As Blind as a Woobat, Sabbo Takes on Black 2 (Nuzlocke!)


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Okay. All trained up now. This also means that Pica has evolved into Magnezone, and Zorua has evolved into Zoroark. Oh, and I found a Ducklett on the bridge earlier, which means I thankfully won't be stuck when I eventually need to start using Surf. Now I'm in the gym though...

Okay. I beat the first guy a while back. Next up is a guy with... three Pokemon, Drilbur first. Gone. Second, Baltoy. Selfdestructed, but I only got hurt 20. Awesome. Last is a Sandile, who also dies in one hit. And awesome! Sauerkraut has evolved into Leavanny! (Who seems more mantis-like than Scyther.) Gonna keep using it for this gym though.

Next trainer... the same except no Sandile, and now I'm faster, so no self destruct. This pattern generally continues, with few variations. The gym leader though... wears terribly ugly pants. Oh, and I can't knock out all his Pokemon in one hit.

After winning and leaving, Clay - the gym leader - tells me to go to the Pokemon World Tournament at the south end of town. Since I have a feeling I won't be able to pass Bianca in Chargestone Cave until I do, I have a look. I don't intend to start any fights I don't need to though.

Sigh. Looks compulsory. I haven't checked back with Bianca yet, but considering all the roadblocks so far, I don't think I'll bother. Onward, I guess.

I use Sauerkraut, Zoroark & Pica, and head in. Looking at the board, it's painfully clear that my opponents will be Hugh, Cheren & Clamp-head. (That's Colress, for those of you who may not remember) And in that order, too.

Sauerkraut uses Bug Bite on Servine. Done. Zoroark uses Dig on Simisear. Done. Pica uses Thundershock on Tranquill. Too easy.

Pica uses Mirror Shot on Stoutland twice. Done. Pica uses Mirror Shot & Thundershock on Ciccino. Was hit by Wake-up Slap once though. Pica uses Mirror Shot & Thundershock on Watchog. Done.

Aw, Clamp-head is pretending to be idealistic, how cute~

Clearly he's evil though. Eeviiiil.

Zoroark uses Dig on Magneton... But it's paralyzed, and too hurt to try more than twice. Pica uses Thundershock on Magneton three times. Moving on. Pica uses Mirror Shot on Elgyem. Done. Pica uses Thundershock on Klink three times, between being paralyzed. Finally.

No matter. After getting that over with, I leave - Hugh & Cheren following - only for a Team Plasma member to run by. Clampy tries to stop them, but Hugh & Cheren chase after the runner. Clampy calls them reckless, but quickly bounds back into his weird ideological rants and lets me follow the others. Weirdo.

I board a ship by the docks below, which turns out to be Plasma's base. What, they can't afford an immobile structure like every other evil team? :P


After beating the first two Plasma grunts easily (These guys have got to be the most fanatical team yet...), I talk to Hugh, who seems to have already beaten his five. Cheren wants help with a 2v2 though, which I'm okay with. And easily win. Cheren tells me to help Hugh next - which is weird, thanks to what Hugh had said, but whatever.

After winning, Hugh & Cheren want answers, but some guy apparently named Zinzolin shows up and says they're going to use "the legendary dragon type Pokemon to rule Unova", before then instructing some 'shadow triad' people to throw the non-Plasmas off the boat. Cheren is confused at what Zinzy said, but it's obvious to me that they mean Kyurem, rather than either dragon he'd be familiar with.

I think that'll do for now though. I'll pick this back up from here another time.


  • Pica the Magnemite, Lv.32
  • San Pedro the Maractus, Lv. 31
  • Gummalapur the Liepard, Lv. 30
  • Sauerkraut the Leavanny, Lv.33
  • Zoroark, Lv.31
  • Angkokear the Joltik, Lv.31

  • Confit the Ducklett, Lv.24