As Blind as a Woobat, Sabbo Takes on Black 2 (Nuzlocke!)


Cactus Juice

On to the Desert Resort, where the sandstorm makes the idea of putting Pica in front both tempting and annoying at once (thanks to the obviousness that there will be ground type Pokemon here)

I avoid the dark sand (ie. wild pokemon) at first, and head as far in as I can without it... Well that was quick. I am able to wade through the first bit of sand easily enough, which leads to a gatehouse. Since I'm hoping for a Pokemon which can withstand the desert, I figure that the deeper in I go, the better.

Heh. Pokemon Rangers in this game look like Carmen Sandiego. The trainers in the area don't have as many ground, rock or steel type Pokemon as I had expected though.

...Ha. I found the Relic Castle before finding a wild Pokemon in the desert. I head back to the desert to battle the rest of the trainers. (and eventually find a Pokemon. :P) ...There's a Psychic here named Future. What kind of parents would call their kid 'Future'?

Oh; what? Sweet! Ozzy evolves once more, and is now a Crobat! (Who also flies like a bird, albeit with four wings) Still haven't found a wild Pokemon though. Now that I've fought every trainer and found every item though, I don't see any point in avoiding them. Diving straight into the sand, I find a Maractus. Hoping it has no Ground moves, I go at it with Pica, whose Sonicboom knocks it into the red, allowing me to catch it and name it San Pedro, a Peruvian name for cactus juice (Which, mind you, is highly psychoactive. I imagine it makes you see weird stuff such as dancing cacti). Oh, and yes, I made sure that San Pedro - translates to Saint Peter, for those who don't know - was male.

On to Relic Castle! ...Where I quickly run into a Yamask. While Sonicboom annoyingly can't hit it, I still paralyze it, then let San Pedro do all the gritty work. After catching it, I name it Inky (The "shy" one) and continue on after being amused at this being my first Pokemon to get sent to the PC automatically.

...Huh. Well that was short. Time for Join Avenue, I guess. :/

As soon as I enter, a guy says he wants me to be the manager of the place because I look like I travel around a lot. Wouldn't somebody who travels around a lot be a terrible candidate for manager of a fixed location?

That said, I am as interested in this as I am in owning a Pokedex (which is to say, not), but then he traps me in an infinite question loop of "I really need you to help me. You know what that means, don't you?"

No sir, I really don't. No matter how much you ask me, I still won't unless you explain the damn thing to me already.

Sigh. To get him off my back, I accept. He asks me what my favorite phrase is, and since this is oddly a free-answer question (no stock words to pick out of), I decide to go with a somewhat-but-not-terribly generic "Huh?", then something to say when impressed: "...Huh." And apparently these make me perfectly-suited to be manager; who knew?

The slacker of a manager leaves, with the two workers behind him asking what my "title" is. Oddly, this is a ten letter choice, as opposed to the 7 (8?) letters earlier. Since I have no idea at all for this, I just say ".". Finally able to leave, I do so.

Next up: Nimbasa City. I head 'straight' for the Pokemon Center, ignoring the conspicuous guys near the front, one of whom I think is the male choice of protagonist for this game. Or a different game. In Pokemon, they all look the same, really. :/

Oh, but by "straight", I mean that I have to find it first, and without going near the three I saw earlier. Turns out that this takes me all the way around town, oddly.

Ugh. Judging by these hint medals I just got, the Pokestar Studios aren't a replacement for contests, "musicals" are. And who doesn't love putting inane props on Pokemon, pretending it looks good? Fuck this shit.


  • Haggis the Flaaffy, Lv.23
  • Pica the Magnemite, Lv.23
  • Ozzy the Crobat, Lv.23
  • Raclette the Raticate, Lv.24
  • Dango the Darumaka, Lv.23
  • San Pedro the Maractus, Lv.19

  • Inky the Yamask, Lv.18