As Blind as a Woobat, Sabbo Takes on Black 2 (Nuzlocke!)


Team Expansion

Now, right from where I left off...

I head over to the nearby entrance to Relic Passage. Dunno much about the place, but if I get all the way back to Metropolis with this that'll be fine by me... Or maybe that won't work. Turns out none of my Pokemon can learn Strength. Oh well, over to Route 6 then.

Damn breeders. The one outside Metropolis is unavoidable, and the one here on Route 6 is almost as bad. And their Pokemon don't even get any stronger.

On the way along Route 6, Cheren stands in my way, and decides to take me into the weather place along here, talking about a very sudden yet short drop in temperature to -50C (which, really, is close enough to the -58F written here that I don't know why the translators bothered converting it). On the plus side, the dude's giving me Surf. I'm gonna go back to a few Surfable places now to find more stuff and even catch a Pokemon or two. With this in mind, I head back to town to swap in Confit for... Hrm. San Pedro, I think. His Giga Drain has been useful, but I'll deal.

First stop: Pokemon World Tournament docks! ...No luck.

Next stop: Metropolis! (for anybody who hasn't figured it out yet, that's Castelia.) I have a lot to do in the sewers here, if the water's in. ...And it is.

...Not sure why, but the first Pokemon I met while surfing was as weak as everything else there, then the second was even weaker. Even some of the previously-unreachable trainers are weak. :/

...Huh. Now I've found myself in a back alley of the city. There are three people here who want to fight, but at least they don't want to all fight at once. Oddly, all three have a first Pokemon who's weak to Confit in some way, although I only use him against the second's Darumaka. That aside, after beating them, they say I'm their leader. Not that changes anything, but at least I have a gang now. They can beat up Team Plasma for me while I go home and laze around. I never wanted a Pokemon in the first place, remember? :P

Now with that done... Poison Gym city! Surfing in the water there leads to a Alomomola. I'm tempted to name it Luvdisc if I catch it, but that's not edible. :<

...Hooboy. It's only level 5. Here's hoping it has more than 20 health...

Yes! It has about 30, looking at this. I paralyze it, throw an Ultra Ball, and catch it first try. I proceed to name it Necco, after the company who make Sweethearts (which itself is - annoyingly - 11 letters long).

Moving on, I head to Route 20, where there's some water I can reach. Then the ranch, then Route 19, then even the starting town. Need to come back in Autumn though.

On a completely unrelated note, something's been bugging me for ages now. On the back Mei's top, near her neckline, is a bow. Its ribbon doesn't seem to connect to anything. I have no idea what's going on there.

Back to Route 6!

As I get close to Chargestone Cave, A sudden "Kawbraa" is heard. As it turns out, this is the blue legendary deer thing... And then it runs off. Expectedly, somebody comes up to me, and this time it's the guy in charge of the totally-not-Team-Plasma group. He talks about how these Pokemon are all about righting wrongs or something, then tells me I should "befriend" it. So catch it in a Pokeball. Like any random character could do. Except somehow, I'm "special" in that I'm kind or some shit like that. People in this game make so many assumptions...

Leaving them aside, I head into the river to check out a cave entrance I saw earlier but couldn't reach. As it turns out, this is Mistralton Cave, and requires Flash. I teach it to Sauerkraut, overwriting String Shot... But it turns out that I have essentially nothing to do here, as I have nobody to teach Strength to. Hm. Maybe a Pokemon I find here could help...

Thusly, I find an Aron. Great. Although it almost used Roar on me, it thankfully missed, and so I catch it and name it... Uhh...

Eh, I suppose it's a stretch, but I'll call her Lentil, as lentil beans are rich in iron, and Aron is kinda bean-shaped already. After going back to town and switching in Lentil for Gummalapur (who's been rather weak lately), I head back up to Mistralton to see what I can do there.... Next time.


  • Pica the Magnezone, Lv.32
  • Zoroark, Lv.31
  • Sauerkraut the Leavanny, Lv.33
  • Angkokear the Joltik, Lv.32
  • Confit the Ducklett, Lv.28
  • Lentil the Aron, Lv.29

  • San Pedro the Maractus, Lv.32
  • Gummalapur the Liepard, Lv.32
  • Necco the Alomomola, Lv.5