pokemon are healed. Oh well. Still can't use Azumarill or Heracross.

Pica vs. Cofagrigus. Switched from Cheddar; paralyze, Electro Ball, done.

Pica vs. Seismitoad... Shit. Didn't realize the blighter was ground type.

Qotan vs. Seismitoad. Frozen with Ice Beam, knocked out with Brine.

Cheddar vs. Eelektross. I use Psychic but it has Crunch. I barely survive.

Qotan vs. Eelektross. Here's hoping on the small chance it doesn't have an electric attack. Pfft.

Jelly vs. Eelektross. I'm not confident any more. Pica really was my primary fallback plan... although somehow I still won.

Cheddar vs. Toxicroak. It had Shadow Ball, but I win with a critical Psychic.

Jelly vs. Drapion. So glad for Cursed Body. I win this one reasonably.

Jelly vs. Hydreigon. nope.avi

Cheddar vs. Hydreigon. And there goes that. Let's see if I can beat him with my revived mons.

...Yes I could. The thing was somehow hurting itself a bit every turn, so Heracross' Megahorn easily took it out. Robey complains a bit and seems baffled by his loss (which I'll say was on a technicality), before N chimes in with some preachy togetherness shit. Robey's still against it all, but gets taken away by one of the Triad guys. N then talks about his experiences a bit (along the way mentioning a "chemical reaction", which again is something I probably should stop mentioning in regards to a game like this) before flying away.

Directly following this, Hugh comes in and asks whether it's over, to which I say it is. For certain definitions of "it" anyway. He, like N, suggests I continue on to the Pokemon League, but I'll leave that up to my lovely readership. What are your thoughts on this win, successful only thanks to the automatic revival of my Pokemon after beating Kyurem? Should I continue on with the Nuzlocke? If so, which of my Pokemon do you think should be sent to the PC? (Pica, Jelly, Qotan & Cheddar at the least, but it's the other two (Azumarill & Heracross) I am unsure of.