As Blind as a Woobat, Sabbo Takes on Black 2 (Nuzlocke!)


Rotationally Annoying

Wait. What? I had one of these things? Why was I not informed?

...Or more honestly, I'm still trading over Pokemon from HG to Pearl, and I'm doing a generation per installment of this. Might switch that over to every 50 Pokemon though, considering how long it's been taking.

Back in Black (2), the season has changed once again and now it is Spring. I explore around a bit (The Sewers are filled!), then return toward the Electric gym. Oh, I also grab my Deoxys from the Pokemon Center and stick it in the PC Box.

And, like last time, just before the gym is a new person in front of the ferris wheel. This guy's not a creep, but Mei's still oblivious to everything. Doubt I'll be able to fix that any time soon. On to the gym's second trainer!

Okay... this one has a Flaaffy, which Tisane takes care of easily, and a Bitzle I countered (poorly, as they apparently have Flame Charge) with my Pica. Handily, this also tought me that even Thunderwave activates Lightningrod, which while annoying, is better to learn now rather than with the gym leader.

The third trainer starts with Blitzle, where while I would otherwise dump a couple of Tisane's Toxic Spikes down at the start, I instead switch to Haggis and his Take Down. The second Pokemon is Elekid, who I counter with Pica.

After healing at the Pokemon Center in town, I return to fight the gym leader, who hopefully doesn't lead with a Blitzle... Oh good. Emolga. That even gets out of the way the one Pokemon she'll have who's immune to the hazard. Second Pokemon: Zebstrika. I think I'll counter with my physically strongest Pokemon, Dango. Not a pokemon I'd want to switch in to, but I'll take free switches when I can.

And she starts with Flame Charge. Awesome. Dango misses with Fire Punch though. Not awesome. I heal, she uses Volt Switch to bring in Flaaffy. I'm okay with this, but I heal again. Not cool... Another Volt Switch. Now they're both only regularly poisoned. At least Fire Punch finally hit.

...Which will be the last time it does for a while; another Volt Switch took out Dango. I switch in Gummalapur, who at least has attacks which can hit these two enemies without being not very effective or hurting myself.

I also wouldn't feel too bad if this one kicked the bucket. Oh! and it's also immune to paralysis. That's nice; I always forget those abilities. And since Zebstrika keeps using Volt Switch, I whittle away at it by healing every turn while the poison takes effect; good thing that Fire Punch earlier knocked out 2/3 of its health.

Success! Now I can finally get past that Broken Bridge in the west. A pity about Dango though. I opt to immediately go this way, not bringing the useless Maractus with me, as the first Pokemon I catch in the new area would be stronger than it anyway.

Oh. Hrm. Before I can even get to the Broken Bridge, Team Plasma blocks my path, with Hugh standing in opposition. My first opponent has merely a Watchog, who is easily beaten, while the second foe's pokemon is merely trash Trubbish. Easy done. Afterward, Team Plasma leaves, and Hugh finally talks about why he's so vindictive: they stole his sister's Purrloin. Huh. And here I thought it would be his Pokemon which was stolen.

Finally, in the western area I couldn't get past before, the guy blocking the way finally wants to battle me... but he insists on a "rotation battle". Ugh. 1v1 is fine by me, really. -_-;;

Well, at least all three of the annoyance's Pokemon are weak to Electric, which I'm currently leading with. And he's wasted move slots with worthless junk such as Wide Guard. Easy win; I don't even switch.

After crossing a pointlessly-long bridge, I arrive in Driftveil City... Where I immediately run into two Plasmites; one in black, who I've already seen several of already, as well as one in white who has to get saved by Hugh as he chases down the Plasma he recognizes. He says he's not part of Team Plasma, but that's just enforcing the One Steve Limit... Which Pokemon games are somehow oddly particular about. No matter. Ghetsis or N, Plasma is Plasma unless they eventually give themselves another name.

In the city proper, I explore around, and find the annoyance again. This time he's not blocking my way, but he does want to have a triple battle. I decline, of course; I have no interest in such useless things.

What else... in the market there's a guy who wants to see a Lv30 or higher Pokemon. I could show him Meloetta or Deoxys, but I can't be bothered. In a hotel lobby in the west, there's a girl who wants to see a Pokemon with Dig. I have that TM, but I'm not willing to teach it to anybody.

In the north I find the White Plasma guy once again, who leads me into an optional battle with some other guy. I figure I may as well, since it seems like the next thing to do. After a short battle, Hugh shows up, not liking this Rood person I battled, but ignores them when they explain their position. He's kinda furious about it, really. :/

After he leaves, Rood offers me 'his' Zorua. I accept, counting this as my Pokemon obtained in this place. It is level... 25. Better than Maractus, but it's pity that its ability is useless against AI opponents. Note though that I can't name it anything food-related, as it used to be N's Pokemon and thus has a trainer ID other than my own.

Next gym! I'm probably too weak, but it's useful to know how strong I should be. First trainer has... One Pokemon, level 31. I switch in Tisane, who is not only my highest level, but also good against their Ground types... It's a pity that my foe was Baltoy then, who started with a critical Extrasensory. Next Pokemon... >_>

Magnemite. If I can't overpower it, I'll tank it. Which works. After depositing Tisane, I figure I should head over to Route 6 for a new Pokemon.

First Pokemon: Swadloon! Damn. I guess one grass type for another isn't too bad though... A couple of Sonicbooms later, I catch it and name it - alike its leafy nature - Sauerkraut, which is made from cabbage.

That done though, I think I'll finish up here. I've got a little bit of exploring left to do, sure, but more importantly I have a heap of training to do.


  • Haggis the Flaaffy, Lv.28
  • Pica the Magnemite, Lv.28
  • Ozzy the Crobat, Lv.27
  • Zorua, Lv.25
  • Gummalapur the Liepard, Lv.29
  • Sauerkraut the Swadloon, Lv.26

  • San Pedro the Maractus, Lv.20