As Blind as a Woobat, Sabbo Takes on Black 2 (Nuzlocke!)


Unforeseen Consequences

Since you were gone...
  • I found out that Tackle is no longer 35/95, but instead 50/100.
  • I found an unnamed grotto behind the creeper's house. I loathe to think what kind of depraved acts he undertakes back there.
  • Ratatouile, Margarine & Bosintang have levelled up to 9, 9 & 10 respectively.
  • I figured out that the medals are like achievements.

Back to the game!

Returning to... the starter town, whatever it was called... I heal at home, then head off to the school, which has likely become a gym. It's not like there was any other people which could house it. Once inside, I can see that it is both school and gym. I'm not surprised.

The school is like any other, so I skip past it and head straight for the gym. Sashimi's going to be at the front of my party for this.

Inside - or rather, outside, it seems - I get introduced to the place by the ubiquitous Clyde, who then makes way for Cheren, the gym leader. He tells me I have to beat two other people first, and while I'm guessing this is true (since they're extremely easily bypassed), I go straight to Cheren anyway. No luck there, as I expected.

Making short work of the trainers, who seem to specialize in normal-type Pokemon, I head back to Cheren... After healing. His battle is of little issue though as Sashimi is a higher level than both of his Pokemon, which are themselves both ordinary.

...Well, I would have liked to have said that, but in my efforts to protect Sashimi from being eaten, Cheren's Lillipup took a bite out of Margarine, and Ratatouile almost got taken out too. In the end though, I got the badge and the TM Work Up with only the one casualty.

Upon leaving the gym and school, Bianca shows up and gives me the Return TM. Far better than Frustration, but not worth using yet while I still don't know how happy my Pokemon are. She and Cheren also register each other in the "Xtransceiver", which seems to merely be a video phone. After a brief conversation with them and Professor Juniper, in which it explains by implication why gym leaders are so weak, and only use one type of Pokemon (as well as some generic tirade about being friends with Pokemon), I also get the C-Gear, which takes up the touchscreen while the game isn't paused.

Sadly, with that all done, I must now say goodbye to Margarine at the Pokemon Centre. After also healing, I head for the next town... Although on the way, Bianca catches up and adds a "habitat list" function to the Pokedex. I hope it's as useful in practice as in sounds in theory.

...Also on the way, Cheren shows up to teach me and Hugh about dark grass. At least it wasn't stuff I'd heard about before though; that would have annoyed me.

Before reaching the next town, however, Ratatouile & Bosintang had to be sacrificed to a trainer's DefenseCurl/Rollout Dunsparse for Sashimi's sake... Which, sadly, was not enough. Shit.

Okay peeps, what's the verdict? Shall I continue the rest as a non-Nuzlocke? Restarting is not an option (despite how early in the game I am) due to the fact that I would lose Meloetta if I did so. If I did continue without Nuzlocking, I would be aiming for 100% Pokedex completion, and being more picky with who I kept in my team. (And only nicknaming the ones who I do want to use)

Alternately, if I did "continue" as a Nuzlocke, I'd catch the next Pokemon I saw and then box the rest. All other rules will remain, and the first few areas of the game will remain as having had a pokemon previously caught in them (aside from the second town, which doesn't seem to have any Pokemon)

  • total party knock-out


Catch a new mon and continue! (and then again and again!)
Adannor 20th Mar 13