As Blind as a Woobat, Sabbo Takes on Black 2 (Nuzlocke!)


Theme Park

And I'm back! Long time no see, hmm?

Before leaving the Pokemon Center, I swap out San Pedro for Inky; after checking with Juniper, it turns out that Maractus doesn't evolve, while Yamask does. San Pedro being a grass type just cements this decision for me.

Outside, my first stop is those guys in front of the big building near where I came in. The good news is that approaching them does nothing bad. The bad news is that all this place is is the "Battle Subway", a place, it seems, for double battles. I bet those annoying-even-in-concept triple battles go there too. When I talk to the alt-protagonist, he wants to battle the two "subway bosses", but can only do so so long as I help.

Nuzlocke run.

I turn him down. This isn't a gym, and I suspect I might not even get experience from these fights. Just a waste. I leave to see whether this town has a gym.

...In a place on the east end of town, I find an Xtransceiver thing oddly dropped on the ground. After picking it up, it rings, with a faceless person introducing themselves as Curtis answering, although in such a way that makes their name likely begin with 'Chr'. Do I know anybody like that? Not Cheren. Hm. Maybe not. They ask me to hang onto it for them, saying they'll call regularly until they can get it after they finish work. Which would make sense if I were continuously playing this, but odds seem good that I'll save & quit at least once before then.

Aha! The bins do sometimes have stuff in them, despite what a medal to the contrary implied. I got a revive.

Oh good. It seems the gym is here. The gym leader is out riding the roller coaster though. :/ After fighting the hiker blocking the way to the ferris wheel (who said he wasn't interested, but battles me anyway), I sadly must say goodbye to Raclette, who died against his Boldore; may you be as tasty as your Wikipedia page suggests.

Beating him though reminds him of a lost love, and makes him want to talk about it... while taking a ride on the ferris wheel.

Sorry guy, but that's creepy. I'm pretty much certain you're at least twice Mei's age, and you're inviting her onto a ferris wheel alone? Mei's a weirdo for accepting that without question, too.

Moving on...

I head over to the roller coaster, which it seems was apparently the former gym. After eventually finding my way through the whole thing, it turns out that the leader had already left. Lucky me. After leaving and then putting Raclette in the PC, I head... Out to the routes. I want a Pokemon other than San Pedro who resists the electric Pokemon it's obvious the gym leader uses. :/

Upon heading out to Route 5, it seems Bianca has been trying to find me to give me the Fly HM. Useful in a pinch, but the move is too weak to teach to anybody for battle. Maybe if I need to go somewhere quickly.

She also asks whether I know about "hidden grottoes". Not how I'd pluralize it, but both are right so whatever. I say I don't know, so she leads me to a place between trees. Weird. Within is a Minnccino, but since I would rather not have a normal type be my Pokemon for this route, I leave without battling it.

In battling nearby trainers, Inky also dies. >_> This is annoying. Well anyway, I soon afterwards encounter a wild Liepard, who can't be paralyzed, but I catch in my second Great Ball. I'm going to need to buy more. I name it... Hm. It seems that leopards don't get eaten by humans enough for a dish to be named after them. Taking the inverse, however, leads me to the name Gummalapur, the name given to a leopard who had taken to eating people in and near the Indian town of the same name.

Back in town, I swap out Pac Man's lunch for Gummalapur, then leave town to the east, where I find a wild Gothita, which while I almost run out of Pokeballs, I do eventually catch it. And since Gothic fashion isn't edible (...I think), I don't really know what to name him. Suggestions are welcome. :/


  • Haggis the Flaaffy, Lv.24
  • Pica the Magnemite, Lv.24
  • Ozzy the Crobat, Lv.24
  • Dango the Darumaka, Lv.24
  • San Pedro the Maractus, Lv.19
  • Gummalapur the Liepard, Lv.24

  • Gothita, Lv.25