As Blind as a Woobat, Sabbo Takes on Black 2 (Nuzlocke!)


Drag On

Since last time, I've been into Undella Bay and caught a Frillish, which I named Jello. Soon after this I entered the Seaside Cave and found a Seel, which finally means I have an ice type to take against the upcoming Dragon gym. (Well, now that it's evolved into Dewgong, anyway)

I also headed back to the move relearner & Move Tutors to fix weaknesses such as Heracross' inability to hit ghost types.

Upon returning, my Pokemon are a bit underlevelled. I figure I want 45s all around. First is Dewgong (soon to be named Nayiq, the word for seal for a particular Alaskan peoples who hunt them), who handily learns Dive at that level. A pity I can't get Goldeen or Seaking at any reasonable point in this game. (If ever. Dunno.)

As for the rest, I have no issues leveling any of them. I also almost septupled my already 300,000-strong money into just under 2,000,000. Not that I'll even use much of it. On to the gym~

The first battle is simple. I put Dewgong in front,the enemy had a lone Fraxure one level above Dewgong, and it took two hits to beat it. All it ever used was Dragon Dance. After this I was told to choose whether to fight a defensive trainer or an offensive trainer. I went for the latter, and almost lost Pica out of it. >_> It used Rock Slide, which I recalled was good against Ice, so I switched to Pica... then it used Flamethrower. At least Magnezones have good Special Defense. Next up is a triple battle or a rotation battle, and if my experience on Village Bridge is to be followed, Triple battles are far more trouble than they're worth, at least in a Nuzlocke.

After healing, I come back and fight the Defensive fight. It turns out to be way easier than the Offensive one, as they don't have any sweepers. Whee. Next up is the Rotation Battle, in which I reorder my Pokemon to use Dewgong, Magnezone & Azumarill. Dewgong beats the first foe (merely an Axew) easily, while Pica takes out the others with Flash Cannon. I do find it odd though that the Dragon/Dark pokemon hasn't shown up yet. Maybe the gym leader will have it, and oddly, he's next. Only three required battles before the leader in the seventh gym? Odd.

...Although Blaine had no required battles, come to think of it. No matter.

Dewgong vs. Druddigon. Takes three Aurora Beams to win this one, but he uses one of his Hyper Potions in the process. Less for later.

Dewgong vs. Flygon. Doubly effective Aurora Beam: Done.

Dewgong vs. Haxorus. I still hate that name, by the way. I get him with an Aurora Beam, but his Dragon Tail switches in Pica... after which he distracts himself with Dragon Dance so much that Pica doesn't even get hurt. Problem solved.

Afterward, he seems to already be aware that Juniper wanted him to talk about the legendary dragons, and tells me to follow him once we're outside... and then just leaves. I mean, I bet he's gone to his house, but this isn't exactly what I'd call "following". Inside, he talks about Kyurem (which he thinks may be a mere husk) and a DNA Splicer, which he owns but knows very little about.

And everything changed when the fire nation Team Plasma attacked. Ice everywhere. Way to kill the mood guys. Time to ignore Drayden's pleas for help and go exploring~

...And the various mooks around say that Zinzy went to the gym. I think I'll go there before seeing what the guys next to Drayden have to say... And it turns out that he's here only because I already beat all the other mooks. Well anyway. Zinzy, when beate wonders how I got so much stronger since the last time we fought... when I haven't really. A bit of grinding, sure, but Pica for example is only two levels stronger, while Heracross is 17 levels stronger.

Okay, so that wasn't such a good example. But it's all numbers. Nothing special about them at all. After Zinzy leaves, those Shadow Triad guys show up again, take the DNA splicers which Drayden handily took out of the gym, mention something about "seven sages", then leave, gym leader following behind. Weirdos. Apparently they're hiding in this city somewhere, so I go leave... only to run into one of them near the town's only real exit. Aw. After beating the guy, Hugh & Cheren call, concerned about the ice and saying they want to go set things straight. Moments later, Cheren shows up in person and invites me to help out too, over near Humilau City.

Heh... The area around this city is now one big sliding ice puzzle. A pity it doesn't cover more of the world.

As I head my way towards the only place I figure I can go (northeast), nothing really happens until Undella, at which point Hugh tells me to go through the tunnel. NOPE. Goin' through the cave where I got Seel. Got the Toxic TM in there, saw another one of those Crustle boulders on whatever that pokemon is blocking a doorway. I bet Clamp-face put it there. At the end, I find myself in Route 21, which apparently has no grass. Aww.

I did use a repel though, so it's a while before I meet any Pokemon, the first one being Mantyke. I wonder if manta rays can be eaten? I catch it and name it Fu Fen, because while it does get eaten by some peoples, there is no particular country which is known for it, it seems. Instead, I went for the Chinese, who use it in their medicines, and this is the word for "manta ray" in simplified Chinese.

Aaaand... now that I've reached this next city, I think I'll cut off this here today. More soon, as I go check out what Hugh's doing here instead of over where Team Plasma is.


  • Pica the Magnezone, Lv.48
  • Tallow II the Chandelure, Lv.47
  • Pelipper, Lv.46
  • Heracross, Lv.47
  • Azumarill, Lv.47
  • Dewgong, Lv.48

  • Necco the Alomomola, Lv.40
  • Polenta the Audino, Lv.32
  • Ceviche the Basculin, Lv.30
  • Jelly the Jellicent, Lv.29
  • Golduck, Lv.36
  • Gothorita, Lv.37
  • Jello the Frillish, Lv.40
  • Fu Fen the Mantyke, Lv.36