As Blind as a Woobat, Sabbo Takes on Black 2 (Nuzlocke!)


Going Up

...I've been doing this for way longer than I expected. I guess once I started taking breaks it just... got worse? No matter. Joltik evolved during the past month, but nothing else interesting happened. Back on route 7...

...And entering Celestial Tower. Inside, I see Juniper, who appears to be doing nothing of note. She did give me a Lucky Egg though. Handy for when I need to grind some more. I think for now I'll just climb the tower though, as training for the gym. In this, the first pokemon I meet is... a trainer's Musharna. It's the same level as most of my Pokemon, but I've got the type advantage with San Pedro's Pin Missile and Zoroark's Foul Play (not that I even used the latter this time). Next up is a trainer's Litwick. My team seems to have a partial weakness to fire. >_>

But anyway. Ignoring trainers, the first Pokemon I meet is a Litwick. It's only level 30, but I'll figure something out. I end up catching it when it's at half health, due to the difficulty I have in catching anything without using Sonicboom. No matter. I name it Tallow, a fat both used in candle making and cooking... well, before more convenient products became available anyway.

What the heck. After beating the first floor of trainers, I leave to heal my Pokemon. I come back, and the kid with the Litwick is gone. Freaky.

But anyway. Half a dozen trainers later, I reach the top of the tower, where I find a large bell. I ring the bell... and nothing happens. Weird. Even when I return to the bottom, nothing's different. Did something happen here in the original game?

Oh! Well that's neat. When I back to the Pokemon center in town, the girl with the Litwick is there. She's still of no particular importance, but at least it's something. To the gym!

Halfway through the selfish leader's gym, and it's going pretty well. I haven't had to swap out Lairon yet... or even heal, for that matter. Until the last ordinary trainer, anyway, who has a Ducklett. Angkokear, incoming~

After healing, I head up to Little Miss Selfish herself with Pica at the front. First up, Swoobat, which leads me to a very important question: What are the odds of Heart Stamp making my pokemon flinch three times in a row? Swanna next, and that took a single outsped Electro Ball. Last is Skarmory, Who I paralyzed then Electro Balled. It's Sturdy though, so it took another two shots to actually knock it down, accounting for its Hyper Potion.

Upon winning, I get the Jet Badge and the TM for Acrobatics, a move I never saw her pokemon use. Oh well.

Once outside the stolen repurposed aircraft hanger, Skyla wonders where Juniper went off to, only for her to show up moments later telling me that I need to meet somebody in Opewhatever City... then says that I can only go to Lentimas Town. Make up your mind already. -_-;;

Before following along, I heal, then detour via that section in Chargestone Cave I skipped earlier (passing Bianca who is still wasting her time obeying an airhead), which turns out to have a few items of relatively little interest to me. I did get a Fire Stone though, which I think will be useful for Tallow. On the other side of the coin though, going into Chargestone led my Pokemon into danger, namely the now-deceased Confit. At least now I have room for Tallow to join in, but this has a flipside too: My only surf-capable Pokemon is now Alomowhatsit. >_>

Back to the plane! (via digging. <_<)

...And just before takeoff, Juniper has proved her airheadedness by forgetting Bianca. Somehow she didn't even realize that her 'assistant' was in the area. Once we all get to Lentimas, Juniper talks about what Plasma did two years before, and why it shouldn't work now, then asks me to go ask the local gym leader if there's anything he knows as a dragon type pokemon trainer... as well as asking me to "help her if something happens". I really can't be bothered, so I decline. Oddly, she calls this a reasonable response, but seems to assume I'd do it anyway.

...Well I will, but not because she told me to. Rather, I'll do it because the plot will force me to. Damn railroading.

Argh. I had Tallow at the front of the party for extra experience, but its first foe had Pursuit. :<

Oh well. In Reversal Mountain, the first pokemon I meet is... Spoink? Crud. Oh well (again). I catch it and name it Bacon, and it shall be delicious. Before going into the cave itself though, I find an odd building named only "Strange House". Some bit of furniture are wobbling, so let's have a check at what's going on here.

New place, new Pokemon, and here's another Litwick. >_> I catch this one as well, and name it Tallow II. There aren't exactly any other decent foody names for a candle. :/

But anyway. Exploring the Strange House. At first there was only some places I could go, but it seems that as I move around the rooms, the furniture moves out of the way of some places and in the way of others. This may take some time.


  • Pica the Magnezone, Lv.38
  • San Pedro the Maractus, Lv.38
  • Gummalapur the Liepard, Lv.33
  • Zoroark, Lv.37
  • Angkokear the Galvantula, Lv.38
  • Lentil the Lairon, Lv.38

  • Necco the Alomomola, Lv.5
  • Polenta the Audino, Lv.32
  • Bacon the Spoink, Lv.30?
  • Tallow II the Litwick, Lv.31