As Blind as a Woobat, Sabbo Takes on Black 2 (Nuzlocke!)


Part Two

Sorry about the wait. During the gap, I also did the remaining Pokestar Studios things I could do without using my own Pokemon (resultantly, I now have more than 70 lemonades). Oh, and I also further explored the sewers, and am now (almost) certain there is nothing left there for me until the water comes in. Ignoring that Relic Passage or whatever it was called.

I'm in the gym now, and this time I actually feel ready for it, now that all my Pokemon bar Ozzy are level 20 (Ozzy is 19). Time to test this...

Dango almost died once, but only because I didn't expect a certain attack. Pica wanted to learn Spark, but I remember its Special Attack being higher than its Attack... this turned out to be a good call. On to the gym leader!

I see... So Dwebble is Bug/Rock. Best to use Pica, then. And Leavanny went down to one Fire Fang (Because Dango has ridiculously high Attack), after which I replaced his useless Incinerate (Because Dango has ridiculously low Special Attack) with Fire Punch. Also, Burgh is totally one of those Bug Maniacs or whatever they're called from Gen3.

Upon leaving, I now... don't really know where to go next. The cave behind the sewers is the only place I can reach which I haven't fully explored, and the map doesn't point that as leading anywhere. Well kinda. I may as well check. :/

Hm. Well I guess it is the way to go? The gatehouse leading east is otherwise disconnected from it, but still mentions Driftveil, which if I look at my map, is to the north west - the same direction Relic Passage heads. Onward!

...Oh, and before I forget, I suppose I should mention that I've taught Cut to Raclette, and Strength to Dango.

Ugh. Maybe Route 4 has been cleared? Because Relic Passage is a dead-end; it leads to Castelia, but not from it. Back I go...

Ah! Clamp-head is at the fountain in the city. He asks to look at my Pokemon, but I decline, as he's still way too suspicious. He says it's for science and then... it seems that he looks at them anyway? Why pretend to give me a choose in such a meaningless issue? He complements my Magnemite (the current first Pokemon), and introduces himself as Colress. Aha! An anagram of recloss, which is in turn potentially homophonous with reckless! He's untrustworthy!

He wants to test something by battling me, it seems. I decline because he's an ass, but he says he'll be waiting on Route 4 either way. I guess he's the one who clears the path, then? Yay Broken Bridges.

I hate this breeder woman. Battles me every time I go through here. Never seems to get stronger. I win again with little effort, and move on see Clampman just ahead. I attempt to pass him, but the rocks are still there. Groan. When I talk to him (as this is obviously the way through), he identifies the rocks as Crustle, and with a poorly-explained device, he wakes them up and they walk away. Well at least I don't have to battle a dozen of the things.

Afterward, he then speaks semi-positively of Team Plasma, but claims a fundamental difference in that it is people who should uncover Pokemon's potential rather than the Pokemon themselves.

He still hasn't said he's not a villain though.

He realizes that he never asked for my name, and while I'd love to not tell him, the game doesn't give me the option to withhold such information. And thus starts the Pokemon battle I had no real intention of entering. Fun.

After winning easily, he tells me that I'm kind to Pokemon (although I don't see how naming three after types of food and one after an eating disorder is being "kind"), and gives me a Protein before leaving. All the while having a clamp on his head.

Into suburbia!... There's not really much here. Somebody wanted to trade a Cottonee for a Petilil though, which will be good to remember for after I beat the game.

Heading west, I run into a few trainers, but with so many lemonades, even the damage they do do to me is quickly healed. Found a wild Pokemon, which I tried to catch since I thought I was in the Desert Resort, but after it killed itself in confusion I checked... and was glad to see that I'm still in Route 4.

Awesome! Ozzy's evolving! Ha; I just realized now, but Zubat & Golbat fly like birds, not bats. (Birds flap their forelimbs from the elbow; bats flap from the fingers, hence why it can look like they're simultaneously gliding and flapping.)

That will do for now. I'll just be cleaning up on Route 4 until next time, or something interesting happens.

  • Haggis the Flaaffy, Lv.22
  • Pica the Magnemite, Lv.23
  • Ozzy the Golbat, Lv.22
  • Raclette the Raticate, Lv.21
  • Dango the Darumaka, Lv.23