As Blind as a Woobat, Sabbo Takes on Black 2 (Nuzlocke!)


Pointlessly Difficult

And back. Straight into this, I try to walk past Hugh and all he does is tell me to defeat the gym leader, saying "we'll" get the DNA splicers back for sure. I have no idea why he's still here instead of doing that, including the option of telling me to ignore the gym until afterward. As I enter the first house, the gym leader jumps out of the water. Which is quite impossible for humans to do. He then goes back to the gym, but it makes me wonder why I had to come here in the first place. :/

Heh. There's girl on the pier here who says that her dress is comfy and easy to wear.

In this town of piers, I surf a bit and run into another Basculin. Stronger than the other one at least. I catch it and name it Gefilte, a Jewish product which is essentially minced fish.

Before I go to the gym though, I figure I should train a bit more. Lv. 50 all around sounds good, plus a bit more for Magnezone. I head to Route 22 to do this, where I quickly find a wild... Pelipper. I guess having an easy replacement Pokemon isn't a terrible thing. :/ I catch it and name it Qotan II (since I was eventually going to get around to naming the original Qotan.)

While things had been going fairly well here, I unfortunately lost Dewgong and Pelipper to an enemy trainer's Excadrill. Somehow. I replace them with Jelly and Qotan II, although the former still needs to catch up by more than 20 levels.

Beyond Route 22 though is a cave entrance, leading to a place called "Giant Chasm". Exploring, I soon encounter a Lunatone. This, thankfully, is pretty easy to name: He (Or "it" I guess. :/) shall thusforth be known as Cheddar. Further in the cave are a couple of Plasma mooks blocking the way who have been told to wait until others arrive. This is also known as being sidelined while the real work gets done.

...And I really can't be bothered leveling up Qotan any more. It's only decent move is Surf, and that's not useful for this gym anyway. Also, now that I've visited the gym, I find out that I'm a bit overlevelled anyway, as the first trainer has two Lv.47 Pokemon. That's only barely better than the dragon gym. :/

Sweeping this place turns out to be rather easy, expectedly. The only Pokemon to give me any issue before the gym leader was a Wailord who used Water Spout. After that battle I gave all of my rare candies to Pica, so that it'd be less likely to die from that sort of thing later. As for the leader Marlon though...

Pica vs. Carracosta: He's got Sturdy which gets followed by a Hyper Potion, so this takes one more hit than I'd like to beat.

Pica vs. Wailord: Thunder Wave, Electro Ball. I know I'm 8 levels stronger, but shouldn't the leader have some sort of counter to electric types?

Pica vs. Jellicent: Last pokemon, and it's not even one which learns any decent Ground attacks. Thunder Wave & Electro Ball. Again.

I mean, I know I've had Pica since near the start of the game, but sweeping an entire gym with no resistance aside from their own typed attacks (and one Bounce)? Ugh. Whatever. Upon leaving, Hugh comes up and congratulates me for getting all the badges, then tells me I would normally go to the Pokemon League now, but beating Team Plasma comes first. I still have no idea why that didn't come before the gym too. :/

During that conversation, Marlon walks up and asks about who Team Plasma is, and asks whether I think they're bad. An odd question. I say no, just to see Hugh's reaction... Which he doesn't have any. Aww. Marlon seemed kinda confused though. Hugh is confused about Marlon, but shrugs it off, saying we should split up to find Team Plasma. He's gone down south, and has told me to head up to Route 22, but in the interests of not following the plot, I check what he's doing instead.

...I can't find him. :|

Oh well. Back to Route 22 then... Where nothing is different. The two mooks mention Route 21 though (they did last time as well), so maybe going there now will trigger something?

...Or not. Okay, I have no idea what to do now. Maybe some exploring this area a bit more later. I'll update this post once I figure something out.

Let's see... Uhh... The third deer thing is here? Does that mean I need to catch them all to proceed? I guess I was gonna catch them all anyway, and I have excluded legendaries from the Nuzlocke already. Well, let's see how this goes...

...Huh. I approach it, and clamp-head shows up to talk about it, hypothesizing that it appeared thanks to Team Plasma. He's interested as he says that it appeared in front of me, and asks if I want to confront Team Plasma. Sounds bothersome; I'll pass on that. He doesn't seem bothered by that answer, and then hands me the device he used to move the bug rock things, and points out the one he "saw" in the Seaside Cave. By which he probably means he put it there.

As for this... creature, I'm gonna leave it be for now. I'll worry about that after I have Pokemon better suited for catching legendaries (Namely my Scizor I used in HeartGold). For now, I head over to the obvious trap. Once there (and having gotten rid of the pokemon in the way, which also causes the device to break), Hugh shows up and says he knew I could do it... even though this was the place he was meant to go. And he couldn't even climb over a simple rock*. He also wonders how to get on the ship we've found here... until Marlon shows up and helps out. This has its own problems of course, but I already covered how his jumping defies physics. Before he leaves us to our own ways, Marlon asks us to think about why we're doing what we do, not worrying about the answer itself.

Once on the ship, Hugh heads off toward where Zinzy came from last time, leaving me behind to catch up. I of course use this opportunity to explore, but the only entrance to anywhere I can find is being guarded by a sleeping mook. Where Hugh is though, there's a door and some stairs... but I'm forced to follow him through the door. In here we find out that we need to hit a bunch of switches, thusly, we head back the other way to find said switches.

Four switches later...

Once past the barriers, we find Zinzy and a mook, who show off that they have Kyurem on board. I probably shouldn't've used Tallow against so many Dark types, but it dies in one hit against Zinzy's first pokemon. Oh well~ I beat the rest easy, but then Zinzy gets the Shadow Triad to kick us off the boat, which flies off toward the Giant Chasm.

Back in water gym city, I switch out Tallow for Cheddar, which has the useless Heal Block, so I teach it Signal Beam over that, in case it needs to counter Dark types. Future Sight can be countered with... Hrm. I guess Charge Beam?

Anyway. In Giant Chasm, the two guys blocking the way leave, and thus I can finally get through. I think I've been here around half a dozen times already. Let's see... I find an Ice Beam TM, which I overwrite a couple of moves with, a path leading back to... whatever that nearby town to the west is called, and some stairs leading down. Down these stairs takes me to a place where the two halves of Team Plasma are arguing. Hugh however doesn't care, and just challenges them to a fight, with the assumption I'll help.

...The game forces me to, of course. After beating up a couple of the black-suited guys, Rood gives me a couple of items I'm going to find useless for a bit longer: Max Revives. I think I'll leave this off here for now though. As I don't have access to the PC, I'm only going to list the Pokemon I have with me.


  • Pica the Magnezone, Lv.58
  • Jelly the Jellicent, Lv.53
  • Heracross, Lv.53
  • Azumarill, Lv.50
  • Qotan II the Pelipper, Lv.48
  • Cheddar the the Lunatone, Lv.48