As Blind as a Woobat, Sabbo Takes on Black 2 (Nuzlocke!)


Part One

Cheese was a good idea. I didn't take anybody's suggestions directly, but following from one of them lead me to Raclette - feel free to search Wikipedia - and with Ratatouile already used, this is as far as I'm concerned the next best Rat nickname. Especially considering how Rattata is visually similar and is in this case female. (With "Raclette" sounding rather feminine) Back to the game!

Leaving the garden and the sewers, I arrive back out the east pier where Iris is waiting. She seemed to have noticed Hugh's disposition and is concerned, but quickly segues into suggesting I head to the gym. I will soon, but before doing so, I talk to the guy who I think was blocking the way in earlier. It seems that the water level in the sewer is based upon the season, due to tides... which makes no sense. Tides are pretty much entirely dependent on two things: the time of day, and the phase of the moon; the time of year makes no difference in any other way. :/

Next stop: The gym. If they're too strong, I'll head for route 4; if they're too strong, I'll head back to the place I found Onix. And the verdict is... That this gym is odd. Oh, and they're probably a bit too strong for me. After beating the first guy thanks to him only having Sewaddles, I head out to Route 4.

This doesn't seem too bad. First trainer has two Pokemon, both of which are a lower level than my weakest (Rattata, at 17). After beating her, I walk out into the sand, only to be attacked by a Darumaka. I catch it with little difficulty, and name it (after much thought and some advice) Dango. I return to heal, then continue onwards with more training - my aim is level 20 all around.

And it's getting a bit stormy here, so I'm going to post this now. Part 2 to come later.


  • Haggis the Flaaffy, Lv.19
  • Pica the Magnemite, Lv.20
  • Ozzy the Zubat, Lv.18
  • Raclette the Rattata, Lv. 17
  • Dango the Darumaka, Lv.15